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Mental block bypassed


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Hi everyone, I’ve just decided to create an account here but I’ve been following this forum for a while now. I thought I’d share this recent experience I just had a few days ago. 

I have a mental block (as many of you can probably relate to) but I shared with my girlfriend a few months ago about my fetish and she took it really well and was glad I shared with her. So ever since then I’ve been able to be more open about sneezing, I never say bless you ever, but have started to when she sneezes. I would hope one day I’d be comfortable enough to sneeze fully in front of her, since I’ve been so open with her about everything about me. 

So the other day, after we ran down the street to the back to get quarters before the bank closed, we got on the train to go get coffee and dinner. Once on the train I was so winded from running I was just sitting there trying to catch my breath and regain some stamina. I recently got over a virus of some sort, so I was still a little sick.

All of a sudden I felt the urge to sneeze. At first it went away, as it normally would, but it quickly came back and all I could say to myself was “I’m too tired to block this or try to stop this from happening”. As my girlfriend sat next to me on the train on her phone, I found myself taking a huge inhale... “hetchoo!” I sneezed into my sweater. It’s the first time my girlfriend ever heard me sneeze. I couldn’t believe it, first time I ever sneezed in front of someone. My girlfriend looked at me and said “bless you! Are you feeling okay?” I replied with “yeah I’m just tired”. 

What an experience! 

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Congratulations, both on becoming a blesser (if only for your girlfriend) and on managing to sneeze in front of someone else!

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Congratulations, that's an amazing achievement! I'm also still working on my mental block about sneezing in front of my boyfriend. It's been over a year now and no luck :\

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Congratulations, and a wonderful observation, too. She sounds like a sweetheart. Even though you startled her, she still blessed you and asked if you were okay. Sounds like a nice opportunity for more beautiful obs in the future if you sneeze more in front of her. Good luck on continuing to overcome your mental block. Looks like a good start!! :) 

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