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Devil Flu (Gorillaz- 2d)


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Guess who's back. Back again. (Not) Shady's back. Tell your friends... or don't, I don't care.

I haven't been here on this site in forever, so I've decided to write a little story. This is only part one, so please tell me if you want me to continue or not, because I have more ideas for this. Anyway,  please enjoy. : )


Devil Flu, part one:

"I'm baaaaaack!!!" Murdoc yelled as he was carrying an arm full of old  trinkets. He seemed exceptionally satisfied at all of the things he had, so much so that he was actually smiling, which is odd for someone who always so angry.

2d was in the living room, sitting on the couch and watching some tv when he had barged in. "Where'd ya' been? You were gone for two hours!" Murdoc was supposed to help 2d with some songs for the new album, but as usual, he bailed.

"I was digging' up all 'em graves outside. Look at all this 'ere!" Murdoc showed him all of his rings, watched, coins, and even an old rusted dagger. 2d was almost impressed with his bounty, but then he remembered that these belonged to other people. "Mate, ya' gotta put these back." He interrupted.

"Eh? Why?? These er' mine now, finders keepers!" he recited like a kindergartner who found a piece of bubblegum on the playground. Just as they were about to get into an argument, Russel walked in to look for his aux cord. He brought it into the living room the night before when he and 2d wanted to play an extreme round of guitar hero, and it went missing when they started taking shots. Things got crazy that night (if they hadn't been already)... 

Just as he entered the room, everyone in his head yelled at him to get out; "Get out of here, man!" "This guy is bad business!" "You gotta leave!" He did as he was told, and when he was sure he was alone, he said, "Relax, guys. They're just fighting again." But then Del spoke up, "Nah, man. There's a DEMON in that room!" Russel, curious at what his friend meant, looked back. All he saw was was 2d and Murdoc, who, at this point, had got into a fight (spoiler alert: 2d's losing).

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Del tried convincing him, "You can't see it? He's so big tho, and he's WAY ugly too." One of them chimed in, "He probably can't see it because he's not dead like us." As Russel was still peering into the living room and had to hear them go on about this entity, he was getting tired of listening to them. He thought they were probably just playing a prank on him, like they always do. Del wouldn't let go until he believed him, so he pleaded, "C'mon man! You gotta believe me when I'm sayin' this, there's a- WOAH!!!

Before Murdoc began strangling 2d, the blue-haired man was thrown backwards into the wall by an invisible force, so hard in fact that it broke, and after that he landed back onto the ground with a thud. Murdoc only laughed, Noodle ran downstairs to find out what happened, and Russel rushed to help him up, all the while Del said, "I TOLD you! Now he's possessed by that nasty guy!" 2d got knocked out by the blow, so he was carried to the couch to rest.

The demon's presence already took a toll on the poor guy... he became all pale, his skin got clammy, there's smoke coming out of his nose and mouth, and he kept twitching and muttering in his sleep as the demon tried to make himself feel at home. Everyone became scared when he woke up- they thought he would begin attacking them or start making everything float, but he was still himself when he woke up. That thing hadn't completely taken him yet.

"Uuuugggghh... *koff koff! KOFF!*... Whata... wha... heh- w- what ya'... lookin' at, eh...?" He could sense they were there, but he couldn't see them that well. Everything was only a blur, and his head was pounding, like something was inside there knocking his brain around. His muscles also ached, so he could barely move. He felt the smoke itch at his sinuses, but it wasn't just that which bothered him. He felt sick, like REALLY sick for some reason. It couldn't just be from having been slammed against the wall, because his throat felt on fire- everything felt on fire!

One of the blurs came and put a cold towel on his head, and stood there scanning his face to see what was ailing him. 2d squinted hard, and after a few seconds, he could identify who it was. "...N-Noodle?"
he muttered weakly. She smiled when he said her named because she was now sure that his head hadn't been completely messed up. He slowly reached over and grabbed her hand, held it to his chest, and gave her a weak smile. "Heh... you're a d-doll... ya' know tha- ah!!-" he turned over quickly as the irritation that built up in his nose had reached its peak. "ah-ahh- AAAAASSSH' UUHH!!!" The sneeze was so loud and harsh, Noodle fell back in surprise, then she went to find some paper towels to give him. Once again, Murdoc only laughed, stood over him, and said "That's what ya' get fer tryin' to take my stuff! HA HA HA!!!"

The green bean walked off, so it was just 2d and Russel in the room. Russel saw him lying there, and couldn't help but think of how pitiful he looked, all curled up and shivering. No one had thought of bringing him a blanket because they didn't suspect him to be sick when he woke up. There happened to be some shirts and other clothes  lying on the floor, which he gathered up and laid out on 2d's skinny frame so that they functioned as a temporary blanket. He held the shirts close and muttered, "Th-thangk you..." Another sneeze erupted from him soon after, "huh- hehh!- HHEEESSH'UUUHH!!!... *snnrff!! KOFF KOFF!! HACK!* Ugghhh..."

2d looked up at Russel. "Russel?... snifff!! Isd dat you?... Cand ya' ged mbe somb wader, please? Mba' throad's kgillin' mbe..." Russel did so, and while he was doing it, he made sure that he was alone again so he could talk to Del and the others.

"You guys got any ideas?" "Whatcha' mean, Rus?" the ghost shot back. Russel replied "You know how to get the demon out, right?" "Just because we can see it don't mean we know what to do with it. Sorry!" It looked like Russel had some spiritual research ahead of himself.


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19 hours ago, JolliLolli said:


For you, my child, I give the world.

I'd like to mention, in the first part I neglected to say that this story takes place during the second phase of Gorillaz, and if Noodle sounds like a racist stereotype, I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm just trying to translate her Japanese accent/inflections into words. Otherwise, I just wanted to clarify- I know some people already know, but everyone else might not. Also, this one has a picture waiting at the end for you, so that's that. I hope you enjoy again!



Devil Flu, part two:

"'...the anomalies with witch the seizure of one's soul comes in... *yawn*... a form of reality which is bent or-'" "Why's this taking forever? Just skip a few hundred pages, bro!" Russel had been searching a couple of hours online to find all of the information he could on demons and the afterlife. Forums, while at first looking reliable, only had a bunch of people telling ghost stories which they've been through (and were obviously fake). He dug deeper, and found a digital version of a book called "The Science of Succubi," which not only talked about demons and ghosts, but also explained how they could affect and change the physical world. There was a whole chapter about possession, but so far, non of the pictures portrayed in the book resemble what Russel's friends saw. They, especially Del, had begun to get impatient with all of the reading.

"You don't know what's in here. It's probably on the next page." Russel wanted to make extra sure that he didn't miss anything, or else the demon would have to go back to the underworld dragging 2d behind him. Del, being eager to get things over with, said, "You don't even gotta read, we're just looking for a picture of some rat-skull thing." Though explaining this a few times before, Russel said, "I figured it'd be mentioned, doesn't mean it'll be shown though... hey, can you say that again about the skull?" "Yeah man, this guy's got this thing goin' on where it's just this rat head attached to some hair and-" "Yo, don't forget about the horns!" someone added, to which Del  came back with, "Yeah! There were like two sets, but one's bigger than the other!" They all began chattering about how grimy and disgusting it looked, except for one, who was just thinking to himself through the whole ordeal. Suddenly, he spoke up; "Hey Rus, can you look up a picture of flu germs?" He was confused, but did so anyway. He spoke once again, "His fur kinda looks like the outside of the cells with all them spikes, and rats do carry diseases..." Russel knew where he was going, so he skipped to chapter 27: Entities and the human body.

A few pages after, they found what they were looking for: the Succubus morbumus. Russel read out loud for everyone, "'The name for this is translated from Latin to English as 'demon of sickness.' If one of these comes across someone who's physically and/or mentally weak, it's able to take over that person and slowly drain them of life. The life energy is usually used to either sustain the demon or help it make more demons. This, of course, will continue until the host's immune system fights it off or the host dies, just like with a virus or infection...' If there's something I know, it's that 2d's fragile AND stupid. How'd you know what it looked like, Rob?" Suddenly, Rob perked up, "Man, it was easy! It reminded me of when I was a kid and I played 'Bacteria Buster' on my console. I was all like, BAM! KA-POW! Take that GERMS!"

Just as he was about to go on about this game, they all heard screaming from downstairs. Russel went down there as quickly as he could, and when he got there, he saw 2d frantically rubbing his face and kicking all of the pillows and blankets off of the couch in a frenzy. Noodle was sitting beside him, staring in awe. She turned to see Russel, and told him as best as she could, "Pleas-e help-u!" He could barely hear her however, since 2d kept yelling, "THERE'S A LITTLE BUGGER UP ME NOSE!!!! AAAAAAAHH!!!!!" The both of them had to pry his hands away from his face to see what was actually wrong, and when they did, they saw a small ghost struggling to slide out of his right nostril. At first, they tried to just pull it out, like pulling a worm out of the dirt, but it wouldn't budge. "Come on!!" Russel growled as he gripped the thing with his giant fist.

"R-Russel!" 2d screamed, his voice now only partially congested, "Itd's ndot workidn'!! Heh- o-oh ndo...*sniff* g-guys! I- huh!! I-I godda s-s-sn-sneeze!! HUH!!!" Russel would've kept at it, but then the ghost started contracting, like it was preparing for launch. Not wanting to get infected, he took a few steps back while Noodle took cover behind his large frame. For all three of them, the buildup felt like it was taking forever until it finally came out, "HUH!- HUHH!!- HUUHH!!!- HHHUUUUUSSHHH-OOOOOOOHH!!!!!" Suddenly, many of these tiny spirits darted in all directions from 2d's face and flung themselves all across the room like bullets. They were bouncing off everything in the room, and some even managed to phase through the walls. One or two went through the ceiling, and seconds later, everyone heard Murdoc yell, "What in the name of Satan are THESE!?!?!" and he began to stomp down stairs.

As soon as he slammed the door open, he lunged at the sickly singer, his hands wringing and his face contorted with anger. Before he could do anything drastic, Noodle grabbed the remote, chucked it at his head and said, "Leav-e him arone!" Of course, Murdoc turned his head to give her a foul look and replied, "HA! What 'er you gonna do about it?" She couldn't do anything, but Russel could; being the only one strong enough to hold him back, he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards the door. "If I were you, I wouldn't get near him. If you get sick, you're gonna die. Got that?" With that in mind, as he got kicked out of the room, Murdoc went back upstairs to quickly dispose of the ghosts.

 After, the little things were just gently floating around the room, serenely bumping into each other and exploring their surroundings. 2d looked up at them all, and then looked down in embarrassment. "I-I'mb sdorry, I cgouldn'd helb itd..." his face, though it'd been flushed before, grew even redder the more he thought about what'd just happened. Suddenly, he felt a hand run through his hair, and looked up to see Noodle smiling at him. "Toochie~" she cooed. As she did that, Russel decided to also say something to reassure him, "I think I'm getting close to finding a cure. We should fix you up in no time." With that, he gave his band mate a confident glance. 2d, feeling relieved and thankful that they understood, could only grin at them and say, "...you tdwo are thde bestd!"

Russel went back to his room to do some more research while Noodle stayed by 2d's side to tuck him in. In almost no time, after she placed the cold towel back onto his forehead and continued to tenderly stroke through his hair, he relaxed and fell asleep.


Here's the picture:



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