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Here is another sneeze worth mentioning to you guys. I was in a book shop, well, a more like everything shop. Anyway, I was minding my own business when I suddenly heard a women sneeze about 4 feet in front of me over to the left slightly. UhChhh. It was unstifled and let out fully but sounded muffled and well covered, all be it wet. I quickly looked up and there she was, a nice looking woman in jeans around 40 with her left hand still cupped tightly around her mouth and nose, obviously the culprit. She was facing the  shelves looking at some stuff so I took a couple steps forward and stood next to her while pretending to browse. She then lifted her hand away from her face a few inches and drew in another breath before tightly clamping her hand around her mouth and nose and sneezing again. UhChhh. Another wet sounding muffled sneeze, completely covered by the palm of her left hand. She was finished, but she did not wipe the spray off her hand on her jeans or anything. She then took interest in a book. She picked it up with her right hand then opened it with her left and proceeded to lay the hand she had just unleashed two sneezes into flat across the first page, as if to feel the paper or something. She had a little flick through the pages then put the book down where she had found it and moved on.      

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