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Lending A Hand (SPN, Dean)


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This is a rather short story I’m thinking, maybe two or three parts. But, I had the idea and just had to write it. I hope you all enjoy it! Leave a request or suggestion if you’d like! I’m always open to fresh ideas!


Prompt= Dean is on a witch hunt, and has a nasty cold. During the hunt, he is placed under a sleeping spell. Bobby is able to reverse the spell, and Dean wakes up, but is left with some temporary limb paralysis. Sneezy, sniffly Dean will need a little help from his brother on this one, won't he?


    "Cob on, Sabby. You cobing!"


    Sam grunted as he climbed over a fallen tree in an effort to catch up with Dean. "How are you moving that fast? You sound awful by the way," Sam growled as he joined Dean's side. He pushed a branch out of the way as it smacked him in the face before he ducked under it to join Dean, who continued to prowl forward. "Dean!"


    Dean spiraled on him. "Don't yell," he grumbled in a low voice. He suddenly turned away from his brother as his chest inflated and his breath hitched. "HutcHSHSuh!"


    Sam jumped a bit at the noise. "Oh yeah, because that's so much quieter than me calling your name, right?"


    "Shaddup," Dean snapped as he turned and continued through the murky forest.


    Sam rolled his eyes as he followed after Dean. Each step made Sam try not to think why it was so slimy underfoot. This forest barely qualified as a forest. It was more like a swamp. This was certainly not the conditions that usually accompanied them actually looking for a witch. But, Bobby was sure that this was where the witch was hiding, so that's why Sam and Dean were there, stalking through the forest in October in Sioux Falls with a sick Dean leading.




    "Dude, maybe we should slow down a bit," Sam offered cautiously.


    "Ib fide, Sab," Dean snapped over his shoulder, snuffing back an unbelievable amount of congestion.


    Sam cringed. "You don't even want to know how many infections that can cause," he muttered, half to himself. He knew that Dean heard him, but Dean didn't care. All he cared about was finding this witch. 


    It was a fairly tricky witch. This witch could put you into almost a paralytic sleep. You would be aware of most of what was around you, but you couldn't react to it. That was where there were ten people, two of which who were children, who were in a coma in the nearby hospital. Dean seemed to have a vendetta against this witch now and would clearly not stop until it was dead.


    The two of them suddenly came up on a small cabin in the woods. Sam looked through one of the partially broken windows, but couldn't see anything. That didn't mean that it wasn't in there.


    "I'll lead," Dean commanded before Sam could even question it. He disappeared through the half rotten door with Sam right behind him.


    The cabin looked like no one had actually been there in years. The furniture had been eaten away by rodents, there was dust covering everything, and every step made the wood creak. There was no way for either of them to be able to sneak up on this witch. They would try, but it was a longshot.


    "I'll take the upstairs and you can take the basement," Dean told him as he sniffled again. "HutcshSHShh!"


    "Bless you," whispered Sam as he readied himself to go to the basement. Usually he would've been against it, but with Dean feeling the way that he did, he could be a good little brother for the time being. "Be careful."


    "Yeah, whatever," Dean reported as he climbed the stairs. 


    His aching muscles screamed in protest while the pressure in his head seemed to shift and cause his head to pound. He cringed, breathing loudly though his mouth since his nose was almost completely clogged. He struggled to breathe and he hoped that the witch wouldn't be in here. Clearly this was a bad idea.


    He suddenly heard a laugh and he spun around suddenly. He tilted his head, wondering if the fever that he carried around with him had forced him to see something. He coughed wetly in his sleeve as he felt mucus break up in his chest and steadily run down his face.


    "Awe, isn't that cute, a sick hunter," a silky whisper exclaimed as it echoed through the hallway that Dean found himself in.


    Dean rubbed at his eyes, but he still couldn't see her. In fact, he was starting to feel a little dizzy, or was it lightheaded?He couldn't tell. All that he knew was that he didn't feel like himself and he couldn't do anything about it. 


    "Show yourself," he growled, but it came out like a hoarse cry.


    There was another laugh behind him and Dean spun around quickly, ready to strike. Before he could even think about it, he felt a cold finger press against his forehead. Dean looked up and felt his entire body freeze. Everything locked up and went rigid before he fell forward on his face. He felt his nose smash against the ground and yet he couldn't move. He gritted his teeth as he managed to look up and saw a witch glaring at him, almost snickering. 


    "What's the matter, witch got your tongue," she hooted.


    Dean wanted to snap at her, but he felt his eyelids closing against his will. He gave one more grunt, trying to say Sam's name, before everything went black around him.


    To be continued.....

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Yay! Sneezy Dean! I’m in love with this prompt...I have a very good feeling about this story. 

Also, can I tell you how much I appreciate your writing and all of the stories you post? I apologize for my severe lack of comments recently! I haven’t had the chance to come on here to catch up and let you know how amazing you are in a while, so sorry for that. 

Thanks for posting! :) 

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Here is another part. There will be one more after this one. Mess warning. This is more of a fluff story than I meant, but it is what it is. I’ll try to make it a little more serious next time. In the meantime I hope you like this one! On to another part! 



    "That's for killing that witch, Bobby."


    "It wasn't so bad once I finally found her. Nasty thing."


    "Aren't they all?"


    "You've got a point there, boy. I just hope that we got there in time. I don't even know how long Dean's been sleepin'."


    "Probably too long. After all, that witch had some strange curse on him or something."


    Dean let out a small moan as he opened his eyes. Everything was blurry for a bit before they finally focused and he was able to make out the blurry outlines of both Sam and Bobby standing in front of him. They both looked worse for wear and very dirty, but they seemed relieved as well. 




    "Dean, you're awake," exclaimed Sam as he sat on the edge of Dean's bed in the motel. He looked at his brother up and down with even more relief shinning in his eyes. 


    Dean rolled his eyes. "And why wouldn't I be?"


    Sam looked over at Bobby for help and Bobby sat down on Dean's other side. "We were worried about you, kid. You've been asleep almost a day under that weird witch's power. We killed her and I thought I reversed the curse, but then you still wouldn't wake up and I was getting worried."


    "No need to worry about me, Bobby, I'm fine. ItcsSHsh!"


    "Ewe, Dean," Sam snapped since the spray almost caught him in the face. "What was that for?! Cover you mouth next time, ugh!"


    Dean sniffled as he moved his nose around to try and diminish the tickle. "I-I couldn't," he stammered in terror.


    "What are you talking about," complained Sam as he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "All you do is lift your hand to cover your mouth so that I don't get sick like always. Is that too much to ask?"


    "Actually, Sammy, I think that it is," answered Dean in a bit of a croaky voice. He longed to just massage it, but he couldn't. He couldn't move anything. It was as if an elephant was sitting on him and he was trapped. "I can't move!"


    The panic in Dean's voice raised Bobby on high alert. He leaned over and started to poke Dean in different places. Dean let out a sharp cry when Bobby moved his foot at an awkward angle. Bobby leaned back and shook his head. "Well, you're not paralyzed as in you can't feel anything. You just can't move."


    "What can I do about it, Bobby," Dean asked as his eyes slightly widened. His heart skipped a few beats when he thought about staying like this forever. "Bobby!"


    "I'm sure that it's just temporary, but when I get back home I'll be able to do some research," Bobby explained as he reached for his coat. 


    "Wait. Wait!” Both Sam and Bobby turned to look at the frantic Dean. "What am I supposed to do until then? WahHtucshsHs!"


    "Dean," Sam snapped before he realized that Dean couldn't move and couldn't help it. He drew back so that he was out of the line of fire.


    Bobby shrugged as he looked to Sam sympathetically. "You're going to have to look after your brother until then. Think you can manage that, Sam?"


    "Yeah, I guess," Sam mumbled. He knew that Dean had taken care of him when he was little and sick. Besides, Dean had changed his diapers as Dean loved to point out. He knew that this was the least that he could do for Dean.


    Bobby grinned. "Good. Good luck."


    With that he headed out the door, leaving Sam to take care of his brother. He was sure that Dean would've done the same for him, but Sam had never done anything like this before. This was Dean's game. Dean had always taken care of him when he was sick, but when Dean was sick he preferred to tough it out and almost push everyone else, including Sam, away. That couldn't be the case at this time.


    "Ub, Sabby."


    That jolted Sam from his daydream as he looked down his brother. "Um, yeah man?"


    "I hade to ask you this, bud...." Dean trailed off as he took in a powerful sniff. "I really deed to blow my dose."


    Sam almost jumped off of his seat. "Oh, yeah! Sure." Sam was more than a little nervous as he looked around for tissues. He managed to find the box and bring it over. He looked at Dean before he tilted his head. "Do you think that it would be better if you sat up?"


    Dean sniffed as he felt a string of mucus running from his nose. "Probably, bud can I please blow my dose first," he almost begged pathetically.


    "Right, sorry," Sam apologized as he tugged a few of them out and imagined how he would blow his own nose. He threaded it over Dean's nose. Dean took in a deep breath and blew his nose loudly. 


    Sam kept his hand there before Dean blinked his eyes rapidly. "I think I'm good now, Sammy."


    Sam threw the tissue away before he looked down at Dean. He picked him up by his shoulders and dragged him backwards so that he was sitting up against the pillows and the back of the bed. He still couldn't move, but at least he wasn't in pain. He just gazed at Sam before he sniffed again.


    "I'm sorry about this, Sam," he sniffled. "I know that this is awkward for you."


    Sam shook his head madly. "It's okay. We'll figure it out. Besides, this is the least that I can do for you. It could've easily been me with that witch."


    "True," Dean agreed before he wrinkled his nose and moaned slightly. "Sammy, I know that you don't want to hear this, but, eh, I have to sneeze."


    Sam nodded as he pulled out more tissues. He made his way to Dean's face, but he wasn't quick enough. 


    "HuchsSHshh! HuchsHSHhh! HutcsHshh!"


    Sam's wrist was drenched in Dean's snot. Sam tried not to cringe as he pressed the tissues against Dean's nose and clamped it on either side. "Blow," he commanded, just like Dean used to do when Sam was a kid.


    Dean complied and blew his nose noisily. Once he was finished Sam discarded the tissues and brought out more. He wiped the undersides of Dean's nose before he crumpled them and threw them aside with the others. 


    "I'm sorry, Sammy. I didn't mean to get you," apologized Dean, his cheeks growing hot in embarrassment.


    Sam frowned and shook his head. "Well, your aim is worse than you think, because you missed me," Sam lied as he tried to make his brother feel better. He smiled and patted Dean's shoulder comfortingly.


    Dean coughed painfully. His chest clenched, yet there was nothing that he could do about it. Dean sniffed again, his nostrils flaring. "This sucks," he muttered.


    "Trust me, dude. I know," Sam joked as he continued to sit on the edge of the bed. 


    Dean sighed heavily, breathing loudly through his mouth. Sam wasn't exactly sure how to help with that. All that he could do was hand him tissues periodically and judge when Dean was going to sneeze so that he could protect his face from germs, and whatever Dean had left of his dignity. 




    Before Dean even got out all of Sam's nickname, the tissues were pressed against his nose. Dean sucked in a breath, but the hitching stopped. He gasped as he longed to draw away, but he still couldn't.


    "It's stuck," complained Dean with another sigh.


    Sam pulled the tissues away before he looked at his brother with amusement in his eyes. He stretched out his hand before he ran his finger right around Dean's nostril before he flicked the tip. That was enough to sent Dean off again, but not until Sam had secured the tissues back over his nose.


    "HutcshSHSHh! HuchsHSh! HuchsHSh!"


    Dean finished with a trumpeting blow before Sam grabbed more tissues and cleaned up around his nostrils before it could run down to his upper lip. Sam squeezed Dean's shoulder. 


    "Do you think that you'll be okay until I take a shower," Sam asked hopefully.


    Dean sniffled. "Yeah, I guess so, but don't take long," he pleaded.


    "Don't worry, but back in five minutes," Sam reassured before he slid from the bed and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.


    Dean heard the sound of the water running before his nose started to run and tickle again. He couldn't rub at it or even bring tissues to his nose either. All he could do was just lay there and wait for the sneeze to take hold, considering that he couldn't even stifle them either.


    "HutcsHshh! HutcshHShh! HutcshshHS!"


    Dean winced as he felt liquid snot gush from both of his nostrils. It flowed down to his upper lip and eventually over his mouth. He groaned at the grossness of it all before he closed his eyes, willing Sam to come out. He couldn't call for him or the snot would flow into his mouth and he couldn't think of much grosser than that. 


    Please, Sammy, he thought desperately.


To Be Continued.....

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I... don't know why, but the idea of Dean not being able to blow his nose without help is *really* working for me. Also, everyone is in character and your spellings are :boom:! Keep up the good work and please post more!

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