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Sneezing miserably


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So I think I’m sick it’s probably just a cold but  I’ve been sneezing miserably for the past 2 days as in my nose is just like a tap that keeps dripping and one side of my nose is all stuffed up while the other is dripping. The sneezing is even worse,usually I don’t mind sneezing myself but I’m more of a watching other people sneeze and blessing them kind of person. But really I just need to stop sneezing and being all sniffly it’s driving me insane.My sneezes aren’t so soft but tend to be on the louder side. They sound something like “HAESSHIE” or “HAESSH” And whenever I’m sick it’s always a wet sneeze so I’ll need to blow my nose right after the sneezes are over. Like as I type this my nose is leaking away. Time for a blow then byeeee 

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I hope you feel better soon and you can enjoy the first days of spring without a cold.

Bless you, and try to rest, to sleep a lot so you will get better the next days. Take care

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