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18 to Life, Michael Seater (Derek from Life with Derek)


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A little background: I've been in love with Derek Venturi from Life with Derek for about 12 years now. Since I first saw the show, I could have sworn there was an episode where Derek sneezes at some point as a way to sort of add to his unkempt messy character. I don't know why I got back into the show so suddenly, but I watched every single episode to see if I wasn't crazy, and it turns out I was. Nowhere on the show or in the bloopers does Michael Seater do the deed. I decided the hunt wasn't over.

After watching multiple behind the scenes and interviews, I combed through his imdb page and found a little Canadian show called 18 to Life that he starred in as an 18 year old that gets married (Michael Seater is plenty of age at this point, about 24 years old). I figured there's bound to be some kind of sick episode with a premise like that, and I WAS NOT WRONG. Season 1, episode 11, In Sickness and in Health. His character Tom gets a cold and his mother and wife fight over taking care of him. Every scene with him is worth watching if you like cold stuff. One nose blow, one sniffle, one sneeze. It's not particularly great sounding, but for someone who's been waiting 12 years, it's the most rewarding feeling in the world. 

Sneeze is right at 6:30 but I highly recommend the other scenes as well (until he starts faking). 

Like I said, it's not fantastic and it's pretty fake, but it's kind of adorable and he has a lot of dimples (!!!)

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Aw, wow! I had such a big big BIG Michael Seater phase in high school and I remember seeing this episode on a whim when I was in college and going nuts! I'd totally forgotten about this - thank you so much for posting.

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