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I absolutely love my boyfriend. He’s the sweetest and makes me melt internally with his sneezes. Lucky for me, he knows about my fetish and is completely okay with it! He even allows me to indulge with it, and he’s completely okay with it. Anyway, this is just a cute little observation that happened when we were cuddling together.


So, we were sitting on the couch, watching Disney movies. We had a huge marathon and went by the first to the last. Now, my favourite Disney movie is Snow White, and he was willing to actually sit through it with me, but while watching it, he began to frown as Sneezy began to sneeze. I watched him, tilting my head, wondering what he’s doing. He was scrubbing at his nose, trying everything that he could to what appeared to make himself sneeze. Giggling, I asked him with a soft voice, “Baby, What’s wrong? You made your poor nose all red.” He sniffed and sighed. “I know how much you love my sneezes, and I really wanted to sneeze for you, because I didn’t want you to start loving Sneezy more than I.” My heart was pounding. This was the most adorable thing I have ever heard. I smiled, kissing the tip of his nose. “Why would I love a voice actor, who’s dead, over MY boyfriend and his nose?” He chuckled and sniffled. That made his nose twitch. “I don’t know. I just....I love you. Okay? I don’t want anyone else to take you from me, especially because of a sneeze.” I smiled and kissed him on the nose again. “Baby, your my only sneezer that I absolutely adore.” And with that kiss, the sneeze that he so badly wanted to come out, escaped from him. He grinned to me. I laughed softly and gave him a real kiss. “Gesundheit, Sweetheart.”

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11 hours ago, gryffin said:

This is beyond adorable ❤️

Thank you so much! 😊

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1 hour ago, rockbell said:

oh my goodness this is too cute!! 

Oh my gosh thank you so much! He is absolutely adorable, too ^-^

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