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Tarotgal's Sneezefic Meme Has Begun!


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I just wanted to give the forum a heads-up that Tarotgal is running her annual sneezefic meme over at her dreamwidth journal. If you're looking for story ideas or have some plot bunnies you'd like to see written, head on over there and take a look! I'm pretty sure you don't need a dreamwidth account to participate; anonymous comments will be just fine.


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@Wig_Powder: Sorry for threadjacking, but I've been trying to post a prompt there quite a few times now, but I can't choose/upload a meme. When I preview the comment, there's nothing. Just plain text. Could you help me out? I mean, I could just post the prompt without a meme, but I feel a little bit weird doing so in a sneezefic meme :razz: 


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Er, I just found out how to add my meme. It was not too hard, I simply didn't have any icon uploaded yet and therefore didn't have a button to add one to my comment. Well. Sorry for panicking :unsure: 

I was nearly certain, though, that I would find a solution right after posting here. But after trying for one and a half hours, I decided it was adequate to ask... Well. Problem solved. 


Aand there are only 181 comments yet - Feel free to contribute! You can either bring some plotbunny (it's like a big farm, they'll have lots of friends and be very happy, the more prompts you post, the happier they are) or adopt one by filling a prompt! And we all love sneezy plotbunnies, don't we? :notworthy:

I fear that one of these bunnies got free and settled in my mind. I hope it let's me get some sleep... But you know how they are. 

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