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Rolling sickness(Cuphead)


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Rolling Sickness

ummm... I've never posted a story on here before and I'm kinda shy about it. But I really want to share some of my work and I felt like I should just take the chance. If anyone decides to read, I hope it doesn't suck XD and I hope I'm posting this in the right place 0.0

"Sorry miss I'll talk to the bartender about it." King Dice let out a small sigh as one of the female gamblers that had come to the casino hoping to win big scoffed angrily at him. Quite frankly he hadn't been listening at all, he was just too tired right now. It was a late Thursday with the casino nearly at a closing time, it was true that he'd often feel a little tired after nearly a whole day with constant loud chatter and being surrounded by a lot people but he usually wasn't this tired. And not just more tired then usual, he also had a headache. It didn't hurt that much but with so much going on around him it made the pain a bit stronger. Looking at the clock realizing that there was only 30 mins left until they closed gave Dice enough motivation to not whine about something as trivial as this. But he still wishes he didn't feel so tired, his mind kept drifting off and it only made his headache worse. Dice went over to the craps table--the woman being completely forgotten about. But he just kind of stood there and watched, he didn't say much as he noticed his throat felt a bit sore and he didn't want to make it any worse. As he watched he suddenly felt a tickle in the back of his sinuses and pinched the sides of his nose to make it go away, it worked but only for a few seconds before the tickle came back, this time even stronger. King Dice took a shaky breath before quickly pinching his nose with one hand to quietly stifle.
"Ktchh!" The sneeze was quiet and Dice doubted anybody heard and even if they did it didn't matter, it was only a little sneeze after all. But even something as small as that felt tiring for him and made him long after sleep even more. Dice groaned and rubbed his head to ease the worsening headache.
"Ey you okay King Dice?" Mangosteen asked with slight concern in his usually cheery voice. 
"Yeah of course, why'd you ask?" Dice tries his best to ignore the slight hoarseness in his voice and strained himself a bit to pay attention to what Mango was saying.
"Ah, you sure? You look a bit under the weather." Mangosteen cocked his head slightly to the side. King Dice was a bit surprised that the usual thick headed Mangosteen had been so observant, he supposed Mango wasn't as dumb as he sometimes seemed.
"Nah, just a bit tired." Dice forced himself to put on that usual cocky smirk he often wore to make it more believable.
"Oh well, work's over soon so that'll lift yer spirits up." Mango gave Dice a reassuring smile and put a hand on Dice's shoulder for a second, most likely to comfort him a bit. Just thinking about getting to bed made Dice feel drowsy and he muttered a low 'yeah' in reply to Mangosteen.
The night felt like it went on for an excruciatingly long time and Dice felt worse by the minute. But when his shift was finally over he let out a long tired sigh and as soon as he finished up he nearly powered walked towards his room. 
"Heh-hih..." A sudden tickle had crept it's way into his nose and he sub-consciously rubbed it to rid himself of the irritation. But instead of doing any good it only made it worse and before Dice even had the chance to react much his head snapped forward into his cupped hands as a reflex.
"ETCHhh! HNGXT! kchxt!" Obviously the first sneeze had caught him off guard and went unstifled, but the next ones weren't so lucky. King Dice had stopped dead in his tracks as his shoulders shook slightly at the sneezes. Dice groaned as he felt slight congestion filling his sinuses.
"Bless you King Dice!!" The unmistakable voice of Mr. Wheezy yelled out and Dice felt his face getting hot from embarrassment. Not wanting to be around for much longer just in case he sneezed again, as well as just wanting to go to sleep--King Dice half ran, half stumbled to his room in a hurry. 

King Dice nearly slammed the door behind him and he sluggishly stripped himself of his clothes, he let his clothes softly hit the floor. Dice basically collapsed onto his bed not bothering to put on his pajamas. He was definitely not feeling well, maybe he's caught a cold. While colds were annoying it was nothing he couldn't handle. King Dice snuggled under his blankets and sighed in relief when the pressure in his temples felt slightly less unpleasant. Dice lets out a small cough as he drifts into sleep.


His head throbbed and his throat burned with a passion. A wracking cough forced itself out of Dice's chest and he nearly doubled over by the force of it. When the fit subdued King Dice felt himself shivering as if he was outside in the middle of winter, and yet he felt clammy and wet. Looking down he realized his bed sheets were wet but it took him a moment to understand it was due to him perspiring. 'I'm not sick.' he told himself and to prove his point he pushed himself up from the bed. But as soon as he got up he felt incredibly lightheaded and the dizziness forced him to sit back down.
"Do I cadn't be sick." Dice sniffled aggressively when he heard how congested he was and moaned a bit when he realized his voice was also hoarse. He let out a frustrated groan as he reminded himself he had to get ready for work. Dice gave himself a moment before getting up again so he wouldn't get dizzy, even when he waited he still felt dizzy but he managed to at least stand.
"Jus' a cold..." He wasn't fooling anybody with that statement but he absolutely couldn't miss work. 
King Dice struggled to get ready and he was using a considerably longer time then usual but he'd rather that then show up to work looking like he got dressed in the dark while drunk. 


"Eya Dice!" Hopus Pocus' high pitched voice pierced through the casino and it was making his already throbbing headache feel more severe. King Dice lifts his hand slightly as if to say 'hi', since he was so congested and his voice so hoarse. King Dice felt even worse then he did in the morning but then he saw Pirouletta smiling sweetly at him and his mood immediately went from horrible to just a little bad. She always made him happy. She was his closest friend in the casino and he was very grateful that he had her. But being the good friends they were, they knew each other well and before anyone else even noticed a thing different about him it already seemed like she had it all figured out.
"Dice, can we talk in private for a moment?" An eyebrow raised and her arms crossed, with a look that held no argument gave him no choice but to agree.
She quickly pulled him behind a wall and stared him dead in the eye.
"Are you okay?" Dice bit the inside of his lip but knew he had to answer, he couldn't keep anything from her could he?
"I'mb perfhh... hih'kshhuu!" King Dice sniffled wetly and tried his best avoid her eyes.
"I'b perfectly fide." He winced on the inside just hearing his own voice and judging by Pirouletta's disappointed sigh she also heard. And before Dice even registered what was happening she had placed her hand on his forehead, feeling his temperature. She flicked the top of her mouth with her tongue and made a click sound.
"Oh really?" She sounded annoyed but her eyes gave her concern away.
"Yes..." Dice felt so horrible by this point he nearly passed out, his cubic shaped head would've hit the hard floor had it not been for Pirouletta catching him in her arms and slowly setting him down against the wall. Dice groggily looked up at her and she gave him a worried yet slightly angry look.
"Do... I'b dot." Dice hung his head in slight shame and embarrassment but lifted his head when he felt Pirouletta affectionly squeezing his shoulder in comfort.
"I'll talk to furball to give you today and the next few days off, you're gonna need it." Dice let out a small sneeze in reply and Pirouletta chuckled softly as she started nudging him to get up.
"Ared't you goibg to talk to boss?" She gave him a little smile before shaking her head.
"I'm going to help you get to bed first." Dice placed his head on her shoulder as he leaned most of his weight on her as he was barely able to walk himself.
"Thadk you." 
"It's nothing, Dice. After all that's what friends are for."

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