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So my sister and I were on the phone talking about the recent Facebook scandal and eventually, I asked her if she would ever pay for Facebook. We decided we would probably just switch platforms. So she says...

        “Isn’t Instagram like just selfies? All I would ever post are nostril pics.”

I almost fell out my seat. Ten minutes later I was like,

“ok I’m still stuck on nostril pics.”

She dies laughing and she says, “ I just think it’s so funny. You know how if you take a picture looking down into the phone and your nostrils are front and center because of the angle? I used to send them all the time to people. Especially auntie. She used to get so mad.”

i didn’t know how to continue the conversation without being too into it but I had a good inside laugh 



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A hahahahahaha! She’s saying if she ever got Instagram, She would only post nostril pics but you’re still hilarious!

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