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Bathroom Blow (F)


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Disclaimer: This is a bit long, mostly because I am not good at describing people. It's also not the most...action packed OBS.

I have a series of medical complications which make personal care difficult. Awhile back, my primary caregiver required serious surgery, so we hired some private support to help me out while they recovered.

The young lady that was in charge of scheduling and getting to know clients will be the subject of this post, referred to as D.

D was in her mid-late 20’s, between 5’10-5’11 with a slim, but solid build. She had long and curly black hair, that fell to the middle of her back. She had small eyes, but a wide jaw and large cheekbones, which made her face look a bit bigger than normal. Her nose wasn't big enough to stand out, but it matched her face. D was not ‘traditionally’ pretty, but she had a charm about her that I liked. She also wore quite a bit of makeup.

We were sitting at our kitchen table talking about the surgery, the care requirements and how everyone was sick at that time of year.  "Yeah, I’ve been fighting something for awhile too!”  I noticed that she was sniffling a lot, which may have also been why she brought it up. At the end of the meeting, she wished us good luck with the surgery and we told her to get well soon.

My ‘living room’ is not far from the front entrance, which has a bathroom close by. I went back to doing my own thing, thinking she left, when I heard a set of very loud, snotty honks coming from the front bathroom! That is certainly one way to stop the sniffling. :razz:

She came out, acted like nothing happened and yelled goodbye to us again before leaving.

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21 hours ago, luvsfemalehonks said:

That's one amazing way to say goodbye!!

Honks generally don't do much for me, but I know they're appreciated around here. I can let it slide when it's a nice lady though. :razz:

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