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Kudos to Staff!!

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I want to take a minute to recognize all the hard work that Staff is putting in to ensure the safety and comfort of all us members, especially in light of recent changes & announcements.

On top of all the diplomatic work staff will no doubt be engaged in with people who have concerns about change, there's also a wealth of reorganizing and administrative work to be done, and Staff are doin it all for us members! Just to make us safe and happy. 

Thank you Staff!!!

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Agreed!!! I'm sure there was and continues to be a lot of thought, planning, and effort behind the decision and its implementation. I think making the forum 18+ is definitely the right move and will protect all of our members. Thanks for all the hard work!

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Amen! Thank you SO MUCH, Staff! This is a great decision that will make this forum a lot safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

@PuddinPop You are my hero :hug:

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I'm not so active on the forum nowadays, but I wanted to comment. I only just saw that this change was coming.

As some know, I've been in favour of this change for quite a while. I'm not here to say "I told you so" (really, I'm not)- and I had accepted the staff's previous decision some years ago when they decided to keep allowing 13-17 members to join.

I just wanted to say I really respect the staff's decision- because I think it's the right thing to do, yeah of course- but also for all the hard work you are doing to make it happen. I'm sure it's 100 times easier to be someone like me who complains about things in a thread, than to run a forum.

I do have a lot of admiration for the staff here, even if I haven't always shown it. Thanks.

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2 minutes ago, facet said:


These are some great additions, and it's fantastic you're spear-heading this straight on- especially you, @PuddinPop


Oh yes- I forgot to say. Special thanks to you, Puddin. :)

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Joining in with the praise. :notworthy: Thank you, staff! This is GREAT news, and you're doing an incredible job maintaining this forum. Thank you so much for all your time and hard work. :heart: 


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I have no doubt that this is a huge task and that as well as all the work you will have done to date, there will be much, much more to do in the months to come.

The initial announcement has explained the rationale behind the decision in a very clear way and it recognises that no system is 100% perfect (and that it is impossible to eliminate all dangers on a site such as this), but that the proposed changes are the best solution for the forum as a whole moving forwards. 

Kudos to all involved and a huge thank you for the work being done on a voluntary basis and in your own free time.



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Kudos indeed - this looks like a lot of work. And thank you as well for everything you've already done over all these years - also the retired ;) members!

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Echoing what others have already said on this thread, but thank you mods for all the hard work you have done, and continue to do, in making this site a safer place for our community. Like any community we need to evolve or go extinct :D 

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I'm gonna bounce on in here and say I LOVE the youth usernames being in colour.  I mainly use the forum on mobile and that format does not show the info like ages, location, etc.  It's so handy to have the names highlighted as I scroll so I can instantly tell if, say, an obs or story is appropriate to be reading or not.  It is such a helpful change and it is so appreciated!

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