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Stranger On the Roof


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So I know this isn’t a completely realistic scenario, but it’s something I came up with one night when my neighbors were having a party and I was feeling mildly paranoid. It didn’t fit Beck and Caleb so I made a couple OC’s that it would fit.  Tyler’s room is actually kind of set up like mine as I have a window seat and I see my roof from my window.

Anyway this introduction is getting long I hope someone enjoys reading this as much as enjoyed writing it.


It was late, the moon was high in the sky and the stars were twinkling brightly.

A perfectly good time to be asleep, but Tyler was still up sitting cross-legged in his bed, finishing up some last-minute homework.

He didn’t have anywhere to be in the morning, so he wasn’t too worried about getting up on time. Though he kept the light in his room dimmed, staying quiet not wanting to bother his mother sleeping in the next room.

The only sound being the faint clacking of his fingers on his keyboard.

Tyler’s eyes were glued to the screen as he looked over his essay, reading it and checking it for errors and any weakness present in it…when he had to pause in his work a sound catching his ears.

He stopped typing to listen, anxiety building in his chest as it was late at night and not many people were up at this hour.

Tyler listened quietly, and when he didn’t hear anything he figured it was his mind playing tricks on him.

He got back to his work, still anxiously glancing at the window every now and then.

That’s when he heard what sounded like coughing right outside his window, making the hairs on his arms prickle uncomfortably with nervous energy. Someone was out there though he didn’t know how as it was a significant distance to get on the roof by his window.

Biting his lip, he got to his feet, approaching the window with caution. He climbed up onto the window seat peering out into the dark night, squeaking a little when he saw a man sitting on the roof.

Tyler had no idea why or how he’d even gotten out there. His breath caught when he heard a little tapping on his window, staying as quiet as he possibly could.

“Come on dude I know you’re in there?” He heard, though a little muffled by the glass, but Tyler could hear a slight edge of croakiness,” I saw you peeking through the window, I promise I won’t do anything.”

Taking a deep breath, he looked out the window, finding a man staring directly at him making his heart leap into his chest,” What do you want?” He called out, glaring fiercely at the other man.

The man grinned back at him,” Nothing I just thought you were cute.” He teased, making Tyler wrinkle up his nose.

“Yeah, I’m calling the cops.” He said walking away from the window, ignoring the boy sitting on his roof.

“No wait please don’t call the cops, I won’t bother you I promise.” The man told him not wanting to get into any trouble.

Tyler raised an eyebrow,” Give me one good reason I shouldn’t call them.” He said wanting to hear, his side of the story.

“Because I’m so charming and lovable?” He said, grinning widely,” And my dad’s a cop and I don’t particularly feel like dealing with him now.”

Tyler put his phone down, “Alright, explain why you’re on my roof…” He said frowning, letting the boy explain himself, the man looking a little shell shocked,” Well get explaining.” He said getting impatient.

The other man cleared his throat,” Well let me introduce myself first, I’m Nicholas, Nick for short and you are?” He said, grinning.

Tyler frowned, but answered,” Tyler.” He answered back,” Okay Nick, now explain before I decide to call the cops again.”

“Right explaining, so there were these thugs harassing this chick and me being the gentlemen I am I stepped.” Nick grinned looking proud of himself,” Problem is once she got out of their focus was on… well me.”

Tyler looked a bit skeptical not sure if he believed everything this guy was saying, but he let him continue.

“So, I was running trying to get away from them when I hopped into your yard.” He told Tyler,” I noticed there was a ladder leading up to your roof, and alakazam here I am.”

Tyler laughed a little,” Okay, so why should I believe your story.” He teased, feeling a little more comfortable.

He chuckled at this response, “I suppose that’s a good point, but all I’m asking it stay on roof I won’t ask to come inside.” Nick told him going back to lounging on his roof.

Tyler was a bit skeptical, but he figured that Nick wasn’t causing him any trouble…just in case he kept his phone within reach.

He just got back to his homework, and soon he was immersed back into whatever he was doing.


The telltale pitter-patter of rain caught his attention a little later in the evening, he’d forgotten that it was supposed to rain.

He tried not to let it distract him but every now and again he’d glance up wondering if the other man had left.

The rain was coming down hard, so Tyler figured he’d done the smart thing and gone home.

That is when a sudden noise from outside startled him,” HIIH’YIISCHH” Tyler frowned, looking over at the window.

He chewed on his lip, trying to figure out how to handle this situation. Tyler didn’t completely trust Nicholas yet, but he also didn’t want him to freeze to death out there.

“Hih’ish ish HAH’YISHIEEW, ugh.” He could hear the man groan miserably from outside.

Tyler sighed getting to his feet, opening the window,” Do you promise you’re not some psycho killer?” He asked the other man, making him jump at the suddenness.

“…Whad?” Nick said, and Tyler figured out that it wasn’t just the glass that was making his voice sound muffled and croaky.

Tyler rolled his eyes at the boy,” Look just come inside okay?” He told him.

Nick’s eyes widened as his air of confidence seemed to leave him, becoming a bit sheepish,” You don’t have to let me in, I mean if your uncomfortable with the idea.”

“I know, but I’m too good of a person to let you sit out here in the pouring rain miserable and sick.” Tyler grumbled,” Now get your sorry butt inside.”

Nick grinned,” Thanks.” He said climbing in through the window.

It was the first time Tyler had gotten a good look at him. He looked kind of like a drowned rat after sitting out in the rain, kind of having a grungy look to him.

Nick’s long dirty blonde hair almost looking brown and now falling out of the mess bun he’d put it in, a ratty torn pair of jeans covering his long legs, and a faded band t-shirt covering his chest.

But what Tyler’s eyes were really drawn to his face, he had deep chocolate brown eyes, a crooked smile and a teeny tiny scar just above his eyebrow.

There was no doubt about it Nick was an attractive man.

Tyler flushed looking away avoiding eye contact,” Here.” He said tossing him a towel,” Dry off because your leaving as soon as the rains lets up.”

Nick rolled his eyes catching the towel,” Well aren’t you a peach to be around…” He mumbled, drying himself off as much as he could with towel, but it didn’t help much as his clothing was still soaked through.

Tyler frowned watching him drip water all over his carpet,” Say’s the weirdo dripping water all over my room.” He complained, digging through his clothing trying to look for something that would fit him.

He didn’t know if he had anything considering Nicholas was significantly taller and a little broader than Tyler was, but eventually he found an old t-shirt he usually slept in, tossing it his way,” Here, bathrooms that way.” He told him,” Don’t wake up my mom.”

Nick managed to catch the shirt flushing a little,” Oh thanks.” He took the shirt into the bathroom to go change.

Tyler strolled back over to his bed flopping back down on top of the covers, letting out an exasperated breath of air.

He didn’t know what compelled him to let the boy into his room, but he was here now, so he’d just have to deal with it.

Tyler frowned, sitting back up figuring he might as well get some more homework done while he waited for the other man to change.


The door clicked open after some time, and Tyler lifted his gaze from his homework.

He flushed a deep shade of red when he saw Nick. The man was a bit dryer than before, but t-shirt barely reached his hips.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Nick grinned, teasing the other boy a little bit, crossing the room with ease to lounge on his window seat lazy and catlike.

Tyler rolled his eyes,” I’ll keep that in mind.”  He said,” I’ve got some homework to finish so you just sit over their quietly.”

Nick yawned grinning, he liked Tyler feeling like they could be good friends.


It was around two in the morning when Tyler finally finished up with his homework.

He stretched his sore tense muscles tiredly, looking at the window. The rain had finally stopped but it seem like his guest was preoccupied with other things now.

Nick’s mouth hung open slightly as he snored, sleeping peacefully. Tyler threw a pillow at him,” Hey, you weren’t supposed to fall asleep nerd.” It didn’t seem to do much though.

Nick shifted a little scrubbing at his nose in his sleep, but it didn’t seem like he was going to wake up any time soon.

Tyler pouted, but eventually he relented,” It couldn’t hurt to let him stay overnight.”

Getting up for the last time that night he went to his closet digging out a blanket draping it over the other man, smiling a little when he snuggled under the blanket.

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52 minutes ago, gryffin said:

Very cute! I like the dialogue. Thanks for posting!

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed this!!! :)

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12 hours ago, Shikee12.haley said:

Awww I see shipping in the near future:heart:

These boys will definitely have some shipping in tge near future.

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