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    So, I’ve never actually written a Criminal Minds fanfction before, but I’ve recently gotten into it. I’m only on season five, but I decided to take a break from watching it to actually write my own. I hope you all enjoy!


Prompt- Hotch knows that he’s coming down with something. He can feel it. However, he just wants to spend time with Jack. Now, he has a cold to deal with as well and still wants to be a good dad before they’re assigned on another case. How will he deal? We’ll just have to see.


    Aaron Hotchner was nothing if not serious. He was serious in his job, serious with his friends, and serious in his personal life. The only time that ever tampered off was when he spent time with Jack. There was just something about being with his son that made the serious expression on Hotch’s face diminish. He would break out in a massive grin upon seeing and talking to his son. That was what he lived for these days. Jack was the most important thing to him and he looked forward to anytime he could possibly spend with his son.


    That was why Hotch had an exciting weekend planned for him and Jack. He only had a three hour flight on the jet and then he would be able to see his son for the first time in a week. However, it was on the ride home when he started not to feel like himself. His throat felt like it had been rubbed raw by sandpaper while the bridge of his nose was starting to itch. It was quite infuriating.


    “Hey, I was winning,” complained Reid as Morgan tossed the chess board on the floor with a grunt. “You only did that because I stated that the probably of me winning was at 77%.”


    Morgan reached around the small table and pointed a finger at Reid. “I did that because you were cheating,” he shot back.


    Reid’s eyes widened before he smiled a bit as he spoke. “I was not cheating. You’re just disappointed because you didn’t want to hold up your end of the bet.”


    Just the slight increased volume of their arguing caused a deep throb behind Hotch’s eyes. He leaned backwards in his seat with his hand positioned over his temples as he began to massage them.


    “Kids, behave,” chided JJ in amusement as she passed by Reid and Morgan. She stopped when she saw the chessboard. She began to clean them up as Reid and Morgan snickered. JJ snapped her fingers and motioned to both of them. “Are you going to help me, because I’m not doing this on my own?”


    Immediately both Reid and Morgan kneeled down on the floor as well. Morgan reached under one of the chairs and brought out a knight. He rubbed the rough piece with the tip of his finger. When he looked over, he caught sight of Hotch.


    “Hey, Hotch, you okay, man,” Morgan asked as he rose to his feet, leaving JJ and Reid to finish picking up the pieces of the chess match gone wrong.


    Hotch was hardly aware of Morgan making his way over until the man was practically sitting beside him. Hotch pulled his hand away from his face and stole a glance upward. He cleared his throat before he answered. “Uh, fine.”


    “That’s all I get,” Morgan began as he chose the seat across from his boss. He leaned back in a slight stretch. “You watch a man murder boys seven and younger. That’s gotta strike something with your, right? With Jack and all?”


    Hotch let out a slow breath as he glanced at Morgan. “It was just like any other Unsub,” Hotch confessed dismissively. “There was no relation to those boys and Jack.”


    Morgan scoffed in disbelief before JJ came behind him. She rested her hand on his shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. “Morgan, stop pressing. Besides, I’m sure that Hotch is just anxious to get home and see Jack,” JJ replied with a small, comforting smile to Hotch.


    “You know, statistics state that children with a parent that travels can have just as strong of a bond, if not stronger, than those kids who’s parents are full time in the home,” Reid rambled off another fact as if it was a natural sentence.


    Hotch rubbed his temples slightly more forcefully as Rossi came behind Reid. He gave the man a pointed look. “Thank you, Reid. How about you and Morgan start your case report,” he suggested as he nodded to both of them.


    Morgan shot one more look at Hotch before he and JJ hustled over to the opposite end of the plane with Reid on their heels. Prentiss was sleeping in a nearby chair rather loudly, with one hand draped over the chair’s arm and the other over her midsection. 


    Rossi nodded to Hotch once before he walked in the other direction. “Try getting some sleep,” he suggested. “That should help the tension headache.”


    If only that was all it was, Hotch thought grimly. He nodded slowly to Rossi since he didn’t trust his voice to come out anything other than a croak. Rossi headed to the younger agents’ sides and murmured something to them softly. Reid butted in before JJ and Morgan engaged as well.


    Hotch almost rolled over on his side to face the window of the plane so that no one else could see him. He started to close his eyes before a tickling feeling seemed to spread through his entire nose. He lifted a finger and ran it vigorously under the underside for a split second. When the inevitable became a reality, Hotch wasted no time in lifting his thumb and forefinger and pinching the bridge of his nose in one last ditch effort to contain the disruption.


    “Hcxxh! Hcxxh! Hcxxh! Hcxxh!”


    Each disturbance was easily contained within his fingers locked over his nose. Once he was reassured that no more were coming, he lowered his hand from his face. He gave a minuscule sniff in the aftermath to try and clear his slightly clogged nose. Congestion was already starting to fill his nose, right at the bridge and caused a slight stabbing irritation along his cheek bones. 


    This was turning into a full fledged cold and the worst possible time for it.


To Be Continued....

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Yes yes yes yes 🙌😍 I am in love with this show and am always up for something new to read. I am ecstatic for pt 2

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On 4/8/2018 at 1:05 PM, Shikee12.haley said:

Can't wait for part two ^_^

I’m so glad that you like it so far! 


On 4/8/2018 at 9:52 PM, 2SHY222 said:

Yes yes yes yes 🙌😍 I am in love with this show and am always up for something new to read. I am ecstatic for pt 2

I’m happy that you’re liking it! I hope you like part 2 just as much!


On 4/8/2018 at 10:27 PM, ReidSeeker said:

...obviously I'm a fan of the show. I'm so glad you are writing this because I LOVE your stuff!

Thank you! Your kind words mean so much to me! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story. It should be a bit of a long one if I can manage it. 


Now for Part 2! Sorry for not a lot of sneezing in this part. I promise that there’ll be more in the later parts. Hope you enjoy!



    Hotch awoke to someone shaking his shoulder ever so gently. He tried to ignore it before the shaking became more intense. Finally, his eyes opened as he swiveled his head around and realized that it was Rossi.


    “Hotch, you alright,” Rossi asked as he leaned forward a bit as his gaze seemed to borrow into Hotch’s soul.


    Hotch quickly straightened with is back almost arching. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he rasped. He lifted a hand to his mouth and cleared his throat. The effort caused his throat to almost burn. 


    “Right,” Rossi murmured slowly as he nodded, unconvinced. “Well, we’re here. We should probably get going. I’m sure that you’re anxious to see Jack, huh?”


    Hotch forced a cheerfulness to spread into his voice. “More than you know,” he replied as he started to heave himself to his feet. Just the small amount of effort it took caused his muscles to scream in protest. He took a step and faltered ever so slightly.


    Rossi stretched out his hand to steady Hotch, but not before Hotch steadied himself. He started forward and thanked God that Rossi didn’t insist on steadying him. He slightly tensed his shoulders as he forced himself forward and down the stairs of the jet. 


    The cool air made Hotch shiver, despite the fact that he had a long sleeve button down shirt and his suit jacket. He tried to disguise it by crossing his arms over his chest. He kept his expression stern as he struggled to veer away from his teammate’s talk of their weekend plans.


    “Hotch! Want to get some drinks,” offered Morgan as he waved to Hotch before he could leave.


    Hotch reluctantly stopped before he shook his head. “No, thanks. I better get home and finish my case report,” he answered quickly. He turned and headed in the opposite direction. He hadn’t gotten far before he heard footsteps behind him. His head swiveled around and saw Rossi following.


    “Dave, aren’t you going for drinks with everyone else,” questioned Hotch.


    Rossi shook his head. “No. I thought that maybe you and I could catch up a bit? Do you need any help with Jack,” Rosie pressed strategically.


    Hotch deliberately turned away from Rossi as the incessant itch started to return to his burning nostrils. He rubbed his forefinger against the undersides of his nostrils to no avail. If anything it just exasperated the itch. Hotch’s eyes started to water while embarrassment caused heat to rise up in his face. The last thing that Hotch needed to be was humiliated and that would happen if he had this humanly function in front of him.


    “Hotch,” pressed Rossi in surprise.


    Suddenly, Hotch buckled forward into his hand as he clamped his thumb and forefinger against his nose. “Hcxxh! Hrxxh! Hcxxxh! Hcxxh! Hxxxch!”


    Rossi watched Hotch suddenly tense, sniffling in an effort to see if anymore sneezes would present themselves. Hotch swiveled his head around to Rossi reluctantly as Rossi’s eyes shone in sympathy.


    “Bless you,” Rossi offered slowly, wondering if that was the right decision.


    Hotch nodded his thanks instead of actually speaking. A thin trail of mucus ran from his right nostril and threatened to rest at his upper lip. Hotch lifted a hand to rub at it in embarrassment.


    Rossi immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a white and purple handkerchief. He stretched out his hand toward Hotch with the handkerchief in hand. “Here. It sounds like you might need it,” Rossi told him slowly, surveying whether or not Hotch would take it.


    Hotch reluctantly stretched a shaky hand forward and grasped the soft square from Rossi. Using it was beyond humiliating, but he wasn’t about to just stand there and let his own nose run like a faucet either. He begrudgingly lifted the fabric to his slightly throbbing nose and rubbed at it as discretely as possible. He angled his body away from Rossi, although he felt like the older man had crept forward and was hovering quite a bit.


    “How about I give you a ride home,” suggested Rossi in a forced cheerful tone.


    Hotch waved him off with a flick flick of his wrist. “Thank you for the offer, but I’m good,” Hotch replied as he clutched the handkerchief tightly in his fist. A fresh wave of embarrassment washed over him like an ocean’s wave.


    Rossi took a step toward Hotch and rested a hand gingerly on his elbow. “I insist. I haven’t seen Jack in a while. Besides, your house is on my way home.”


    Hotch opened his mouth to argue before a tightening feeling seemed to grip his chest. He lifted a hand to his lungs before he began to cough. A deep, racking, wet cough seemed to spill from his body, shaking his shoulders and entire body feebly. He struggled to regain his breath with harsh gulps, but it was of little help. He stood there for a few moments before he bent at the waist and continued to cough into a raised fist as he tried to contain the hacking fit that enthralled him at the moment.


    Hotch was suddenly aware of something slightly pounding on his back and then rubbing gently. “Easy, Arron. Take a few good, deep breaths. Easy.”


    He wasn’t sure which was more humiliating; Rossi pounding on his back or Rossi’s calm and comforting words. Eventually, Hotch was able to suck in a few breaths without immediately coughing in the aftermath. Hotch shook his head slightly to clear it as he lifted his hand with the handkerchief in it and rubbed it against his nose, which had started to run once more thanks to the jarred nature of his coughs.


    “Come on,” Rossi chided as he tightened his grip on Hotch’s elbow and started to lead him forward.


    Hotch pulled back for a moment before he realized that it was in vain. Once Rossi had made up his mind there was no changing it. 


    Rossi led Hotch a few more yards to his vehicle and opened the passenger door for him. Hotch narrowed his eyes. “I’m fine,” Hotch rasped as he coughed to clear his throat.


    “I know,” Rossi told him calmly as he grabbed Hotch’s and his bags and threw them in the back. He then climbed into the driver’s seat. 


    He watched Hotch lean to the side of the window with his hand lifted to his face. This time he rubbed at his cheekbones, pressing on them and wincing. His hand moved up to his temples and bright of his nose. His nose had started to run once more and Hotch quickly mopped it up. He still leaned toward the right side and pressed his forehead against the cool window. His body suddenly relaxed and his breathed seemed to even out for the time being.


    “Alright, let’s go,” Rossi told him as he started the ignition and pulled his car from the parking spot.


    Hotch stirred fitfully. “Jack. Jessica,” he announced tiredly.


    Rossi was able to put two and two together rather quickly. “I’ll swing by and pick him up,” Rossi reassured as he turned on the radio ever so gently. He hoped that the soft tunes would lull the younger man to sleep. It was pleased to admit that it had worked.


    Now for the easier part; picking up Jack.


To Be Continued.....

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Aww I just can't help myself when it comes to a story with denial yet you do feel sympathetic to him...mm....mixed feels^_^

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Hurray for Rossi 🙌😍 this was adorable. Their fatherly bond is just as sweet as Morgan and Reid's brotherly love. Keep up the good work ❤️

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Here’s yet another part.


    Rossi drove all the way to Jessica's house. He had been there a few times before with Hotch. He pulled up in the driveway before he noticed that Hotch had started to stir. He quickly straightened when he realized where they were. He reached his hand for the car door and unlocked it easily before opening it.


    "Aaron," Rossi began.


    Hotch sniffled heavily before he shook his head. "I'll just be a moment," he replied as he tucked the handkerchief into his pocket.


    Hotch thanked God that Rossi didn't try to follow him. He shoved the thoughts about Rossi figuring out something was off to the back of his mind. Right now the most important thing was Jack.


    He headed up the stairs to the door and knocked. Jessica had a doorbell, but he rarely used it. Jessica always played with Jack in the living room, so she would hear a knock. The doorbell was just an added layer of noise that would undoubtedly shoot daggers through his skull. His head was already throbbing. It would be best not to make it worse.


    Hotch heard shuffling around before the blurry figure of his son jumping up and down in the door's glass was in front of him. Jessica bounded up behind him and opened the door. Before it was even open a crack, Jack flung it open and nearly tackled his father.




    Hotch kneeled down, despite the aching in his muscles, and wrapped his son in a deep hug. He ran his fingers through his hair and he breathed deeply. "I missed you, buddy."


    "I missed you too, Daddy," exclaimed Jack as he tightened his arms around Hotch's neck.


    Hotch patted his arms when it became a little difficult to breathe. Jack relaxed and released his death grip on his father. His eyes turned quizzical as he glanced at his father. He had the 'Hotchner look' that Jessica always pointed out.


    "Daddy, you sound funny," announced Jack as he continued to look at his father.


    Jessica came around and rested her hand on Jack's head. "How about you go upstairs and get your things," she suggested sweetly. "Don't forget you puppy."


    Jack brightened, completely dropping what he had said to his father. He bustled upstairs, jumped the steps two at a time. Hotch caught sight of this and shook his head. "One at a time."


    "It's alright," chided Jessica gently. "You gotta let the kid have a little fun. Jumping the stairs two at a time won't kill him."


    Hotch blushed a bit in embarrassment as he nodded his head. Suddenly, the itch flooded his nose before he could do anything about it. He lifted his elbow and crashed his head into it. "HrhcSHsh! HrhcShsh! HrhcSHsh! HrhcSHsh!"


    "Oh my goodness, bless you," Jessica exclaimed as she looked around the house for a moment before she headed down the hallway.


    Hotch watched her go in surprise as Jack headed down the stairs with a small backpack behind him. He had his hand on the rail this time, but stopped about three steps from the bottom. He glanced at his father in surprise before he grinned. "Bless you!"


    Hotch cleared his throat. "Where did you learn that," he asked cheerfully.


    "You and Aunt Jessica," answered Jack excitedly. "You say it when I sneeze and I say it when you sneeze!"


    Hotch swallowed a few bubbling coughs before he stretched out his hands toward his son. Jack wiggled around a bit before he leaped into Hotch's arms. Hotch swung him around and wrapped him in a hug. Jack snuggled into him just as Jessica returned with a travel pack of tissues. Hotch gulped as Jessica stretched them out toward him. 


    "Here. I thought you might need these," she offered sweetly. She turned to Jack and stretched out her hands toward him. "Come here for a sec."


    Jack jumped into Jessica's arms and Jessica tickled him. Jack giggled loudly while Hotch brought the tissues up to his nose. He blew ever so softly before he folded them once more and dapped them at the undersides of his flaring nostrils. He tucked the used tissues into his pocket and made a mental note to throw them out before he tried to do laundry.


    "Are you ready to go," Hotch asked as he came back over to Jessica and took his son from her. "I have an exciting weekend plans. I think you're really going to like it."


    Jack let out a small cheer as he threw his arms up over his head. Hotch chuckled before he felt his nose start to betray him once more. He thought about setting Jack down, but there wasn't exactly time. Instead, Hotch angled his head over his shoulder and as far away from Jack as possible.


    "HrhcSHsh! HrhcShs! HurhcSHsh! HrhcsHs!"


    Unable to stifle it, Hotch tried to decrease the noise of his jolting sneezes to no avail. He sniffed in the aftermath and let out a small sigh of relief that his nose wasn't running out of control. It had the potential too, but it wasn't.


    "Bless you," Jessica replied again with a little more hesitancy to her voice. "Are you alright?"


    Hotch coughed to clear his throat. "I'm fine. Ready, bud,” Hotch asked as he faced his son.


    Jack leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Hotch's neck. Hotch chuckled as he nodded to Jessica. "Thank you," he whispered.


    Jessica placed her hands on her hips as she nodded slowly. "Yeah, no problem. Just let me know when you're going to drop him off again," she told him slowly, still trying to assess him as much as possible.


    "I will," Hotch replied as he carried his son out of the house and in the direction of Rossi's car.


    He suddenly cursed himself for not bringing a car seat. It wasn't like Rossi would have an extra. Hotch carried Jack over to the car and found Rossi already opening it for him. Hotch set Jack down.


    "Daddy, there's no car seat," Jack confessed as he struggled to pull his backpack from his arms.


    Hotch nodded as he helped his son. He set the backpack on the floor before he started to buckle him in. "I know. You're going to have to be a big boy today, alright? The house isn't far. You'll be okay," Hotch told him before he closed the door and headed to the passenger seat.


    Once he sat down, Jack exclaimed excitedly as he looked to Rossi. "Uncle Rossi!"


    "That's right. I'm your driver for today," Rossi told him as he tilted the rear view mirror to steal a better glance at him. He smiled to match Jack's smile as he started the ignition. "Are we all ready?"


    "Yeah," Jack called.


    Hotch forced a smile as he rubbed a hand over the side of his face. Rossi caught that and sighed. "You alright?"


    "Fine," Hotch replied tersely.


    Rossi decided to drop the question. He smiled once more at Jack before he started their journey to the Hotchner home. 


    He just hoped that getting Hotch to relax wouldn't be as impossible as he thought.


To Be Continued....

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...obviously I'm a fan of the show. I'm so glad you are writing this because I LOVE your stuff!


hmmm. I apparently wrote a comment previously and did post it cause I came to comment again it's still sitting here. I'm just special  :oops:

anyway! Pretend the above comment was from before and this comment is from now. I really like Rossi's role here! Like, perfect. I obviously have a victim preference :wub: BUT you make this highly enjoyable. Thank you for the update and I'm going actually hit that submit button :blush: 

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On 4/16/2018 at 4:40 PM, castiel_angel said:

This is fantastic! I have no idea how I didn’t find this sooner!

I’m glad that you like it! It’s my first Criminal Minds fanfiction and I hope that I’m doing alright with it.


On 4/17/2018 at 4:25 PM, ReidSeeker said:

...obviously I'm a fan of the show. I'm so glad you are writing this because I LOVE your stuff!


hmmm. I apparently wrote a comment previously and did post it cause I came to comment again it's still sitting here. I'm just special  :oops:

anyway! Pretend the above comment was from before and this comment is from now. I really like Rossi's role here! Like, perfect. I obviously have a victim preference :wub: BUT you make this highly enjoyable. Thank you for the update and I'm going actually hit that submit button :blush: 

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it! I hope you like the next parts too! I’m tryin to make this a nice sized story.

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Okay, time for another part. I hope that you enjoy it! 


    By the time that they arrived at Hotch's home, Jack was out like a light. Then again, it was almost ten o'clock at night and the kid had had a packed day. Rossi had hoped that Hotch would fall asleep as well, but the unit chief was sitting upright with his eyes fixed intently on the driveway as Rossi pulled in as if he was driving.


    Once Rossi placed the car in park, Hotch opened the passenger door. He took a step out and smothered a few wet coughs into his sleeves. He shook his head before he opened Jack's door.


    "Jack, Jack," whispered Hotch as he rested a hand on his son's shoulder.


    Jack mumbled a bit as he started to wake himself up slowly. He lifted a hand and rubbed at his eyes feebly, mumbling under his breath. "Daddy," he almost moaned.


    Hotch chuckled as he leaned over Jack and unbuckled him. "Come on, kiddo. It's time to go inside and get into your pajamas, alright?"


    Jack nodded as he leaned forward and reached for his backpack. Hotch beat him to it. However, when he leaned forward he felt his nose start to flood. He winced as he lifted his arm to his nose in a desperate effort to cover.


    "Hrchshs! HurhcHshs! HrhchsHSh! HrhSH!"


    The sound of the sneezes immediately awoke Jack. "Bless you, Daddy," Jack told him as Hotch straightened, sniffing heavily.


    Hotch smiled at him fondly. "Thanks, Buddy." Hotch started to stretch out a hand to Jack.


    Jack took it and hopped down with his backpack slung over his shoulders lowly. Hotch led him inside with a nod to Rossi. "Thanks for the ride."


    "Do you think that I could come in for a few moments," he suggested hopefully.


    Hotch narrowed his eyes while Jack pulled him. "Come on, Daddy. I'm tired," Jack complained as he leaned backwards, trying to pull him toward the door.


    "Fine," Hotch finally decided since he was put between a rock and a hard place. He turned and allowed Jack to pull him toward the door. Hotch unlocked the door while Jack bustled in and headed upstairs to get changed and brush his teeth.


    Rossi followed Hotch and closed the door behind him. "You want some coffee," Rossi offered as he headed toward Hotch's kitchen.


    Hotch rubbed a hand against the side of his face before he even registered that Rossi was talking to him. "Uh yeah, sure. I'm going to check on Jack."


    He headed upstairs and saw that Jack had left his backpack in the hallway. Hotch picked it up and headed into Jack's room. He heard the water running in the bathroom and guessed that was where Jack was, probably brushing his teeth.


    Hotch pulled some of the pillows and stuffed animals from Jack's bed and pulled the covers down for his son. This was his favorite thing that he did. He liked to tuck in his son at night and let him know how much he loved him. He longed to do this every night. Unfortunately, that's not what the job of a BAU agent allowed.


    After a few moments, Jack bustled into the room in his dinosaur pajamas. He darted toward the bed and jumped into it. He pulled the covers up to his chin while Hotch leaned forward and started to straighten the covers for him. "Comfy," asked Hotch.


    Jack nodded vigorously. "Daddy, why do you sound funny?"


    Hotch looked into Jack's innocent eyes and smiled kindly. "I think that I'm getting a little sick, buddy," he confessed gently.


    "Sick," echoed Jack in absolute surprise. "Daddy's can't get sick. You're like Superman!"


    Hotch's heart melted upon hearing his son say those words to him and actually believe in him. "I'm afraid that I'm not like Superman. I can get sick, just like you."


    "Will you get better," Jack inquired with round eyes, filled with fear.


    Hotch leaned forward and kissed Jack on the forehead. "I promise that I will. It just takes a few days, but I'm okay," Hotch reassured as he stood up from the bed with a tiny groan. "I'll see you in the morning."


    "I love you, Daddy," Jack called as he rolled on his side to face the door.


    Hotch smiled back at his son. "I love you too." He turned the lights off and partially shut the door. 


    Once he did, he headed down the stairs. He heard Rossi moving around the kitchen as if it was his own. He was making coffee, just like he had said, but he was also opening the cupboards and fridge and almost assessing what Hotch had in the house.


    "Making sure that I can still grocery shop," inquired Hotch as he continued forward, sniffling as his nose decided that it had had enough of being congested and now just wanted to run.


    Rossi spun around and smiled good naturally. "Just making sure you have more than chicken nuggets and Mac and Cheese."


    "Hey, that's a crowd pleaser for Jack," Hotch pointed out before he lifted a hand in front of his face and rubbed at his nose vigorously, completely forgetting about the handkerchief in his back pocket.


    Rossi glanced around before he came up on a small box of tissues near the windowsill. He nudged them over to his friend. He didn't say anything, but gave a small nod.


    "Always keep them there for Jack," Hotch continued as if that transcended the embarrassment that he felt. "Kid has a runny nose more than anyone else I've ever met."


    Rossi chuckled lightly. "Most kids do. Always pick up every little germ, as do their families," he pointed out with a slight edge to his words.


    Hotch rubbed at his nose before he cleared his throat with a tiny cough. "Thanks for the ride, and picking up Jack, but we're fine now."


    "Are you sure? I wouldn't mind staying with you and eating dinner?" Rossi leaned toward his friend and tried to meet his gaze. Hotch purposely looked somewhere past him.


    "I'm sure," Hotch told him firmly.


    Rossi nodded. "Of course. Just call if you need anything, like actual food," Rossi joked as he headed over to the front door, seeing himself out.


    As soon as Rossi left, Hotch slumped. His body absolutely throbbed thanks to the fever that was starting to spike. He had always been prone to higher fevers, a trait that Jack had unfortunately picked up. The last thing he needed was for his son to turn up ill.


    A sudden scream stole Hotch's attention and sent his blood turning to ice in his veins.


To Be Continued.....

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10 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

I’m tryin to make this a nice sized story.


And I did like this part...so, so tired Hotch. Rossi, not too pushy but basically available if needed (haha needed but rebuffed). Cliffhanger!!!! :scared:

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Okay here is another part. There’s not that much sneezin in it, but I wanted to get some of the plot down. I hope you like it!


    Hotch darted up the stairs, two at a time, despite the agony that thrummed his bones. He tried to ignore it as he picked up the pace. Terror pulsed through him at the thought that something horrible was happening to Jack in their own home, with Hotch home with him!


    Hotch stormed into his son's room and flung the door aside so that it nearly banged on the wall. He switched on the light and instantly tensed when he saw his son thrashing around in his small bed. The covers were draped over him while the pillow had been tossed from the bed. His eyes were jammed shut while his back slightly arched while he continued to scream.


    Quickly, Hotch kneeled down at the edge of the bed. He froze for a moment before he stretched out shaky hands quickly and tried to hold Jack still while not causing him any pain. "Jack. Jack, it's alright. Jack, it's Daddy," murmured Hotch gently.


    Jack whimpered before he slowly started to wake himself up. He let out one more bloodcurdling scream when he caught sight of Hotch. Hotch instantly grasped the small string attached to his son's lamp and pulled it. The light illuminated the room even more onto Jack's face. Jack squirmed a bit as he glanced up at his father with wide eyes. 


    "Hey, it's okay. It's alright. It's okay," Hotch reassured as he leaned forward and rested his hand on his son's shoulder gently. "You're alright. It was just a nightmare. You're okay."


    Jack blinked his eyes rapidly and Hotch realized almost too late that tears were almost streaming down his face. It suddenly turned into quiet sobs and Hotch immediately realized that maybe his son wasn't as alright as he thought.


    "Jack," murmured Hotch as he sat on the edge of the bed and brought Jack close to his chest in an embrace. “C'mere."


    Jack scrambled into his father's arms, still sniffling as he cried. He lifted his hand to his face and rubbed at his eyes. Hotch immediately lifted his own hand and thumbed the tears from his son's eyes gently. "Daddy," Jack sobbed a bit as he tried to pull away from his father.


    Hotch tried to pull Jack back, but the slight burn that spread through his nose was too unbearable. He flinched before he buckled forward, his nose angled away from his son, but not quite enough to cover it.


    "HrhcShshH! HurhcSh! HrhcShsh! HrhchsSH!"


    Jack immediately jumped at the sound. He hiccuped as he glanced up at his father. "B-Bless you," he stammered as he sniffed heavily.


    Hotch grimaced when he realized how his breath had misted the air. He immediately dug into his pocket for the handkerchief that Rossi had given him earlier. He brought it up to his nose and slightly dabbed at it before he set it back on his lap. "Thanks, Buddy." He gave another liquid sniff.


    Jack nodded a bit as he continued to pull away from his father. However, Hotch was a lot stronger now that he was refocused on the situation. He pulled his son back over to him and Jack pressed his head against his father's chest. His cries started to shake his shoulders once more as tears dripped onto Hotch's shirt.


    "Hey, what's wrong, Jack," asked Hotch gently. 


    Jack didn't answer right away. He stayed curled against his father's chest. He lifted his hand after a while and set it on Hotch's chest, right where his heart was. 


    "Jack," Hotch continued after a moment. "I can't help you unless you tell me what happened. Can you tell me what you saw in your nightmare?"


    Jack shook his head before he tightened his grip against Hotch's chest. Hotch opened his mouth to say something to his son before Jack beat him to it. "I saw Mommy. She was crying and so were you. I couldn't get to you or Mommy and I thought someone was going to your you and Mommy."


    A fresh sob rose from Jack. Hotch brought Jack closer to him and hugged him tighter. Jack tightened his grip on his father and his fevered skin seemed to cause Hotch to shift ever so slightly in discomfort. "Hey, it's okay," Hotch chided gently. "You know that I'm not going to let anything happen to you, right?"


    "You let something happen to Mommy," pointed out Jack.


    Hotch flinched from Jack's sharp words. Children say what's on their minds. They don't always mean it, he told himself as he continued to hug Jack tightly, despite the slight aching he felt in his heart. "I know. I know and I'm sorry," confessed Hotch as he felt his throat almost close despite himself.


    For a few moments, Hotch laid with Jack and rocked him ever so slightly. Jack continued to cry into his shirt with his hands digging in. Hotch glanced down at his son in heartbreak while he swallowed a few heavy coughs that threatened to bubble up in his chest.


    Hotch noticed Jack sniffling thanks to the crying. He glanced over to the nightstand and grabbed a few tissues from the box. He tilted Jack upward and cleaned up his face and nose quickly. Once he was finished, he started to lay Jack back down.


    The moment Jack's head hit the pillow, he shot back up. He wrapped his arms around his father's neck and Hotch stumbled. He stretched out his hand against the backboard to stop himself from falling over Jack. "Hey, easy. Easy," breathed Hotch.


    "Stay with me tonight? Please," begged Jack with round eyes. 


    Hotch swallowed a sigh as the headache seemed to blossom behind his eyes. He nodded slowly as he lifted his hand and pulled Jack's strong arms out from around his neck. "Alright, but just until you fall asleep, okay?" He then lifted a hand and shoved it under his nose before he gave a tiny sniff.


    "Okay," Jack answered as he allowed himself to lay back down. When Hotch copied him, Jack instantly turned around and pressed his head against his father's chest and curled into a ball.


    Hotch curled his hand around his son and closed his eyes slowly. It wasn't long before both Hotchners were out like a light.


To Be Continued....

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Here’s another part. It’s a little short, but I promise that the next ones will be longer. Hope you like it!


    Hotch hadn’t meant to fall asleep, or stay in Jack’s bed the entire night, but that was where he woke up around eight the following morning. He glanced down and noticed that Jack was still asleep with his hands curled into fists around his button down shirt. Hotch couldn’t help but smile.


    That was when he heard the doorbell from downstairs. He rubbed his hand over his face, pulling at his jaw. He rolled over slightly and narrowed his eyes when he looked at the small digital clock next to Jack’s bed.




    It was much later than Hotch would’ve slept in normally. However, this cold had other ideas. He moaned as he heard the doorbell ringing once more.


    Jack slightly stirred as he moaned, his hands curled into fists once more as he rolled back around from his father. Hotch ran his fingers through Jack’s hair for a moment before he reluctantly pulled himself to his feet. He struggled to stretch before his back instantly protested. Hotch instantly recoiled before he rose to his feet.


    He stumbled down the hallway and then down the stairs. He headed toward the front door and opened it. He blinked his eyes in surprise when he saw who was standing there in front of him, on his front porch. 


    In front of him, stood his entire team. In fact, they all looked as if they were ready for some sort of overnight stay. Hotch’s heart leaped into his chest. “Do we have another case?”


    “Easy,” chided Rossi as he took a step forward and blocked Hotch from barreling out of the door without anything other than what he was wearing. “There’s no case. We just thought that we would extend the invitation to you and Jack for some game night?”


    “Game night,” echoed Hotch, his brain foggy.


    Morgan nodded as he looked around Hotch’s body. “Yeah. Haven’t you ever had game night? We used to have it all the time in my family,” he pointed out excitedly.


    Mind reeling, Hotch coughed to clear his throat. He glanced at the sun hanging high in the sky. “Isn’t it the middle of the day?”


    “Then we’ll have Game Day,” Prentiss suggested as she tilted her head a bit and motioned to the door. “Aren’t you going to invite us in?”


    Embarrassed, Hotch slightly drew backwards. “Oh, sorry,” he apologized as he watched his team file into his house. They all took off their shoes and placed them against the wall. JJ, Prentiss, and Rossi headed to the kitchen while Morgan and Reid headed toward the living room with the games in hand.


    Hotch stood there for a moment before he forced himself into the kitchen. He watched the three of them open their overnight bags and pull out numerous grocery items. All of them were things that were commonly kept in his house for Jack, just not at this moment.


    “You didn’t have to-“


    “We don’t mind,” interrupted JJ quickly as she brought out some milk and shredded cheese. She opened Hotch’s fridge and set it inside.


    Hotch blinked his eyes rapidly as he faced Rossi. He opened his mouth to speak before he sucked in a massive intake of breath. He turned sideways with his hand lifted and pinched it around his nose frantically. “Hxxxh! Hcxxxh! Hcxxxh! Hcxxxh!


    “Oh my goodness, bless you,” exclaimed JJ as she came over to the unit chief slowly. She rested a hand on his shoulder that was still covered in the white button down from yesterday. “You okay?”


    Hotch shied away with a congested sniff. “I’b fide,” he answered lowly.


    JJ turned back while Rossi took the lead. He grabbed more of the tissues from the counter and handed it over to Hotch. “Hey, I think that you need this,” urged Rossi before his gaze traveled over his clothes. “How about you change into something more comfortable?”


    “Jack,” wheezed Hotch.


    Morgan immediately brightened from the living room as he came over to Hotch’s side. “I can get him,” he offered cheerfully.


    Hotch started to shake his head before Rossi cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I think that that’s a great idea. Hotch, you better go and get changed. Let Morgan and us worry about Jack.”


    Hotch set his jaw into a heavy scowl. He glanced over at Rossi. Rossi came over to him and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Relax. We’re not stepping on your toes. We’re just helping. Go and change and then you can be with Jack all you want, alright.”


    Hotch said nothing as he started to head upstairs while Morgan thundered after him. Hotch reluctantly headed over to his bedroom while Morgan went in the opposite direction to his bedroom. 


    This was going to be a long day. He had best change into something comfortable.


To Be Continued.....

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11 minutes ago, 2SHY222 said:

😱😍😍😍😍 no words can express how delighted I am with this story 🙌🙌

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying this! I was a little nervous to post it since I just got into Criminal Minds and I was afraid I wouldn’t do it justice, but I think I’m doing okay at it so far. I’m just glad that you like it! 

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Awwww they all came! Sneaky Rossi! I could just smother you with hugs! I so love this story, particularly Rossi's role. Caretaking is something I enjoy and he's doing such a nice job :) I can't wait for more !

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On 5/1/2018 at 3:54 PM, ReidSeeker said:

Awwww they all came! Sneaky Rossi! I could just smother you with hugs! I so love this story, particularly Rossi's role. Caretaking is something I enjoy and he's doing such a nice job :) I can't wait for more !

I really like seeing Rossi in that role as well like a father figure to everyone. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it!


On 5/5/2018 at 8:19 PM, turtlesneeze said:

Great caretaking story! I love the whole gang coming over!

I’m glad that you like it! There’s going to be a lot more parts to this story, so I hope you continue to enjoy it!


Now, because I can’t stop myself, some more fluff. I just love the idea of Hotch secretly being a softy and a little less serious, at least when he’s with his son. I hope you all like it!



    Hotch quickly changed into some sweatpants and a thin t-shirt. He was sweating like crazy one moment and freezing the next moment. There were blankets downstairs if he became too cold. 


    He was just about to walk out from his bedroom when he heard laughing coming from Jack’s room. He rounded the corner and saw Morgan swinging him around playfully. Jack laughed and wrapped his arms around Morgan’s neck before he caught sight of Hotch.


    “Dad,” he cheered excitedly as he reached out his hands for his father to take him.


    Hotch made his way over and stretched out his hands before Morgan pulled Jack slightly away from Hotch. “How about you let me carry you downstairs and finish letting Daddy get ready,” he suggested with a look to Hotch.


    Hotch narrowed his eyes as Morgan carried Jack down the stairs. He grumbled to himself before he forced himself to follow, but not overbear. He made it halfway down the stairs before he lifted his fist against his nose to try and stem the beginning itch that flared up in his nostrils. It was all in vain.


    “HrhcSh! HrhcsHs! HrhcSHsh! HrhcShsh! HrhcHSs!


    “Bless you.” The noise came from the living room where Hotch heard everyone’s voice. He grumbled softly before he headed the rest of the way down the stairs and into the living room.


    “Daddy,” cheered Jack as he jumped off of the couch and came over to Hotch. He slammed into his legs and held on tightly. 


    Hotch chuckled as he lowered his hand and ruffled Jack’s hair. “How about we get something to eat for breakfast,” Hotch suggested as he coughed to clear his throat. The small cough turned into a mini fit as he lifted his fist to his mouth and turned away from Jack, hacking painfully. It caused his entire body to shake, despite how he tried to swallow them.


    “Hotch,” began JJ as she rose to her feet from where she sat on the couch and walked over to him. She rested her hand on his shoulder and that caused Hotch to shiver even more. Hotch tried to shrug her off, but it was difficult when he couldn’t speak due to the coughing fit.


    “I’ll get some water,” Prentiss announced as she headed into the kitchen.


    Hotch heard the sound of ice from the ice machine on the fridge followed by water being filled into a glass. He tired to shrug off everyone’s worries while he continued to cough. His mouth was pressed in a thin line. It did nothing for the coughing fit.


    He was only vaguely aware that he was being steered toward the couch. He was forced to sit down and he was too weak to put up much of a fight. He only fought a little more when JJ grasped Jack’s hand and led him away from his father in distress. Jack let out a small whine, but JJ’s uplifting voice was enough to steer him back toward the kitchen where they passed Prentiss.


    “Here,” Prentiss offered as she handed the cup of ice water to Hotch.


    Hotch took it in a shaky hand before he struggled a few gulps. The water felt soothing against his sore throat. Hotch narrowed his eyes ever so slightly as he set the water down on the ground beside the chair that he found himself on. He managed to control his breathing and that was when he opened his eyes and found his entire team, minus JJ, staring at him fearfully.


    “I’m fine,” he announced with his telltale Hotch glare.


    Everyone was silent for a moment before Rossi interjected. “I don’t think that you are. That’s why we’re here,” he told him softly.


    “You don’t think that I can take care of myself,” flashed Hotch, half in surprise and half in anger.


    Morgan shook his head slowly. He leaned forward with his hands folded in front of his chin. “We just think that you might need a little help with Jack is all.”


    “Now you think that I can’t take care of my son,” seethed Hotch as he rose to his feet. This time he didn’t stagger. He walked briskly into the kitchen without another word.


    “Way to go, Mr. Smooth,” Prentiss flashed from across the couch with a roll of her eyes at Morgan.


    Morgan started to defend himself, but Hotch was no longer paying attention. He walked over to his son. He was sitting at the table while JJ fixed him something to eat. He colored at the table in one of his favorite Spider-Man coloring books while JJ moved around the kitchen briskly. She opened the fridge and grabbed some eggs. 


    “Anyone want eggs and bacon,” JJ called around the corner.


    “Just make some extra and we’ll all eat together,” Rossi called from the living room.


    JJ smiled before she turned and looked over at the dinning room table. “Would you like some as well, Hotch,” she offered.


    Hotch didn’t answer. He pointed at the picture that Jack was scribbling on. “What are you coloring, buddy,” he wheezed as he pulled up a chair and sat beside his son.


    Jack looked to his father with the crayon still in his hand and cheered excitedly. “Spider-Man!”


    Hotch grinned as he lifted a hand to his forehead in an effort to curb the slight pounding behind his eyes. “Awesome,” he rasped with another weak cough.


    Jack set down his coloring before he raised his hands toward his father. Hotch lowered down and picked up his son. Jack wrapped his arms around his neck as Hotch carried him into the living room.


    The chattering in the room instantly halted as Hotch carried Jack to a recliner. He sat down with Jack rested on his chest. The boy still had his arms wrapped around his father’s neck.


    “Hotch, do you need some help,” Rossi offered as he came up from behind Hotch. He rested a hand on Hotch’s shoulder when he didn’t answer right away.


    “No,” Hotch rasped firmly as he instantly turned to look the other way. He lifted a hand to his face and started to rub at his nose heavily. He sniffed heavily before he used his thumb and forefinger and clamped it over his nose frantically.


    “Htchxxh! Htcxxxh! Hchxxh! Htxxxh!”


    Hotch barely pitched forward with each breath. He sniffed once more as his head rested backwards while Jack was still snuggled in his arms.


    Rossi straightened without another word. He walked back into the kitchen and started to open numerous cabinets before he found the plates that he was looking for. He turned to look at JJ. “I’ll set the table if you cook,” he offered.


    “Is he alright,” JJ whispered over the sound of sizzling bacon.


    Rossi tilted his head before he walked behind JJ. “Yeah, he is. He’s just sick and a little lost right now. Us being here should help. We just need to be patient with him, understand?”


    “Yeah, I guess so. I just hope that we’re going to be more of a help than a hinderance.”


To Be Continued.....

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2 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

There’s going to be a lot more parts to this storh, so I hope you continue to enjoy it!



Very much enjoying it! You have a good handle on the characters. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment

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On 5/7/2018 at 1:18 PM, ReidSeeker said:



Very much enjoying it! You have a good handle on the characters. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment

I’m glad that you like it and I hope I can keep the characters in character. It’s a little difficult since I’m new at writing them, but it’s a fun challenge.


On 5/10/2018 at 9:00 PM, turtlesneeze said:

Awesome!!! Nice and fluffy!

I’m glad that you enjoy my fluff! It’s probably my favorite thing to write. I can’t resist a story filled with fluff!


To the next installment. Hope you like it! 


    Hotch was suddenly awoken as Jack climbed off of his chest. He grumbled a bit as he turned over and lifted a hand to his face to rub at the tip of his nose. It caused a itch deep within his nostrils that Hotch couldn’t smother completely. 


    “HrhcSHsh! HtchsHS! HrhcSHsh! HrhcSHss! HRhcsHs! HrhcsHShs!


    He was breathless by the end of the fit. His hand was strategically thrown over his face to contain his nasal explosion. He quickly rose to his feet from the chair, causing his nose to run freely even more. He passed through the kitchen on the way to the bathroom. He instantly froze when he saw his team in there, sitting at his dinning room table with Jack, eating and talking quietly.


    “Hotch,” began Reid before Rossi shook his head slowly to the youngest member of the BAU. Reid shut his mouth and glanced down at his plate.


    Hotch ignored them and headed right for the bathroom. He closed the door heavily behind him. He rushed to turn on the sink with his fingertips. He waited until he heard the sounds from the dining room once more before he pulled a handful of tissues from the box on the sink’s counter. He pressed them against his nose and blew his nose heavily. Once he was finished, he gave a few sniffs before he rubbed at the undersides of his nostrils with the tissues. He threw them away and washed his hands heavily. Once he was done he opened the door and headed back into the kitchen.


    “Daddy,” called Jack excitedly as he clapped his hands together. “You need to eat too!”


    JJ stretched out her hand and rested it on Jack’s back. “I’m not sure if Daddy is feeling alright to eat,” she told him gently.


    Jack’s face fell while Hotch stood and watched him for a moment. He swallowed painfully before he walked over. He sat down right next to Jack just as Moran scooted over to give him some room. A plate of food was sitting in front of him composed of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. He wrinkled his nose at the scent of the bacon before he brought the toast to his mouth and nibbled at a corner of it.


    He gazed at Jack as Jack continued to shovel food into his mouth. “That good,” inquired Hotch.


    Jack, too busy with food in his mouth, just nodded to answer. He swallowed it and reached for some orange juice in his cup. Hotch stretched out a hand and helped Jack carry the cup to his mouth so that he didn’t spill. “Just slow down a little bit.”


    “Can we watch a movie after we eat,” Jack requested, unfazed by what Hotch had just said. “Please? The Lion King?”


    Hotch opened his mouth to answer, but Reid beat him to it. “Did you know that the Lion King was originally going to be called King of the Jungle and-“


    “And I like The Lion King title better,” broke in Prentiss with a look to Reid. Reid nodded as he clamped his mouth shut and instantly turned to his food and poked his eggs with his fork.


    “Tell you what. You eat some more of your eggs and then we’ll lay in the living room and w-watch....eh....The L-Lio-Lion KinSHsssH! HrhsHSsh! Hrcxxxh! Htcxxxh! Hchxxh!”


    Halfway through the fit Hotch managed to grab the napkin in front of him and thread it over his nose, pinching it shut and tryin to contain the feeling as well as the noise. He had turned away from Jack in the process while Jack tried to pull at his father’s arm. Conversation had ceased at the table until Hotch was finished.


    “Bless you,” the entire table chorused. 


    Hotch lowered the napkin from his face and folded it before he placed it on his lap. “Excuse me. Thank you,” he rasped with a cough to clear his throat.


    He reached for Jack’s glass of orange juice and finished it off rather quickly. Jack watched his father, but didn’t say anything. Hotch coughed heavily after he had finished the orange juice and lifted the napkin to his face. The coughing had caused the congestion to loosen and almost flow down his face. He kept the napkin pressed there and instantly pushed his chair back and headed back to the bathroom.


    He closed the door and turned on the sink. He grabbed almost twenty tissues and folded them over his nose delicately. He blew his nose with a slight honk. He pulled the tissues from his nose and folded it again before he wrapped it back over his nose and blew away. He continued to repeat the process until he was out of breath. He threw the tissues away and washed his hands with almost five squirts of soap. He turned the water as hot as it possibly would go as he forced his hands under the stream. He dried his hands on a towel in the corner before he headed back out of the bathroom.


    Hotch turned to walk into the living room when he heard the sound of the TV as The Circle of Life played. He managed to catch sight of Jack, laying in the recliner with one of his stuffed animals wrapped up tightly in his arms. He pointed at the TV before he rolled over and pointed at JJ.


    “Simba,” he called when the part came that Simba was lifted up.


    JJ chuckled. “That’s right. There he is.”


    Hotch smiled before he turned and headed over to the kitchen where Morgan, Rossi, and Prentiss were clearing the table from breakfast and were washing the dishes. 


    Hotch started to pick up a plate when Prentiss came behind him and rested a hand on the plate. “What are you doing? We can manage things here.”


    “I can clean up my own kitchen,” he pointed out briskly as he turned away from Prentiss and walked past her.


    Before he could make it to the sink, Rossi intercepted him. He stretched out his hand and took the plate firmly. “I know that you can do this, Hotch. No one is saying that you can’t. You don’t need to. Wouldn’t you like to spend your time at home with your son?”


    Just then, Jack laughed from the other room and cheered at something in the movie. Hotch looked over his shoulder before he turned back to look at Rossi. He looked into Rossi’s eyes before he released his grip on the plate. “Fine,” he rasped after a moment and turned to head into the other room.


    Morgan stopped washing the dishes for a moment to lean back and look at Rossi in awe. “How do you manage that? Hotch is the most stubborn person that I’ve ever met and he listens to you.”


    “He doesn’t listen to me. He listens to reason,” corrected Rossi as he turned to hand the place to Morgan. “That’s how to you have to approach Hotch, especially now. Just present it in a way that he can’t argue it and he has to listen, but do so gently. He’s been through a lot.”


    Prentiss glanced toward the living room where she heard Hotch coughing and Jack laughing at the movie. “Let’s hope that we don’t push him over the edge.”


To Be Continued.....

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