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So last night my fiancé and I were waiting on our to go order at a diner, and his phone was acting up.   So he had to use mine to make a phone call in to work to check on something.  While he was talking to the supervisor he started rubbing his nose a little, which he had been doing on and off for a bit.   But then he started pinching the bottom center edge just a little, which I notice he does if he’s trying to not sneeze.   Didn’t work this time. :)

and for once I was sitting across from him instead of next to him (cause the kiddo wasn’t with us) and got to watch his nostrils flare, nose scrunch and wait for the sneeze.  

I was soooooo afraid he was going to stifle it (since he was on the phone with a supervisor) but I’ve been giving him hell for the rare times of doing that.   So instead he covered the mouthpiece of the phone and wound up sneezing fully uncovered right in front of me and facing me.   Sadly it was just one really strong single.   He usually does doubles, and after mowing grass I’ve been treated to some mini-fits.   But the visual effect and everything combined with his one was soooooo worth it.    

And the girl at the neighboring table even interrupted her convo with her beau to say bless you to him at the same time I did!  Then smiled and blushed.   ;)

I’m getting closer and closer to full out telling him about the fetish.  He was sniffling non-stop while we were working on some stuff last weekend due to the dust.   We actually both were.  And he asked me if it was annoying me, him doing so.  I told him I thought it was cute.  And he smiled.   And he plays with my nose ALL THE TIME when we are cuddling and such.   So kinda makes me wonder if he’s into it too.   

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Awww, obs like these are so sweet and special. I'm glad you got to enjoy all the fun details.

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I want to analyze this so badly. Like, did you ask him if your sniffing annoyed him since you both were sniffing?

he could be into it too or he could know subconsciously that you respond well to the nose rubbing. (You moving closer to him, softly smiling, not pushing his hand away...stuff like that)

he sounds awesome and definitely the type of person to indulge. So happy for you! Let us know if you tell him. 😊

oh it was sooo cute that he didn’t stifle because he knew you didn’t like it!

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Omgggg, I just love this observation!! SO sweet! I love how sweet your fiancé sounds, and I agree with Reader, he sounds like he'd be the kind of person to indulge. Please let us know if you do tell him! Thanks for sharing :) 

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Reader- yes, I usually giggle when he plays with my nose.  I will ask him if he’s having fun.  I usually wind up sniffing or rubbing my nose after.   There was one time his playing with my nose DID make me sneeze, and he laughed and was saying “oh I’m so sorry” and stuff.  And I was laughing and saying I didn’t mind and found it funny.    And I will often reciprocate play with his nose if we are laying facing each other.   But he really likes to do it when I am laying on the couch with my head in his lap watching vids on my tablet while he’s playing XBox with buddies on the TV.     There was one time we were like that when a sneeze hit him really fast and he wasn’t able to cover and he sneezed on the top of my head.  He was apologizing and stroking my hair after and I just smiled and said nothing to be sorry about.  He used to cover all the time. But I notice more and more when it’s just me an him he’s doing it fully open, or with his hand just loosely in front.   :)

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