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The fetish gets stronger the more you "feed" it?


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Dunno if it's only me but: 

You know when people watch tons of porn and they want more and more and some of them go from normal sex to even developing fetishes? (porn-induced fetishes)

Well..once I spent lots of months without masturbation/sneezy fantasies. At the end I could enjoy more normal stuff in guys and even found some sneezes gross. 

Then after that whole time, I started watching vids again but for almost curiosity only.

The first ones I saw were from extremely decent sneezers and I went nuts. 

Now, for some time I've been constantly but sporadically watching vids/fantasizing and I notice it clearly.. If I don't do so I will enjoy normal sneezers/allergy attacks. But if I start doing it I'll start needing lots of mess, careless/impolite sneezers, and things that I'll ..keep to myself thank you very much.

Does that happen to anyone else? Or have your tastes change/intensify as time went by? 

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The strength of my interest is largely independent of the amount of material I consume. It seems to be more related to my hormonal cycle and stress levels. If anything, watching/reading/listening to fetish material excessively is more desensitizing to me than anything.

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Hm. My preferences are very specific and there is not a lot of material to feed it in the first place, so the only way for me to over-indulge is if I create my own material, which takes time, and because it takes time it slows the process down naturally. :lol: 

Mostly the intensity of my interest in fetish stuff is related to hormonal cycle and stress levels, just like Mouse mentioned. And, well, not gonna lie, when allergy season comes around, it spikes my fetish needs quite a lot as well. :naughty: Also, when I lay eggs (ovulating, that is), I like rougher things..? :lol: Like, I want messier sneezes and uncovered and stuff that I would normally find off-putting. It's a difficult balance those days because what I REALLY want one day can make me throw up in my mouth a bit the next day. 


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My fetish goes crazy when I hear a random (deep) sick voice. :blush: I never look for material like that though; because it doesn't have the same effect. It's more... when I listen to the radio; and all of the sudden, there is an obviously sick radio reporter speaking. 

Other than that I'm with @Anonymouse that it's more a "hormonal cycle" question. Sometimes, I even fell like I'm "clean" and don't need everything. Until I see a sudden well-made sick-episode or hear such a voice...

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I can totally relate to everyone. The more I feed it, the worse it gets. I'm in my first ever relationship and ever since then it's been getting harder and harder to control. But I've noticed taking some of the content away does help it some.

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I thought I was the only one! Last year I stopped “indulging” in the fetush, and it almost disappeared completely! I forgot about it for a long time until last summer when I decided to watch a wav for fun, and I fell right back into the fetish hole...


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