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Heeeeyy-(Tries acting as if she hadn't dropped off the face of the forum for months after just joining) I have another story, this time involving Ange, one of my OC's and her little sister who she hasn't seen in years, Carina and is starting to reconnect with. Warning, there is a lot of backstory before the actual sneezing. There MIGHT be more parts, but I'm not sure. Anyways, here's a basic description of two:

Angeline: Dark curly hair that goes past her ears and barely touches her shoulders. Dark brown eyes and slightly darker than light brown (medium brown?) skin. Nose with a rounded tip. She's 5'7 and has a muscular build (toned arms and legs).

Carina: Dark, slightly straighter hair that reaches the top of her shoulders. Dark brown eyes and light brown skin. Straight nose with a rounded tip. She's more petite than her sister and stands at 5''5 and doesn't have much muscle. Her face is more round than oval.

Here it is!



Ange and Carina met each other after years of radio silence. Not voluntarily though; their mother and father were in a car accident, both passed away quickly. They had no other relatives to speak of, and with Angeline being ten years old and Carina just turning three, they were thrust into the foster care system and placed in different foster-care homes.  A few months after the accident, Carina was adopted by a well-off doctor. Ange was bounced around foster homes before a loving couple took her into their home when she turned fourteen. 

Their first meeting was less than desirable, according to Carina. Carina had a job as an ER physician and was working the night shift when they met. EMT's rushed through the emergency entrance with Angeline on the gurney in intense pain. Apparently, a stomach ache was an inflamed appendix about to rupture. Quickly diagnosing the problem, Carina called the general surgeon, and the nurses went about prepping Angeline for surgery. After Angeline was sent to the OR, Carina couldn't shake off the feeling that she should remember something extremely important. Carina noticed an anxious-looking man in his thirties pacing about near the waiting area, and walked towards him. He looked up when she was right in front of him and began sputtering words and running out of breath. Carina asked him (In a curt manner as she had no patience for this at the moment) to calm down and if he was with the patient that came through. He stated yes that he was her husband. Then she asked him her name. Looking a little bewildered and still panicky,  he answered in a stuttering voice "H-Her name's Angeline Martinez."

However, it didn't click until Carina happened to stop by the main hospital area the next day, to visit the general surgeon, who performed the surgery. She knew him personally, as he was her mother's close friend and former colleague. The surgeon, Dr. Noel, wanted to stop by this patient's room before taking Carina to lunch. On their way, said-patient was being pushed in a wheelchair by the same man Carina saw in the ER waiting area, looking a bit more relaxed but with messy hair sticking up as if he slept here. As Dr. Noel struck up a conversation with the couple, Carina got a better look at this patient. She appeared to be in her late thirties. Her curly locks appeared tangled and looked as if she attempted to run her through them to detangle them. When Dr. Noel made a joke, the woman smiled widely with all her teeth, her tired eyes crinkling at the edges. As she observed them, Carina felt a strong tickle deep in her nose. Not wishing to draw attention to herself, she pressed the tip of her nose against the back of her hand. However, the tickle did not lessen, and her eyebrows began to scrunch together, and her lips to part. Knowing the inevitable, Carina held the inside of her elbow to the front of her face as she started hitching.


Her audible hitching drew the attention of the three individuals who were deep in conversation. After another hitch, Carina quickly ducked her head into her elbow and bent forward slightly at the waist 

H'ngxt! Ih-hngx't! Ih-HITshieEW!

The last sneeze came out high-pitched and loud, to Carina's chagrin. When her fit ended, she straightened up and sniffed. Carina looked up to see three different reactions to her outburst: The disheveled man's concerned look and his blessing, his wife staring right at her and Dr Noel's chuckling. Carina was about to speak when the woman interrupted her.



That's it for now. Feedback is appreciated!



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