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New coworker sneeze


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Hi all so this new coworker has such a strange sneeze! She sits near me, and is middle aged,  long curly dark hair with fake blonde highlights. Her nose is on the larger side. 

Anyway, she had been coughing a lot and mentioning that she had asthma, so i knew there was a good sneezy forecast in the air....but when she did I almost jumped out of my seat in surprise.  

She took in a whispery short breath like hhhh (I could only hear it bc we sit so close), then a pause, then belted out a tchYOOOOOOO!  This was super high pitched and loud enough for the entire department to hear. And funny just because her speaking voice is kind of low and the sneeze was like the highest shrill note on the keyboard!

So just to recap, it was hhhh...tchYOOOOOO!

She is also quick to bless me and anyone else who sneezes,  which is annoying for me because she will bless me during my sneeze and before I have a chance to recover.   

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5 hours ago, Janenotsoplain said:

loud enough for the entire department to hear

Now there's a co-worker who I would be glad to work with :D I love the feeling of being both shocked by the suddeness of a sneeze and yet also enjoying it :) 

Edit to say: Welcome to the forum!

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