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You asked me for a description of myself and clothing and I gave it to you. Brown, dark brown eyes, curly brown hair with red highlights, sweats, and a hoodie. I’m a simple girl that just likes (hurt and) comfort. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. Anyways, once I realized I could choose whatever I wanted, I picked grey eyes and asked for a sundress. That’s all I said and you came up with this beautiful creation!

:gora:               :stretcher:

I still cannot believe you drew me this vision!!! I love it so much! It’s my favorite drawing from your slowly growing collection in just this past week of drawing!! I’m in awe of it and flabbergasted that you would take precious time to draw this for me. Your talent just seems unending! Which is good because I want MOAR!


Thankyou for being you! Thankyou for signing up to this forum around the same time I did. Thankyou for commenting on my story and taking an interest enough to draw such amazing works of art. It meant so much to me and continues to mean a lot to me when I look back on what you’ve done and how quickly we’ve become great friends. I have something with you that I don’t have with my family, friends, or anyone else around me and it’s so nice to have a friend that shares the fetish!!! It means a lot to me that I can talk to you about something I never plan on telling anyone! You’re a one of a kind friend and I’m happy to call you my own! So Thankyou for this friendship!!! 

Thankyou so much for drawing me!!! I’m just so incredulously happy! You rock!!!! 

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Readeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer,  ⁄(⁄ ⁄>⁄ω⁄<⁄ ⁄)⁄ awawawawawa how am I suppose to respons that? Nyaaaaaaaaa o(╥﹏╥)o

Thank you reader for all those sweet words. And I am truly honored to be your friends too >< its actually the same with me, i can never imagine myself telling others about my fetish so,  thank you Reader for being my friends

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