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Cristiano Ronaldo coughing - during an interview in 2008


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Hello everyone :) 

this will be my first post on this forum. I hope you are all fine?

I wanted to share a video with you, about portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. I know, not everybody likes him but after European championship final 2016 I hope there will be quite more who do. I love him since his days in Andorinha and Sporting Lisboa.

The interview is from 2008 during the Euros in Austria and Switzerland. There is no sneezing but at 0:44 he has to cough. It is just a single one, like he cleared his throat a harsh way. The interview is in portuguese but it has a simultaneous tanslation so everyone will understand it. He apologizes for his coughing in portuguese when you listen to it accurate you can hear him saying "Desculpa" - it means "sorry" or "I am sorry" but the simultaneous translator omitted this translation. And by the way he Looks lovely :).

I know not everybody here is into coughing but maybe one or two of you will like it? 

I hope you all have a nice day.



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Nice! And welcome to the forum!

There are also other videos of CR7 coughing (here) and even sneezing (here). I just thought if you’re a fan (like me!) you might appreciate :)

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6 hours ago, gryffin said:

Nice! And welcome to the forum!

There are also other videos of CR7 coughing (here) and even sneezing (here). I just thought if you’re a fan (like me!) you might appreciate :)

Hello gryffin,

thank you for your reply. But I am honest and have to admit, I already knew the videos. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your effort. Especially the first is very well chosen, but since it was broadcasted by Real Madrid's own TV station, it was publicly banned.

There is another video of Cristiano coughing during the football match Real Madrid vs his ex love Manchester United back in March 2013 - he was ill with tenacious bronchitis.

But I have to tell you something.
In January 2015 I traveled to Zurich Switzerland to see Cristiano, I did not expect much luck....
I stood in front of the hotel, first his brother Hugo came out followed by Cristiano, I did not ask for a photo or autograph, he looked very exhausted and tired but... Cristiano passed me by coughing 4 times, covering his mouth with his right hand and clearing his throat before he continued talking with his older brother.

Perhaps a few times fortune is on your side?
Hearing your favorite football player coughing and clearing his throat while he passes you by and your eyes are meeting for one second was truly amazing.
Some wondered why I was so full of joy, I did not get an autograph....
But I kept the real reason just for myself....
And that night Cristiano won....
buona notte :)
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hello @gryffin :):) 
I hope you are fine? It is long overdue that I wanted to share this video with you, and now I have finally found some time. Since you seem to be the only Cristiano Ronaldo fan with me here, so I didn't wanted to write a new post.
This video is back from 2009, Cristiano's first season for Real Madrid and one of my favorite years of him. Sadly the interview is only in Portuguese and there is no translation.
There is no sneezing or coughing as in the previous video, but at 3:14 he uses the word 'saúde'. Saúde can also be used in Portugal for blessing someone, in addition to the usual santinho for male or santinha for female.
I have not met somebody yet who says saúde after someone sneezed.
Anyway - in the video Cristiano says in the context 'estar bem de saúde', he didn't blessed someone but talked about his physical condition and his soccer career.
Nevertheless, I really like to listen to it. More than I should admit :) Unfortunately, I do not know if you like to be blessed or to bless others? But I thought I would like to share this video with you. Have a nice day  :) 
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