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Name changes/history are visible again!


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Hey all! 

I know we had some issues since the last forum upgrade where we could no longer see member's previous names when we could before. Turns out, this was just a glitch in the forum, and when it last upgraded, it flipped the switch off on every group. 

But this switch has now been turned back on! So to see a member's name history, just go into their profile and click on the little timer beside their name and voila! 

I am so happy about this, I can't even begin to tell you :lol:

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Thank goodness. Thank you so much for discovering this LOL. I am over the moon x’D

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Oh, thank God! And thank you, Puds, for discovering this and fixing it! :wub:

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Yay~~~! Thank you so much for looking into and working that out, Puddin! :Pounce:

It's such a relief to have that feature back, genuinely :lol:

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