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This is my first fic so sorry if it's a bit rough, and I would absolutely adore feedback or tips on how to improve. 
I'll be using a bit of shadowrun lore, which hopefully should be filled in along the way. Sorry, no sneezing in the first part. 

The mission was simple enough on the face of it; infiltrate a troublesome gang, get enough info to be able to take them down and get out of there in more or less one piece. It was just a pity that it was complicated by this being his first time working on the more favorable side of the law. Glint had been part of the criminal underbelly for far too long now, enough that when he'd been offered a chance to get out of there he had grabbed it with both hands, at least this way he might have a chance of surviving a bit longer. Working with a new partner was not a rarity for him, but they had always at least been people he had been familiar with beforehand not a total stranger. Today could only be interesting. He brushed a hand through neon-dyed hair, moving it away from his face as he paced back and forth in the corridor waiting to catch a glimpse of this new colleague. 

A faint smile came to his lips unbidden as someone else arrived, tall and clearly a bit older than his own 26 years. The stranger looked distinctly out of place in ripped jeans and a leather jacket, he couldn't blame him, chances were he didn't exactly follow the same fashion trends that were currently popular with the underbelly of the city. 

"I'm Glint, I take it you're my new boss?" He asked, the thought that he could have got the wrong person never so much as strayed into his mind.

"Something like that." Came the confirmation, unaccented and reasonably deep, how pleasant. 


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Part 2:

Glint's one natural eye widened slightly, the red pupil of the mechanical one rotated and expanded as it focused on the distinct lack of any sign of a neural jack on the side of his boss' head, he supposed that it could have been hidden beneath his hair but he rather doubted that it was long enough to entirely conceal one. Besides, the last thing that anyone wanted was to try to plug into a pc and have stray hairs caught in the port. "You...don't have a jack." He remarked, immediately cursing that his mouth and brain never seemed quite able to run at the same speed, one was always left in the dust somewhere. Glint frowned slightly as he felt his nose start to itch and he became aware of the sharp scent of aftershave. Just great. 

The other man shook his head, "No implants at all actually." He smiled ever so slightly, clearly that was a point that had been brought up far too many times for him to take much offence over it being noticed anymore. "Name's James by the way." He added a little more amiably. Being partnered with anyone hadn't been a desire of his, especially not an ex-con who was jammed full of horribly dated tech, it was a liability and he didn't want to be the one to pay the price for his employers taking a risk. Not to mention that it stung a bit that it was deemed that he couldn't do the job on his own. Then again his new partner didn't exactly look all that comfortable right now either. 

Glint nodded at the name, offering a hand to shake, instantly regretting the decision as the movement sent a sharp itch through his nose. He twisted away, snatching his hand away from James. "Ehhk-shu!" He sneezed, pressing his face against the crook of his arm. "I should probably me-eehh-ntion that I'm sort of allergic to most scented stuff." He said hurriedly trying to keep the need to sneeze under control.

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Oh wow I did not see that coming! That’s brilliant! The part about his brain and the mechanical side of him not at the same level of speed was spectacularly done! This is just a cool story!

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I really like the concept of this story and would love to see it continued. This is really well written and I like this perspective a lot.

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I'm glad that you guys like it so far. :) Everything is a bit hectic at the moment but I'll try to get an update sorted next week. Hopefully of a respectable size this time rather than a few lines. XD

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