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Loud or quiet. Preference and personal.


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So this is part (m/self) observation, part question for those who want to share.

So has any one ever sneezed so hard that even muffled in your sleeve or a tissue it was still loud as ever?


This just happened to me at work. A quick out of nowhere sneeze that I covered with my sleeve and was still loud enough for people in the next office over to bless me. 😳

Anyone had a similar experience?

Also, what are your preferences concerning sneeze volume? Do you like louder, quieter, or somewhere in between?

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In terms of my own preference, I have always enjoyed louder, violent and uncontrollable sneezes over quiet ones ... at least they are the ones that get my immediate attention :D 

I'm not really sure about my own sneezes - probably about average I would guess. I sneeze very rarely around anyone else, but I have never got any comment as to them being any larger than was expected...

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I mostly agree with NoV. Though in certain scenarios I enjoy quieter sneezes more. 

As for my own sneezes, I can't remember any specific moments where they were loud even when I muffled them, but I'm pretty sure it HAS happened.

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As far as preference goes, I adore loud sneezes that are noticeable from even a small distance away from the source. My own tend to range from either loud or fairly quiet. 

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Generally speaking I prefer quieter sneezes. That's not to say I can never a enjoy a loud sneeze, but they are usually less appealing to me.

My own sneeze is pretty quiet (always stifled), but as I don't sneeze in public, that's a personal choice more than anything else.



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I usually don't sneeze very loud. At least no one has blessed me within the past years, so I suppose they never heard me when I sneezed in my room (which is basically the only place I sneeze) . It's some kind of forceful, spraying sound, so not that quiet either. 

 I don't like it when a sneeze is overly vocalized, such as the ones that sound like a scream or really high-pitched stifles. So it's mainly somewhere in between, I guess. Quiet ones are also okay, as long as one can still hear it. Silent sneezes are somehow unsatisfying to me :'D 

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Okay, I admit it -- I hate loud, "vocalized" sneezes.  They actually scare me.  High-pitched stifles are okay, but those full-voiced "yell" or "scream" sneezes?  Just...no.

I myself am a quiet sneezer most of the time, thank goodness.:laugh:


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On ‎27‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 0:43 PM, Light said:

A quick out of nowhere sneeze that I covered with my sleeve

aaah, I know my darling you always cover your sneezes with your sleeve aaand you know what I think about it ;)    would have loved to be around them you are not too far away  ;) still in love with your obs and your sleeve sneezes 

i hope my boyfriend never never reads this :D kisses :D 

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I despise obnoxiously loud sneezes, which my brother does - you know, the type that makes you jump in shock. I don't mind reasonably loud sneezes, however. My boyfrieI enjoy nd sneezes rather loudly (when he is not stifling his sneezes) and in a high-pitched manner, which is adorable. And now and then, he will sneeze a quite loud and violent/powerful sneeze, which I absolutely 100% enjoy. I enjoy some vocalisation of the sneeze, rather than a mere spraying sound. 

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I love loud sneezes. The louder the better. I like the obnoxious ones, I like the screamed ones, I like the vocalized ones, I like the nasal ones, I like sort of snarling/roaring ones... pretty much any big, loud sneeze does it for me. sometimes a quieter sneeze is nice, BUT I hate stifles. I would almost rather they not sneeze than a stifle. 

I've never had a situation where I've tried to muffle my sneezes and they were still too loud. Usually I just let fly, tbh. Covering with a tissue or sneezing into an elbow doesn't really "muffle" the sound much at all.

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I like loud sneezes as long as they are genuine. I don’t like fake or over acted ones where someone exaggerates a real one for attention. 

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8 hours ago, Stargirl said:

I like loud sneezes as long as they are genuine.

I totally agree with you here - there is nothing sexier than when someone has a large sneeze and can do nothing to control them, but making it intentionally loud or forced spoils it for me :) 

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Hmm, this is interesting. I don't feel hot that people who sneeze so blatantly. I don't know. I like loud sneeze with more sensuality.

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I've NEVER been a fan of super loud, obnoxious sneezes. If I had to choose I'd pick quiet ones- but only if they have detail (if that makes sense?) Like if you can still hear what's going on haha

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Hello, it is already too late to bless you?
I understand that it was an aggravating situation for you, but sometimes something like that happens in your life, nobody can forsee situations like this. It's a good question - if I had to decide, for me it always depends on the person who sneezes. I prefer quieter, up to medium vocalized sneezing. Very loud or screamed sneezes are a bit daunting for me - but if I know the person is allergic to something / or has catched a cold, I try to ignore it, or to bless them too, even if it does not match my preference.

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