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Escreve mais - dedicated to Light....


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Hello everyone, 
I dedicate this post to Light - a true friend I have met on this site.
He knows what it is about.
But true honesty and loyalty in my opinion deserves a public post.
Dear Light,
I always hid them.
Had my chapters hidden in the drawer of my desk because nobody should read them.
But one night, when gentle waves of sweet sleep had come over me,
I was careless and my brother - of whom I have already told you - found it.
He was very attired of it, asking me to publish it, but I declined.
Day by day, month by month.
Nobody should experience the depths of my heart.
So my brother wrote on a note, his spidery writing made me smile slightly,
the ink faded into fine, blue lines.
*escreve mais * which means * write more*
He added a heart and a smile to his writing and he smiled at me.
His smile reached the vestibules and furcations of my heart with bitter pain.
I remembered our aunt, she said negated, shaking her head every single time, while the words escaped her lips,
"When your brother smiles, he looks like your mother, as if she never left you."
Maybe I thought about it a second too long?

Then I met you, my belated birthday greetings, your belated birthday greetings and you so far
away from home and we talked hour by hour about literature and life.
I asked you for an advice. You told me.
27 words that evaluated my work.
27 times you left a fingertip on my heart.
It was the third of March of this year and I smiled the whole day.
My brothers made fun of it a bit.
They asked me if I had secretly married.
I replied I was talking to a friend.
I kept the closer reason for myself.

The weeks passed and my brother fell ill again.
Again he had to go to the hospital,
another therapy,
another unbearable despair that left my other brothers and me behind.
It was the end of March and I came home late from work.
My eyes were moistened with twinkly tears,
My brother's bed messed up, he left so expeditious for hospital, so I made it up.
And I found his note which he had written for me.
And I remembered his smile,
your words, which had given me so much joy
and so I tried again.
I wrote a short story for him, about nine pages long.
The next morning, I visited my brother in the hospital.
I handed him the white, faded, hand-written pages.
His hazel eyes lit up as he read it.
He let his eyes rest on me.
His voice, through the oxygen the doctors administered to him, sounded so husky and brittle.
It sent a nightmarish cold through my body.
I knew every word ached his lung.
I knew he would never admit it.
"Your friend - he gave you courage."
My answer drowned in his dry cough.... it filled my heart with pain....
but I did not had to repeat my single word for him.
His fingers touched the back of my hand as he nearly whispered "escreve mais"
and he smiled at me.
It was the first smile on his lips that did not injured my heart....

Dear Light,
first, I am sorry for my english.
without you, I would have never been part of my story again
I would have never found the courage to keep writing. To share it with someone.
I would have never found the courage to write for my brother and to dedicate a story to him.
You brought back my smile. On March 3rd.
My brother's too.
Obrigada - Thank you for all your words, your help and your friendship.
I know that there are still people in this world which own a heart.
Maybe something good is left inside me too.
I am not.... something that my father used to call me.
Before I leave everything here, take good care of yourself.
I hope you can appreciate my words.
I hope they bring you happiness, luck and fill your heart with joy.
With all my love for you, taléya **
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Wow... so intimate and beautiful. You are very brave for posting this in here. Light is very lucky, and so is your brother. :wub:

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First of all, I would like to say that it is almost incomprehensible to me how such a heartwarming, honest story did not get more replies. Your words have touched my heart. It needs a lot of brave to post about it.
Siblings are part of our soul, part of our heart and our lives.
I commiserate with you that your brother suffers from his illness.
I know how you feel when a person who means a lot to you becomes sick and you seem to be helpless / aswoon to help him.
It fills your heart with emptiness and sadness.
But I pray for him that his situation will enhance soon.
Your brother is right, you have a great talent for writing.
You described it so beautiful, every word, every sentence - a fingertip on your readers heart.
You have brought back your brothers smile and with it - he feels better.
Try to make little progress, everyday a small step, a little cheer and be sure it will improve day by day.
I guess Light sent you a private mail and is very happy to have found a friend like you.
I wish you and your family all the best.
And you have added some Portuguese, so,
as melhoras para o teu irmão e muita força :hug:
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Even though we have spoken privately already, I still wanted to thank you publicly for your kind words.

I wish you and your brother the very best. 

Take care, both of you.

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This whole post is heartachingly beautiful.  Your words were soul deep and they touched me just as deeply. Don’t let anything stop you from writing. Please continue to write and publish in whatever platform (books, poems, movie scripts) that you wish. Talent like yours is rare. Never give it up. I’m praying for your brother. 

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