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For my 500th(!!!!!) post on this forum, I'd like to present to you a new story. I've spent over a year working on "Tissues & Talismans", and aside from my drabble thread I haven't posted almost any new material through all that time. There have been some ideas for stories I thought about while working on "Tissues & Talismans", but since I like being totally devoted to one story (note- story, not a drabble) from beginning to end, then I had to "outsource" some of those ideas to my drabble thread and let go of others. It was not the case with the idea for this story- it was clear to me that this story is going to be written, once I finish "Tissues & Talismans". Now that I did, it's time for this story to come to light. I have written a diary- style story before ("The Cult"), but, as you will see, this story is not like anything I wrote before. I hope you will like it. And now, without further ado:


Blessed Harmony


The Diary of a Girl with a Sneeze Fetish


That Time I started Writing

Dear Diary,

It has been three days since I bought you, but today I finally mustered the courage to actually start writing stuff down. To be honest, I'm still not a 100% sure how exactly am I going to do this. I don't think I'll keep addressing my diary as a person, it seemed right at first, but now it feels weird. Instead, I think I'll write stuff down like I'm telling a story to........ whoever. So anyway......... what's up? "What's up"? Ugh! Who am I talking to?! This is so weird. It wasn't meant to be like this. Writing a diary was supposed to help me deal with the weirdness in my life, not add to it. You know what? Let me start over:

My name is Harmony Jacobs. Weird stuff (which I'll describe later) aside, I'm a pretty normal girl. I'm 26 years old. I graduated from college two years ago, but I still take courses every now and then, just for the fun of it (well..... there is another reason, but I'll get to it later when I'll talk about the weird stuff). I live alone, and I work from home (online marketing and other various projects, blah blah blah, not really interesting). Ummmmm....... I think that's it when it comes to the boring stuff. Oh yeah- I'm single, for now at least, which brings me to the other stuff, the weird ones.

Basically, there are two things which separate me from most other girls. First, I'm a lesbian. There, I said it. It's a little strange to write it down like this, but it's not like it's a big secret or anything. I came out my parents when I was 16 (yes, now celebrating 10 years of officially liking girls), and they were fine with it, no big drama. Some of the boys in high- school were surely disappointed though. I know it's not very modest to say, but I look pretty damn good- I'm average height, wavy long blond hair, green eyes which will knock you out cold if I really want to, and an average- sized nice looking nose. Why on earth am I describing my nose, you ask? We'll get to that shortly. So anyway, boys- many would've loved to date me, but none of them can. When I was 15 I discovered that I'm just not attracted to them. Girls, however, are a different matter altogether- I like them in various shapes and sizes.

So, what's the other unusual thing about me, you must wonder? Well...... there's one thing about girls I like in particular- I like it when they sneeze. I mean, I....... really like it. Yeah, that way. I can't really explain it. It's like, you know how some people have a thing for breast, or but, or feet, or whatever? So I have that thing for girls' sneezes. I just can't help it- when I witness a girl sneezing, it immediately............... you know. It's just who I am. Unlike the fact that I'm attracted to girls, this is something I haven't shared with anyone. Ever. It's funny, because I started to become aware of my fetish (finally, I managed to write down that word) when I was 14. You see? I knew I liked girls' sneezing even before I knew I liked girls. Between finding out I was gay and discovering my fetish, you can see why growing up was weird for me, especially during high- school. All those hormones (both mine and others')....... let's just say there were some pretty unusual experiences for me during that time, but I won't elaborate on that matter. I'm all grown up now, and while I'm still both a lesbian and a sneeze fetishist, life is much calmer for me now.

Now that the weird stuff are out in the open, you can see how stuff I wrote earlier makes sens. I mean- since the nose is usually one of the first things I notice about a girl, it was only natural that I would describe my own. As for those college classes I take every once in a while- although I really do like to study new things (I'm a little nerdy that way, but only that way!), I admit my motives for signing up every time are not purely academic. Yes, to put it simply- college is a good place to come by girls sneezing. I don't have a car, so when I take the bus to college (or any other place) I always stay alert for attractive girls nearby, in case one of them sneeze.

I guess the only question left now is- why did I buy this diary. Well, for two reasons: First, I thought maybe writing my experiences down will help me process them, and deal with the weirdness of it all (yes, I have this fetish for at least 12 years and I'm still not entirely used to it). Second, for my own enjoyment- it's like writing down observations of my encounters with girls' sneezes so that I can read them later on, if I choose to, and.......... well.......... enjoy the memories.

Oh! Two more things I think I should mention about my fetish: First, I don't really enjoy my own sneezes, at least not in a fetishy way. I'm not a very sneezy person- I don't really have allergies, and I don't get sick often, so I'm all about other girls sneezing. Second, while I do appreciate girls sneezing due allergies or strong smells (not inducing! I really don't like it when a sneeze is being forced out and does not happen naturally), I prefer it when a girl sneezes due to being sick (cold/ flu). Again, I can't really explain it, that's just how it is.

So, this is what's going to happen from now on- I'm going to start describing encounters with girls sneezing (preferably from being sick). Obviously, I'm not gonna write down every sneeze I encounter, but if I feel like there's something worth writing about than I will do so in this diary. You know what? Why don't I start right now, to see how it goes:

As I mentioned before, I spend quite a lot of time riding the bus. So, the other day, I was doing just that, riding the bus that is, minding my own business, when this girl got on. It only took one look at her to tell that she had a cold, if not worse. She was rather short, a little curvy (not fat at all, but not skinny either), with brown eyes (which were quite watery), short light- brown hair (slightly above shoulder- length), a freckled face, and a slightly large round nose, which was very red. Almost right after she payed the driver, when she turned to find a seat, she sneezed wetly into her hand- "Hu Pshoo!" (yes, I'm going to be very descriptive about sneezes). When she sat down (I was sitting at the back part of the bus and she sat at the front, close to the middle), she pulled a used- looking tissue from her purse and gave her nose a gurgly blow. A couple of minutes later, she pulled out her cellphone and started talking to someone, probably a friend:

"Sorry I had to hadg up, but I just got up od the bus. What were you about to say? Really? That's what he told you? I...... hold od, He Pshoo! Sorry, I had to sdeeze. Go od".

She spent about five minutes talking on the phone, through a very stuffed up nose, and had to sneeze about two or three more times throughout that conversation. A little after the conversation ended, she got off the bus, not before she gave her nose another gurgly blow.

O.K., I think that's enough for my first time writing. I guess we'll see how it goes from now on. Until next time,


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I’m really liking this so far; fake obs are always a fun format. Looking forward to seeing where it goes! :)

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Something for you allergy lovers here as well:


That Time I Remembered a Blast from the Past


I know I said I will be describing new sneeze- fetish related encounters here, but my first log had me so excited that I ended up having a memory I just had to record. It happened about a day and a half after I started writing- I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but thinking about all the stuff I would write down in my diary gave me such an adrenaline rush, that falling asleep just wasn't an option. All of a sudden, I remembered something from a couple of years back. It's not like I've completely forgotten about it until that moment, not at all (you'll see why shortly), but that night I had such a vivid flashback that it almost felt like I was re- living those joyful moments. Here's what happened:

Back when I was in college (before I graduated that is, meaning I was there practically every day), there was this girl name Audrey, who went to one of my classes. She was taller than me; had long, curly, light- brown hair and brown eyes; a pear shaped body; and a nose that was quite "ordinary", with the exception of her nostrils, which were very sensitive, both inside and outside. You see, whenever her nose started giving her trouble her nostrils would quickly become pink. And her nose sure gave her quite a lot of trouble- she had pretty bad allergies and was also prone to catching colds.

The encounter I'm about to describe happened when we got back to school from spring break. It was the first class after the break, and the professor had informed us before the break that during this class an important assignment would be given. Thus, even though none of us was really in the mood to go back to school after spring break, we knew we couldn't afford to miss this class. I was talking with a group of people before class started when Audrey entered the room. In a flash, I noticed that her nostrils were very pink, which meant I should keep an eye on her. I managed to find an elegant way to leave the conversion I was in, and went to talk to Audrey.

"Hey Audrey, how was spring break?" I asked her, noticing her eyes looked red.

"Spridg break was fud, at least for the bost part. It's the gettig back to school part that's givig be problebs" she replied.

"You don't sound too good. Spring allergies really got you this year, huh"?

"Oh it's bore thad that. You see, I used the break to spedd sobe tibe with by boyfriedd. He's speddig a year studyig abroad add I wedt to visit hib. We had a great tibe, but by flight back was a dightbare- it's like every other passedger od the plade was sick. Everyode were sdeezig add coughig, add before too lodg I realized there was do way I was goig to avoid gettig sick byself. Of course, I was right. Hold od" she raised a finger in front of her face, signaling me to wait, then turned aside and let out a big- "He EssshhhhhhYoo"! It was a wonderful sneeze- the "sh" sound was so drawn out and wet, and the "yoo" ending was about an octave higher than the rest of the sneeze.

"Excuse be" Audrey said and sniffled. So adyway, I edded up with this bodster of a head cold. I spedt the last two days of spridg break id bed, tryig to get better, but it seebs I odly got worse He Shyoo! *sniff* Sorry. Of course, I could't risk bissig this class, cold or do cold, but I thought at least, with by dose all stuffed up, I would get a break from by seasodal allergies, so I did't eved bother to take by beds. Well, do such luck for be Ha ShyYoo, Ha Ishhhoo, He Ssssshhhhhoo! By spridg allergies are worse thad ever".

I must admit I was in quite a conflict. On the one hand, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Audrey, who was clearly very miserable. On the other hand, my inner sneeze- fetishist was having the time of her life. I mean- with this combination of a bad cold and bad allergies, can you blame me?

"This sucks" I finally managed to tell Audrey.

"Sure does Hesh Yoo!" sneezed Audrey.

"Oh well, class is starting. I gotta take a seat. Feel better" I said.

"Thadks" Audrey said before pulling a tissue out of her purse and wetly blowing her nose.

Class started and the professor started talking about the big assignment, explaining exactly what we were supposed to do. As we suspected, we were in for some serious work on this assignment, so much for slowly getting back to business after the break. We were all pretty bummed up, but it was worse for Audrey, who had to interrupt the professor's explanation with a fit of sneezes- "He Eshoo, Ha Sssshhhhhoo, Hai Shoo, HesssssshhhhhhhYoo!" followed by a series of wet nose blows. The professor gave her a dirty look before going on to tell us more about the assignment. I felt really bad for Audrey- she must've been so embarrassed. She had to sneeze and blow her nose a few more time during that class, and I remember seeing her having allergic fits throughout the next few days, when she walked passed a bush or a tree which were in full bloom. However, none of those sightings left such a strong impression on me as seeing her in class that day, hearing about how she got sick and witnessing her in the full grip of both her cold and her allergies.

That's all for now. hopefully, I would have fresh new encounters by the next time I write here.


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That Time I Witnessed a Display of Friendship


I've been waiting for a few days to write about this observation, and I'm glad I did, because the way the following story unfolded went beyond my greatest expectations. Let's start at the beginning- there are two girls, a few years younger than me, who go to one of the classes I'm currently taking. They are two good friends- Angelica and Maria. The two of them are average height, with light brown hair (Angelica's hair is shoulder length and Maria's is longer and lighter),brown eyes and lovely noses (Angelica's is a little bigger). Angelica's skin is tanned, while Maria's is lighter. Being good friends, Angelica and Maria could often be found together, and they always sit next to each other during classes.

So, the other day, I was sitting in class and the two of them entered the room and sat next to each other, as usual, a few rows down and to the left of me. I didn't give them any special attention at first, but then, from the corner of my eye, I saw Angelica wiping her nose with the back of her hand. Immediately, my "sneeze- sens" started to tingle. I couldn't move closer to the two of them, because the professor had just entered and class had started, but from that moment on I looked at their direction whenever I could. I didn't see much, and didn't hear anything over the voices of both the professor speaking and other people in class, but what I did see was that Angelica was wiping her nose with the back of her hand quite a lot. This wasn't normal- it was obvious that she needed a tissue. When class was about to end, I quickly packed my stuff, making sure I would be ready to move closer to Maria and Angelica as soon as I got the chance. Finally, the professor announced the end of class, and I did the best I could to move quickly in the direction of the two friends without appearing to be in a hurry. By the time I got close enough to listen, the two of them were in the middle of a conversation:

"Seriously? You've been sniffling and wiping your nose the whole time. You can't expect me to believe something isn't off with you" said Maria.

"I told you- I'b fide" said Angelica.

Maria raised a skeptical eyebrow- "Then what's up with your voice"?

"It's dothig Baria, just by bordig voice" Angelica said, sniffling.

"At 2 pm? Besides, I've heard your 'morning voice' many times- it's your regular voice, only during morning time".

"Add your poidt is?" Angelica asked.

"My 'poidt' is that you're coming down with something" said Maria, mocking her friend's stuffy voice.

"I ab dot sick Baria Hu Eshoo!" Angelica suddenly sneezed.

"Bless you. Your nose says otherwise" said Maria.

"It was just ode sdeeze He Eshoo, Hu Esh, He EshShoo!" Angelica sneezed three more times, into her cupped hands.

"Come on- let's get you something to blow your nose with" said Maria.

"I dod't *sniff* deed to *sniff* blow by *sniff* dose" said Angelica, sniffling thickly in a vain attempt to take care of the mess in her nose.

Maria rolled her eyes, grabbed her friend by the hand and led her away. She did so very quickly, and I was still standing there, trying hard to keep my jaw from dropping, so by the time I got back to my senses it was too late for me to follow them. The class I was taking with the two of them was only once a week, and I feared that by the time I see them again Angelica would already shake off her cold. Imagine my surprise and joy then, when the next day I saw the two of them leaving the bathroom. This time, I managed to put all my sneaking skills into use and followed them for a little while, until they sat next to a table, indoors (the weather was not welcoming to go outside, especially if one had a cold). Fortunately for me, I managed to find a spot where I could observe and listen without being noticed.

"E Shoo!" Angelica sneezed and then blew her nose with a loud, wet gurgle. "Ohhhhhh, by dose" she groaned. When she removed the used toilet paper from her face, I saw that her nose was very red.

"Bless you. you've been blowing your nose so hard, no wonder it hurts" said Maria.

"How exactly was I supposed to blow it? I have to blow it hard if I wadt ady chadce to get sobe air through it" said Angelica.

"Here, let me" said Maria, taking the roll of toilet paper from her friend.

"What are you doig? Angelica asked.

"Let me blow your nose for you" said Maria, taking a piece of toilet paper and bringing it to Angelica's nose.

"Do way! That's so gross!" Angelica flinched.

"Don't be silly. Here- blow" Maria said, gently placing the piece of toilet paper on her friend's red and irritated nose.

"Baria, I......"

"Just blow already" said Maria, cutting her friend's resistance. Angelica then did as she was told, and with Maria's help produced a series of wet, satisfying- sounding, gurgles.

"Now, don't tell me that didn't feel better" said Maria.

It looked like Angelica was about to say something, but then her expression changed and- "Hu Eshoo"! She brought her hand to her face as quickly as she could, but even from a distance I could clearly see that some of the sneeze- spray hit Maria.

"Bless you" Maria said.

"Oh by god! I'b so sorry!" Angelica called, quickly taking the roll of toilet paper back from Maria and using some of it to wipe her nose.

"Don't worry- it's not your fault, you couldn't help it" said Maria.

I wanted to keep listening to their conversation, but then I saw someone passing by them- the professor who's class I was about to have next. Sadly, I had to run in order to make it to class in time, so I couldn't witness what happened next with Angelica and Maria. At that point, I was sure I saw the end of this story, but for some unexplained reason I didn't write about it in my diary, and it was a good thing I did, because you wouldn't believe what happened the next day:

"Ha Tshoo!" I turned around searching for the source of the sneeze I had just heard, when, across the hall, I noticed Maria holding a tissue to her nose. Next to her I saw a red- nosed Angelica. I waited for the two of them to pass me by, and then followed them from a safe distance.

"You should't have spedt so buch tibe dear be lately- dow look at you" said Angelica.

"You're by friedd, Adgelica, I could't just let you be all sick add He Tshioo, Ha Itshoo! biserable" said Maria before pulling out another tissue and blowing her nose wetly. While it wasn't in as poor a state as Angelica's, I noticed Maria's nose also had quite a lot of redness.

"Add dow we're both biserable He E Shoo! Oh, what are we eved doig here? We should both be hobe id bed" said Angelica.

"Just this ode class add we cad both go hobe for the rest of the week. I Tshoo, Ha Tshoo! Ugh! I just hope I cad keep by dose udder codtrol durig class" said Maria.

"You add be both" said Angelica.

The two of them then entered their class. That was the last time I saw any of them that week. Even though they had quite a cold, I'm sure by the next time I see them they will both be healthy again. Maybe they'll take care of each other. After all- Maria proved herself to be quite the caring type. It was actually heart- warming to see such a fine display of friendship, although I must admit it didn't warm my heart like the cold they both displayed :devil2:

That's it for this time. 'till next time:


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Oh this is brilliant. I love the diary-style entries and the first-person intimacy. Also... well just colds in public is my thing. But you already know that.

I'm not around often these days, for which I can only apologise. But when I do drop it, it's lovely to catch up on your stories.

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On 28.5.2018 at 1:10 AM, Vetinari said:

Oh this is brilliant. I love the diary-style entries and the first-person intimacy. Also... well just colds in public is my thing. But you already know that.

I'm not around often these days, for which I can only apologise. But when I do drop it, it's lovely to catch up on your stories.

Thank you!! Your comments might be rare, but they're worth the wait ;)

Thanks everyone for following and commenting. Here's the next part:


That Time I Evaded a Mini- Plague


Wow, am I thankful for my strong immunity system at the moment. There has been a pretty bad cold going around these past few days, and luckily- yours truly managed not to catch it. Not only did I manage to stay healthy, but thanks to this little outbreak, I also got to witness not one, not two, but three different girls come down with this cold. All in all, I dare say it has been a good few days. Now, let's get to the observations:

It all started with Zoe. Ahhhhh....... Zoe.......... Such an amazing girl, who went to a few of my classes. I would've loved to be more than just friends with her, but alas- she's not into girls, I could tell by the many boyfriends I've seen her have throughout the time I know her. No guy could handle her for two long, and I was hoping that she might take it as a sign to switch to girls, but she was not interested in girls that way. I don't blame her- we all like who we like. Anyway, Zoe was a tough girl, the motorcycle riding type, complete with leather jackets and all. She wasn't a very talkative person, but she had a unique sense of humor when she was in the mood, and she was a fun person to hang out with occasionally. Apparently, not only did Zoe had a strong character, she had a strong immune system as well. I had never even seen her sniffle or cough, not to mention sneeze. She didn't have any allergies as well. I was beginning to think I would never get to see her sneeze, not to mention get sick. That is, until I saw her in class last week.

I was sitting in class, near the end of the room, when I saw Zoe come in. She barely walked in before I saw her coughing into her elbow. It was a wet sounding cough, and I could tell right away that she wasn't well. When she was done coughing, I could see that her nose was red around the edges. She then noticed I was looking at her. I was a little embarrassed- her gaze caught my by surprise, but she probably thought I was trying to catch her eye and signal her to come and sit near me, because, luckily, that's what she did.

"Hey Harbody. How's it goig?" asked Zoe.

"God Zoe- I don't think I've ever seen you sick before" I said.

"Sick? Be? Do, I'b dot sick. I feel fide" she said before turning away from me and coughing into her elbow.

"Seriously?" I raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Yeah. I got caught id a raidstorb whed I was ridig by bike yesterday, so that probably why I'b a little sdiffly today, but that does't bead I'b sick".

"You have a stuffed up voice, you're nose is red, and you're coughing"

"Hu E Ptshoo! Eh" She turned away from me, only partially managing to cover her sneeze with her elbow.

"And sneezing. This is a textbook cold that you've got" I said, surprised that I managed to keep talking even though I had just witnessed Zoe sneezing for the first time ever.

"I'b just a little udder the weather, O.K.?" Zoe said and sniffled.

"If you got caught in a rainstorm yesterday, then 'under the weather' is exactly what you are, but I don't think 'a little' is the right word. Why did you even come to class today? You should've stayed home in bed" I told her, knowing full well that if she did I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see her sick, but I was a little worried about her.

"I should't have stayed hobe id bed, because, like I told you, I ab dot sick. Besides, with that big exab cobig od id a few days, I could't afford to biss class" said Zoe.

"So that's why you dragged yourself here with a cold"?

"I did't 'drag byself' here, add I dod't have a.... a...... Ha Ptshoo! a cold" said Zoe while she sneezed into her elbow again.

"Keep telling yourself that" I said.

Class then started. Every once in a while, Zoe coughed into her elbow. The professor gave her dirty looks when she did, but didn't say a word. As class progressed, I noticed that Zoe was sniffling more and more frequently. After a while, it had occurred to me that Zoe didn't even have any tissues with her. Clearly, she was in serious denial.

"Here" I took a traveler's pack of tissues from my purse and slid it across the table to Zoe.

"I dod't deed it" she whispered through thick sniffles.

"Come on, just take it. You'll feel better, trust me".

"Fide, if it'll shut you up" said Zoe. She took a tissue from the pack and gave a deep, wet nose blow into it.

"Keep the pack" I told her.

"Hu Eptshoo!" Zoe sneezed into the tissue. The professor gave her another dirty look, and some of the other students blessed her. Judging by the slight redness which spread across her face, I imagined that Zoe wished she was invisible, or maybe she had a slight fever.

When class ended, Zoe grabbed her things and went to another part of the class, where Ronda and Sam were sitting. Sam and Ronda were two quiet girls, who often sat next to each other in classes. They usually only talked with each other, and even that didn't happen a lot. Most of the time, the two of them were busy either taking notes or getting ready for an exam. It was clear that their minds were set on academic achievements.

"Hey there. I'b sorry to bother you, but is there ady chadce ode of you bight give her dotes frob today's class so that I cad copy it? I was a little distracted today, ad by dotes cabe out dot so great, so I'b affraid I bight've bissed sobethig I would deed to kdow for the exab. What do you say?" asked Zoe.

"Ummm..... I guess you can copy mine, just don't take too long O.K.? I need to get to the next class" said Sam.

"Sure, It'll odly take a bobedt, I probise. thadks a budch" Said Zoe. She took the notes from Sam, rushed to the copy machine and returned after a short while. Just as she was handing Sam her notes back, Zoe suddenly sneezed- "Hua Ptshoo!" only partially covering her nose and mouth with her free hand.

"I really think you should go home" I told Zoe after she was done talking to Sam and Ronda.

"He..... He....... Hu Ptshoo! *sniff* I guess I cad skip by dext classes add go hobe. It'll be a good chadce for be to go over Sab's dotes" Zoe said after sneezing into her hands.


Two days later was the last class before the exam. I was both happy and sad to see that Zoe didn't show up for class that day. The fact that Zoe didn't show up probably meant that she finally accepted the fact that she was sick and decided to stay home and rest, for which I was happy, but It also meant that she was probably still not feeling well, or she would've come to class, for which I was sad. Not to mention I would've loved to get another chance to see Zoe dealing with her cold. However, it appeared that Zoe had managed to give her cold to both Sam and Ronda, so while she herself wasn't present, her cold was. I took my seat a couple of rows behind Ronda and Sam, and got a chance to listen to their conversation.

"Hu Reshoo!" Ronda sneezed into a tissue and then gave her red nose a gurgling blow into it.

"Bless you. I'b really sorry I gave you by cold Rodda" said Sam, who was wiping her own red nose with a tissue.

"It's alright Sab- it's dot you're fault you caught that girl's cold" said Ronda.

"I Kdow, but baybe it wasd't such a good idea to have a study sessiod with you while I was sick He He Tshoosh!" sneezed Sam.

"Bless you. It bight dot have beed the greatest idea, but we deeded to spedd as buch tibe gettig ready for the exab as possible. Hu Rushoo! Oh! Sorry. I thidk I got you with that sdeeze" said Ronda before giving her a nose another gurgly blow.

"It's alright. You would't have beed sick today if I haved't Ha Ih Tshoosh! sdeezed all over you yesterday" said Sam before wetly blowing her nose.

"God, I hope we wod't biss adythig od our dotes today. I dod't kdow how lodg I cad stay focused with this headache I'b developig" said Ronda.

"I kdow, by whole body aches Ha He Tshoosh! *sniff* We should both be hobe id bed" said Sam.

"Tell be about it. We just have to get through this class add thed we cad both go hobe add rest id bed Ha Ru Shoo!" sneezed Ronda.


The two of them had been sneezing, coughing and blowing their stuffy noses all throughout class that day, getting the same dirty looks from the professor as Zoe did two days earlier. While I don't deny I enjoyed seeing these two girls with bad colds, I really hoped that they would get better in time for the exam. Fortunately, not only did Ronda and Sam made a full recovery by the time we had to take the exam, Zoe did as well. When the three girls spoke before the exam, as Zoe went to thank Sam for her notes, neither Sam nor Ronda had mentioned the fact that Zoe gave them her cold. I guess the three of them were just glad to be healthy enough to take the exam. As for me- I was just happy I didn't catch that bad cold from any of them. Like I said- it has been a good few days.


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Woah! Blissful reading for me. I love all the spellings and the little contagious details. Thanks for the update.

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That Time I Had the Best Camping Trip Ever



I had one of the most unbelievable experiences and I just couldn't wait to get back home and write it down. Seriously, it's like since I started describing my sneeze- related encounters here, I had an amazing plethora of observations, but this is something on a different level.

A few days ago, I had some free time, let's call it a vacation, of sort. It turned out that I had unexpected luck, and some of my friends had a few days off as well, so we all decided to get out of the city and go camping. We were a group of four girls, including me. The other three girls were Joy, Tabitha, and Blake. I had known Blake for quite some time, and we have become good friends. Tabitha is Blake's girlfriend, and the two of them have been dating for almost a year now. Joy is a mutual friend of me and Blake, which we met a couple of years ago. Back then, Joy, who is Bisexual,  was dating a girl who used to date Blake (I know- drama alert!), but not only was Blake totally O.K. with that (she has so moved on since that girl), she also became good friends with Joy. Later on, Joy and Blake's ex broke up. Blake's ex moved abroad and Joy remained our friend. She had a few partners over the time we knew her, and was currently getting quite serious with some guy I never met. Fortunately for me, Joy left her boyfriend at home, so it was just us girls.

The plan was a camping trip four days and three nights long. We were going to spend the first two nights sleeping in tents, and the third night at a motel, for some well deserved rest and relaxation after three days of hiking. The first two days were super fun- we hiked most of the time and while we did we had a good chance to catch up on each other's life, after not seeing each other for quite a long time. We spent the first night around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and chatting. It was pretty late at night when we decided to go to sleep. We had three tents- Joy and I each had a tent of our own, and Blake and Tabitha shared a big tent. I was a little jealous of that couple, spending the night together like that, but they are my friends and I was mainly happy for them. The second day passed, pretty similar to the first day, and we were planning for the second night to also be similar to the first one. That's when things started to get interesting.

It was a little after dark and we were just about to light the campfire, which we spent about an hour building, when we heard a sudden loud noise- the cracking of thunder. Out of nowhere, pouring rain started to fall. We stopped everything we were doing and ran to our tents. Huge drops of freezing rain drenched us, but when I got to my tent I knew it won't be long before I'm dry and warm again. My tent was relatively new, and I haven't been using it very often since I bought it, so as long as I was inside it I was safe from the rain outside. We were all hoping for the rain to stop shortly, but it appeared that it wasn't going anywhere, so, texting each other, we decided to call it a night.

The next morning, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, but the ground around us had mostly turned into mud. I woke up from a long, refreshing, good night sleep, only to find out that my friends didn't have a very good night at all. When I got out of my tent I found Joy standing next to hers, examining it with a concerned look.

"Is every thing O.K.?" I asked.

Joy turned to answer me, but then the expression on her face changed- her eyebrows arched, her eyes quickly closed, and she raised a finger in front of her face, signaling me to wait, before she let out a wet "Hu Ih Shoo!" into her shoulder.

"Bless you" I said. "Should I take that as a no"?

"*sniff* Sorry about that, Harbody. I dod't feel bad or adythig, just sobe *sniff* sniffles" Joy said wiping her nose with the back of her hand. "Ugh! Just as I feared- by stupid tedt has holes id it. That's how the raid got id durig the dight. I was cold add wet all dight lodg, add I albost did't sleep at all because of the raid".

"I think we found the reason why you have a cold" I said.

"I'b dot sure I really have a cold Hah Ishoo!" Joy turned her head away from me and sneezed wetly. I gave her a skeptical look.

"O.K., O.K., I guess I do have a Hi Ihshoo! cold" said Joy, sniffling.

"Here" I pulled out a couple of tissues from a pack I was carrying and handed them to Joy.

"Thadks" she said and wetly blew her nose.

Just then, Tabitha came out of the tent she shared with Blake, a sneezy expression on her face and- "Hhhhhhh Ai Tshoo"!

"Looks like you've got company" I told Joy.

"Bordig girls. I thidk I bight be cobig dowd with sobethig" said Tabitha.

"He Eshoo!" Blake emerged from the tent with a harsh sneeze. "Yeah, do kiddig babe. We've beed wipig sdot frob each other's faces all dight lodg" Blake told us.

"We did't deed to kdow that Hah Shoo!" Joy said and sneezed.

"Hhhhh Ha Tshoo!" Tabitha sneezed as well.

"Add dow we're all sdeezig. I guess it's safe to say we all caught a cold" said Blake.

"Ummmm..... I didn't" I said Shyly.

"Well, you're id luck thed Ha Eshoo! I assube your tedt doesd't have holes id it?" asked Blake.

"No, it's pretty new" I said, feeling a little awkward.

"It appears that our tedt has seed better days Ha He Ashoo!" Blake let out another harsh sneeze.

"Bide too Ha Ishoo!" sneezed Joy.

"Well, standing here won't do much good to your health. We better get going. We're supposed to arrive at the motel by late afternoon, but if we hurry we can get there earlier and you could all get a nice, warm shower" I suggested.

We packed our things as quickly as we could and went on our way.

At this point, I would like to take a moment and describe my friends' looks. Joy is medium height, with long, smooth dark hair, dark eyes, and a skin that's white, but not pale. She has an average sized sharp nose, with nostrils which, as her cold progressed, got a shade of pink.

Tabitha is a little short, with shoulder length dirty blond hair, which is a little curly, and blue eyes. Her nose is round and slightly larger than average, and as the day went on it became very red and puffy.

As for Blake, she's quite tall, has long, smooth blond hair, and brown eyes. During the day, her long, elegant nose started to get red, especially around the edges.

"Joy wait! Look out!" I called, but it was too late. It was by the early afternoon that we got to a small river, which we needed to cross. I noticed a small bridge, not too far away from where we were standing, but Joy, eager to get to the motel, decided to try and cross the river on a bunch of stones. The moment she put her foot on the first stone and started crossing, she slipped and fell into the water.

"Cobe od, we better go help her" Blake to Tabitha.

The three sick girls were walking faster than me, all desperate to get to the motel as soon as possible, so I was a little behind them. While I was getting closer to the others, Tabitha and Blake went to help Joy, when suddenly, Tabitha sneezed- "Ha Tshoo"! The sudden strong sneeze caused Tabitha to lose her balance and fall into the water herself. Somehow, she also managed to trip Blake along the way, so she fell in as well. By the time I got to my friends, the three of them were standing by the water, soaking wet and shivering. It appeared that the previous night's rain filled the river with cold water.

"Are you trying to catch pneumonia?" I asked jokingly.

"Ha Ha very fuddy Harbody Ha Ha Ha Eshoo!" sneezed Blake.

"Hih Ihshoo!" Joy sneezed as well.

"Harbody, cad I have sobe tissues please? I thidk all of bide got wet" said Tabitha.

"Sure. Here you go" I handed Tabitha some tissues and she gave a wet, gurgling blow into them.

"I thidk we're all godda deed to borrow your tissues udtil we get to the botel, Harbody" said Blake and turned to Tabitha- "Could't you be bore careful? He Eshoo, Eshoo, Esh, Esh, Heshoo, Ashoo, Ha He Eshoo!" Blake let out a fit of harsh sneezes. I don't think I've ever seen her sneeze so much. She must've been pretty miserable.

"Bless Tshoo, Hhhhhhhhh Ha Tshoo! Adyway, *sniff* I did't do it od purpose" said Tabitha. I didn't get a chance to see Tabitha sneeze very often before this trip, and I noticed her sneezes were quite girly, and would often start with a big, breathy buildup.

"Hah Shoo, Ahi Ishoo! Cad we please get goig?" asked Joy. While Tabitha's sneezes often had breathy starts, the breathy parts of Joy's sneezes came more towards the middle. The poor girl's nose was running constantly.

About an hour and a half after crossing the river, we finally got to the motel and my friends went to take their long awaited showers. While they did, I went to a nearby store and bought some sick- day supplies for them. I bought lots of tissues, obviously, some orange juice, and instant chicken soup. When I returned to our motel room, I found my friends all sitting in their bathing robes, soaking their feet in bowls filled with warm water.

"Well look at you golden girls" I teased.

"Yeah, Yeah, we kdow how this looks, but our feet were cold add achig after today's hike, add this really helps" said Blake.

"Hey, whatever makes you feel better" I said. "Speaking of which- look what I got for you" I said, presenting them with the supplies I bought.

"That's so dice of you! I cad't believe you eved bought us idstadt chicked doodle soup" said Joy.

"I hope this helps. I can't vouch for it's taste though" I said.

"I'b so stuffed up, I dod't thidk I cad taste adythig adyway" said Tabitha.

"Be too" said Blake.

I boiled water for the soup and fed it to my sick friends when it was done. Then, I made warm, soothing tea for us all. We went to sleep early that night, for we were all very tired (even me, who didn't have a cold). The next day, the last day of our trip, we stayed in our room, resting and relaxing, with me playing the role of the devoted nurse. By the afternoon, all of my friends were feeling much better, although they were all still sick. My friends were about to drive home in Blake's car. They would've given me a ride, but I had to go in the opposite direction. Although I was somewhat sad I was about to miss a ride with the three of them sneezing all over the place, I was also more than a little glad I wasn't going with them. By some miracle, I managed to avoid catching their cold, and I wished to stay healthy.

"Bye Harbody Hah Ahshoo, Hu Ihshoo! We should beet agaid sood, whed we all get better" said Joy.

"Thadk you so buch for takig care of us all, Harbody Hhhhhhhhh Ha Tshoo, Ha Tishoo, Haha Hai Tshoo! Oh wow! I'b really sdeezy" said Tabitha.

"I still cad't believe you badaged dot to catch our cold Ha Ha Ha Ashoo, He Shoo, A Shoo, Esh, He Eshoo!" sneezed Blake.

I couldn't believe it either.


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That Time I learned That You Can Fight Fear With a Different Fear


It's crazy how you can find things you want even when you're not looking for them. I guess it's a matter of luck, and I gotta admit- mine's been pretty great lately. Take what happened a few days ago for example- for a long time I've had this plan to go bouldering with my good friend Taylor who, ever since she was a child, was afraid of heights. For those of you who don't know- bouldering is like rock climbing, only on a smaller scale and without ropes. Usually, I'm not the most extreme type of girl, and neither is Taylor, but I thought this might be a good idea to try bouldering once in our life, to see if it might help Taylor overcome her fear of heights. I've been trying to get Taylor to go along with this plan for some time, but she always managed to find some excuse not to go, so I was beginning to think she might be afraid to even give this a try. Naturally, it only made me try harder, so one day, while the two of us were having coffee together, I managed to find out that Taylor's schedule was relatively free for the next few days. I immediately suggested that we use this free time of hers to finally go bouldering, and since she couldn't find an excuse she agreed.

We picked ourselves a nice morning and went to the park, where a free bouldering session was being held. The people running the site were glad to see us, and assured Taylor that she has nothing to be afraid of. They sounded very confident, but I could tell Taylor remained a little nervous, probably more than a little. We were assigned an instructor, a nice young woman, not much older than ourselves. She was medium height, had shoulder length curly dark hair, with red stripes in it, big dark eyes, filled with kindness, and a round, rather large nose. In order to encourage Taylor to climb, our instructor went ahead and climbed to the top of the boulder, where she stood and waited for us to join her. She signaled Taylor with her hand to be the first to climb, and I was supposed to start climbing when Taylor would be about halfway to the top, so that she could have support and encouragement from both top and bottom. At that point, Taylor was definitely nervous, but since she was already there, and with both me and the instructor encouraging her, she decided that she might as well climb.

Slowly, very slowly, but surely, Taylor started to climb. When Taylor finally managed to get about halfway to the top, the instructor told her she was doing great and told me that I should start climbing. While I might not be as afraid of heights as Taylor, let me remind you that this was my first time bouldering just as it was hers, so I was a little nervous myself. That being said, it didn't take too long before I started feeling quite comfortable with the climb. Then, something happened which completely changed the way both me and Taylor felt about this climb, though not for the same reasons and not in the same way.

The instructor was busy telling Taylor how well she was doing, when she suddenly stopped. Taylor and I both looked up to see what happened, and that's when we saw it- the instructor's nostrils were quivering, her eyelids were fluttering as she tried in vain to keep them from closing completely, and her hands turned white as her grip in the boulder tightened. It was clear to me what was about to happen, and I knew Taylor also realized it. Although it seemed to me (and I guess for Taylor as well) like everything was happening in slow motion, it actually happened so fast that we had no time to react.

"He Eshoo!" with her hands busy firmly gripping the boulder, the instructor had no choice but to sneeze openly, straight on Taylor, who was standing exactly below her.

"Sorry. I......." the instructor started, but then- "Heh Tshoo!" another sneeze, right on poor Taylor.

As much as I wanted to keep looking at the instructor, in case she sneezes again, I forced myself to look at Taylor instead, to see how she was doing. The look on Taylor's face was a look of pure horror, and I knew exactly why. Heights weren't the only thing Taylor was afraid of, and germs were close to heights on the top of the list. I've known Taylor since we were little girls, and she always did everything she could to avoid being around sick people.

"Excuse be. Oh wow- by voice is stuffy. I hope I'b dot cobig dowd with sombethig" said the instructor and sniffled.

knowing Taylor for so long, I had a pretty good idea what was going through her mind. She was in a dilemma, having to choose between not two, but three different fears of hers. Why three? Because what Taylor also feared, probably more than germs or heights, maybe more than anything, was failing. She spent her entire life making sure she succeeds in anything she does, and it was going very well for her. Once she started climbing, she couldn't afford herself to go back down before she reached the top, it wasn't in her character. This meant that she had to choose between staying where she was long enough to muster the courage to climb to the top, thus risking more sneezes from the instructor above her, or climbing to the top as fast as she could, to get away from the line of fire.

"He AtShoo! I'b so sorry *sniff* I dod't kdow what cabe over be" said the instructor.

The instructor's third sneeze seemed to have done better than all of the instructor's encouraging words to get Taylor to climb to the top. It also encouraged me to climb faster, hoping to get a closer look at any more potential sneezes from the instructor.

"Come on Taylor! You're almost there!" I called to her as she climbed to the top as fast as she could.

Panting, Taylor finally managed to get to the top, facing the instructor. I cheered for her and made my way up as well.

"Well dode. See? I told you you cad do it Hei Tshoo! Ugh, why cad't I stop sdeezig?" said the instructor after launching a juicy sneeze straight into poor Taylor's face.

"Maybe we should all get back down now. I don't think it's safe for you to stay here when you're sneezing like that, you might fall" Taylor suggested.

"But what about your friedd? She's albost at the top" said the instructor.

"It's alright. I can always come back another time and climb all the way, it's no big deal" I said.

The instructor then noticed her nose was starting to run. She wiped it on her shoulder as best as she could, but that seemed to make her realize it was time to get back down. The three of us got back to the ground as quickly as we could, and once we did the instructor got herself a tissue and blew her nose wetly into it. Taylor and I wished her well before we left the park and went to get some lunch.

"I'm proud of you. I really think you've made a big progress today and you're on the right way to overcome your fear of heights" I said to Taylor.

"Yeah, that's great, I just wish that instructor hadn't sneeze all over the place" said Taylor.

I was obviously glad about those sneezes from the instructor, but couldn't say anything to Taylor about it. Instead, I suggested that the two of us go out on a celebratory brunch the next day, to which Taylor gladly agreed.


"Ha Yeshoo, Ayi Shoo!" Taylor sneezed into her napkin the next day as we were having branch.

I had no idea Taylor had such wonderful sneezes. With her being so careful about not getting sick, I couldn't remember the last time she had even a little cold, but it seemed that whatever bug she caught from the instructor was working fast and driving her nose crazy. said nose, long and slender, was getting pink around the nostrils. It was clear that it took Taylor a lot longer than usual to get her shoulder length blonde hair ready for going out, and her brown eyes were getting watery.

"Jeez Taylor, I don't remember ever seeing you this sick before" I told her as she wiped her runny nose with another napkin.

"That's because I usually badage dot to get sick, but with that idstructor sdeezig all over be yesterday- what did you expect?" said Taylor and blew her nose.

As much as I enjoyed finally discovering what Taylor is like with a cold, as our branch went on she seemed to be getting worse fast, and I was starting to get a little worried about her, and began to wonder if she might not be better back home in bed.

"Yey Ssshhhhoo, Ha IssssshhhhhYesh! Ugh! I hate sdeezig. I hate it so buch" said Taylor after letting out a wet double.

"You know, I think you should probably get back home and rest" I said.

"Yeah *sniff* you're probably right Harbody. I better go hobe add rest id bed if I'b goig to beat this cold" said Taylor.

I knew that by the next time I see her Taylor will get over this cold, but as great as her sneezes were it was more important to me that she feels better. After all- my friends will always come before my sneeze- fetish.


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That Time I Learned That Sometimes the Price You Pay for Happiness is not Measured in Money


I've never been much of, what people might call, a "high society girl", but I do have some friends that are. One of those friends is called Michelle. Michelle came from a wealthy family, but she wasn't all about the money. She was actually a very nice person, which is why we became friends, though she did have a rich taste in many things, including partners. Her family, being much more open minded than many other families in their position, reacted to her coming out to them with complete support. Since then, Michelle was free to look for a partner, without having to worry about what her parents' friends might say, because she knew her parents didn't care about that either. Financial status might not have been a criterion for Michelle while she was looking for a partner, but that didn't mean she would go with anyone, she did have pretty high standards. That's why I was excited when one day Michelle called me and told me that she has a thing for a girl. Well, she didn't start the conversation with that, TBH. She called to invite me to a party she was throwing. I asked her what's the occasion, and she soon decided it was best to just tell me the truth. As it turned out, she met this girl, called Peyton, at a party she went to, but the two of them didn't get a chance to talk much, so Michelle knew very little about that girl. Thus, Michelle assumed her best chance of meeting Peyton again was by throwing an expensive party, one that Peyton would want to attend. I thought that was very sweet of Michelle, and assured her that I would gladly come to her party, and do anything I can to help. Michelle sounded very excited when she thanked me. I've never heard about that girl, Peyton, but I knew that if she got Michelle all excited like that she must be something special.

The night of the party, I wore one of my best dresses and got there early, to help Michelle before the other guests arrive. I've been to Michelle's family home before, but I've never seen this place so festive. No doubt, it was going to be a night to remember, and I hoped that Michelle would have good memories from this night. However, when I got inside I found out that the person who would have good memories from that night was about to be me.

"Ha Eshoo, Hei Tshi!" I saw Michelle, in a stunning blue dress sneezing openly towards the floor.

"Bless you" I told her. "Is everything O.K."?

"Hea Shoo, Ha TshiShoo! Far frob it. Oh god, Harbody! I cad't believe this is happedig to be!" said Michelle. As I came closer to her, I could see that she used a lot of makeup around her nose, probably to hide signs of growing redness.

"You're sick" I concluded.

"I cad't be! This is the worst tibig id the history of the udiverse! How could by body fail be like this dow? He Ashoo!" sneezed Michelle.

"You've probably been stressed out these past few days, because of the party. Stress like that can do a real number on your body" I said.

"This is terrible! The guests should be arrivig sood add I've got this Hu Eshoo! bodster of a head cold. How ab I goig to throw a party like that?" asked Michelle before grabbing a handkerchief (which, I noticed, matched her dress perfectly) and blew her nose wetly into it.

"Listen- I have an idea. Come with me" I said.

I led Michelle into the kitchen, where I filled a big bowl with hot water. Then, I brought Michelle a towel and told her put it on her head, sit down and inhale the fumes.

"But what about by hair?!" Michelle asked hysterically.

"Trust me- it will clear your head, at least for a while. If you want to throw this party without everyone knowing how sick you are- this is your best chance. You can fix your hair after we're done here" I told her.

Michelle then took a few minutes to sit down and inhale the fumes.

"How's your head now?" I asked her when she was done.

"Wow! It worked! I can breath again! And my nose isn't stuffed up anymore. You are a genius, Harmony".

"I know" I said with a smile, "but we should hurry- I don't know how long this will last".

"What should I do now?" asked Michelle.

"You go and finish getting ready- fix your makeup and hair. I'll go make sure everything is ready for the guests to arrive" I replied.

While Michelle finished getting ready for the party, I finished making sure everything was ready only a few moments before the guests started arriving, and I had to start welcoming them. It was a little awkward, since I didn't know many of them, but soon Michelle returned and took over me.

"Thank you so much for all your help" Michelle whispered in my ear in between welcoming guests.

"No problem, but try not to start sneezing again, or else the congestion might return" I said.

"Oh god, looks like it's going to be a very long night" said Michelle.


The party was going very well, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. As for me, when I saw that Michelle was doing fine, I could let myself enjoy the party, although I still made sure to check up on Michelle from time to time. Later that night, the girl named Peyton finally arrived, and I could see why Michelle had developed a crush on her. She was gorgeous, and it looked like she was very popular as well. In fact, she was always surrounded by so many people, that I couldn't get close enough to find out if she was more than just good looks. Worse than that was the fact that Michelle had trouble getting close to Peyton as well, not to mention getting some quiet time alone with her. It was starting to get late, and many of the guests started leaving, but Michelle still had no luck in getting close to Peyton. On top of that, I noticed that Michelle would occasionally sniffle, and I assumed it won't be long before she starts sneezing again. I decided that I should do something if anything was going to happen that night. The opportunity for me to act came when I followed Peyton outside, as she was saying goodbye to a few of the girls she has been talking to for most of the night.

"Don't feel bad that it's over between you and Alexis" one of the girls told Peyton. "You're too good for her anyway".

"I'm a little surprised she didn't come here tonight, though" said another girl. "It's just like Alexis to show up and check out other girls after she broke up with someone".

"Oh she would've loved to come, but I heard that she had to stay home because she had caught some bad cold that's been going around" said a third girl.

"Huha Tisha!" Peyton suddenly sneezed into her hand.

"Uh Oh, looks like she might've given you her cold as a brake up gift" said a fourth girl. "Maybe you should go home.

"Yeah, *sniff* I probably should, but I'll just stay for a little bit before I go" said Peyton.

Peyton's friends then wished her good night and left. She went back inside and headed towards the bar. I approached her, when she suddenly stopped and sneezed openly towards the floor- "Hu Atshoo"!

"Bless you" I told her.

"Thadk's. I'b sorry, *sniff* I dod't believe we've bet".

"We haven't. I'm Harmony".

"I'b Peytod. I would've shaked your hadd, but I thidk I'b cobig dowd with a cold Ih Tshoo!" sneezed Peyton.

"I can tell, and bless you again" I said. I then had to think of a way to get Peyton and Michelle to meet, when suddenly- I had an idea.

"You know- maybe the bar is not where you should be, if you're getting sick. I'm sure they can make you some good tea in the kitchen, why don't we go and get you some? I know the girl hosting this party, so they'll let us in".

"That's very kidd of you" Peyton said and coughed. "Actually, by throat's gettig a little sore, so tea bight be a good idea".

"That's what I thought" I said and led Peyton towards the kitchen.

As we were heading to the kitchen, I was was trying to think what I should do next, when I suddenly noticed that Michelle was standing not too far away from us. Not only that, but it seemed that Michelle couldn't hold her sneezes in any longer, and now that most of the guests were gone she finally let her nose loose.

"Hu Ashoo, Ha Tshi, TaShoo, Hi Atsh!" Michelle was sneezing up a storm.

"Looks like I'b dot the odly ode here with a cold" said Peyton.

"Actually, that's the girl who threw this party. Maybe we should get you both some tea" I said. Before Peyton could argue, I led her to Michelle.

"Ha Hu Eshoo, Te Shi, Ha TshooShoo!" sneezed Michelle as Peyton and I approached her.

"Tsha, Ha Tshoo!" Peyton sneezed as well.

"Well look at you two sneezy heads. Michelle- this is Peyton" I introduced them to each other.

"Oh, I believe we've bet, but it's dice to beet you agaid, Peytod" said Michelle.

"Dice to beet you agaid too, Bichelle. That was a great party that you had here todight Ashoo!" sneezd Peyton.

"Bless you. Cobig dowd with a Ha A Tshoo, E Tshoosh! cold?" asked Michelle.

"Thadk you *sniff*. Yeah, add looks like you already have ode" Peyton replied.

"You know what- Why don't you two wait here while I go to the kitchen and get you both some tea?" I suggested.

"Thadk you Harbody" said Peyton.

"Yeah, thadks" said Michelle. I could see in her eyes that she really meant it.

I went to the kitchen to get them the tea, making sure to take my time, so that they would have some time alone to get to know each other better. When I came back with the tea, I found out that the two of them had let themselves get more comfortable- they were sitting on couches by a corner table, and the two of them took off their high heels and placed their feet on the table. Although they both looked very tired, and like they were developing a headache, they were talking to each other, and it looked like they were really hitting it off. I brought them both the tea and went to the bar, where I could keep an eye on them. Before too long, I was glad to see Peyton leaning in to kiss Michelle, but a split second before they kissed, both of them suddenly pulled away and- "Ha Ushoo!" "Hi Tsha!" they both sneezed at the same time, all over each other's faces. I saw them both laughing about it, and then, finally, they kissed. In the end, it was a night that neither of them will forget, nor will I.


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That Time I heard a Special Note


Today I'm going to tell you about two girls- one will be sick and sneezing, the kind of girls I usually write about, and the other won't. The thing is- this time, the sick and sneezing girl isn't the real reason I'm writing. First, let me tell you about the more "interesting"girl- the sick and sneezing one. Her name is Taylor and she's been a friend of mine for quite some time. We haven't been very close, but we do like each other and we have fun when we get together. The last time I saw Taylor was at Michelle's party (you remember- the party I told you about last time). However, as you might recall- I had quite a lot on my mind back then, so aside from a brief "Hi" I didn't really get to talk to Taylor that evening. A few days after my successful endeavors at Michelle's party, Taylor texted me and said she wanted to have lunch together. I was free, and I thought it would be nice for the two of us to catch up on each other's life, so I agreed. When I got to the restaurant, I discovered two things that surprised me: First, Taylor did not look like someone who should be anywhere but in bed. Second, we were not alone. Next to Taylor sat a girl I've never met before. The girl was about my height; with shoulder length curly hair that was light brown, almost golden; beautiful brown eyes and a lovely nose. As I was beginning to wonder what was going on, Taylor sneezed:

"Ha Tshoo!" I turned my eyes away from the unknown girl and looked at Taylor. The poor girl's long, sharp nose was red, especially around the edges; her dark eyes were watery and her long, honey- colored hair flew across her face when she sneezed.

"God Taylor! I hate to say it- but you look awful" I told my friend as she wetly blew her nose into a napkin.

"I kdow, I kdow. Dot as awful as I feel though" said Taylor.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"Well *sniff* you rebebber the party at Bichelle's house a few dights ago?" asked Taylor.

"Yes" I replied (and boy did I remember that party alright).

"So, it turds out Bichelle had a bad cold that dight, add she wasd't the odly ode. There was a girl dabed Peytod who cabe to that party, a girl who Bichelle is dow datig F.Y.I, who also had a cold, which she caught forb her ex- girlfriedd, add she gave her cold to sobe of her firedds who were at that party as well, add I've beed speddig sobe tibe with those friedds lately, so I probably caught this cold frob ode of theb. Lodg story short- I'b the latest victib of sobe sort of plague that's beed goig aroudd Ha Ha A Tshoo!" sneezed Taylor.

"Poor thing, but if you're sick then shouldn't you have stayed at home?" I asked.

"Baybe, but I did't feel so bad udtil recedtly. I figured I was cobig dowd with the cold that's beed goig aroudd last dight, add I thought sobe good dight sleep bight help be get over it. Whed I woke up this bordig I thought the worst part of this cold was behidd be Ha I Tshoo! Guess I was wrodg" said Taylor and blew her nose into another napkin.

Just then, the girl sitting next to Taylor cleared her throat in the most quiet and polite way. It was almost inaudible.

"Oh god! I albost forgot- Harbody, this is by friedd Belody. I hope you dod't bidd I idvited her to joid us" said Taylor as she introduced her friend to me.

"Not at all, but a heads- up might've been nice" I said.

"Of course. You're right. It probably slipped by bidd. Id by defedse- it's hard to thidk with your head filled with sdot" said Taylor and blew her nose again.

"Maybe that last part was a little T.M.I Taylor. Nice to meet you Harmony, and I'm sorry me being here took you by surprise. I'll understand if you were planning on just having lunch with Taylor, and if that's the case than I can leave, no hard feelings" said Melody.

"A Tshoo!" sneezed Taylor.

"Don't be sorry Melody, and you definitely shouldn't feel like you need to leave. In fact- I'll be happy if you stay. However, Taylor" I said, turning to my friend, who was busy coughing into her fist "you should really go home. It looks like your cold is getting worse by the minute, and you need to rest if you want to get better".

"Are you sure?" asked Taylor before coughing again.

"Positive. Besides, it might be a good chance for me and Melody to to get to know each other better. Would you like that, Melody?" I asked Taylor's friend.

"Sure. It sounds like fun. And I think Harmony's right Taylor- you should go home and rest" said Melody.

"Yeah *cough cough* baybe you two are right. Will have ludch adother tibe thed, Harbody?" asked Taylor.

"Absolutely, once you're feeling better" I replied.

Taylor then went home, and I was left with Melody. The two of us ordered food and started talking. Naturally, the first thing we talked about was Taylor's illness, but neither of us had much to say about that (well, I did, but not things I would share with someone I had just met), so we turned to talk about each other. Melody turned out to be a very nice and interesting person, and I could feel an almost instant connection forming between us. She was working as a fashion designer, and had a blog about it as well (of course, I'm doing some writing of my own, but I couldn't tell her about this diary). We had similar taste in music, food, clothes, and many other things, and it turned out that we have quite a lot of mutual friends, other than Taylor. In fact, as the conversation went on I was beginning to wonder how come we've never met before. By the time we finished having lunch (which took quite a while, because we really enjoyed talking and getting to know each other) both of us agreed we should definitely meet again sometime soon. On my way home from the restaurant, I noticed I was having a strange feeling, strange but also nice. I couldn't tell if I had that feeling before, but I was sure that if I did it didn't happen for a very long time, until now. I'n not quite sure what this feeling is yet, but I could tell you I'm still feeling it.


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That Time the Music Grew Louder


I know it's been a while since I last wrote here. It's strange- I feel like a lot has happened in my life lately, but when it comes to my fetish it seems that I only hear about things, rather than witness them myself. I'll explain- the main reason I haven't wrote here in a while was that I simply didn't have much to write about. True, I did hear about some sort of major cold epidemic going around, but I didn't see anyone with it. The stuff I've heard about all sorts of people sneezing their heads off would normally drive me crazy in anticipation to see someone do just that, but I almost didn't think about it, since I had other things on my mind. Well, if I'm being honest- I mostly had Melody on my mind. Since I met her, I began wanting to spend more and more time with her. Luckily, it seemed like the feeling was mutual, since Melody always seemed happy to spend time with me. The two of us began meeting in increasing frequency, discovering new things about each other, and we became really good friends. With all the time I spent together with Melody, and how excited I was to have such an amazing person in my life, the stories I heard about a bad cold going around were pushed to the back of my mind, That is, until I found out that those stories were true.

Melody and I made plans to visit the city zoo, since she confessed to me that she had never been there and she wanted to go. We were supposed to meet at the entrance to the zoo, one late morning hour. I arrived at the zoo after not meeting with Melody for a couple of days, and only contacting her via text messages. When I got there, I started looking for Melody. I could've just texted her and ask where she was, but I thought it would be nice if I find her by myself, so it would be like we were running into each other by accident (I know, it's silly, but give me a break will you?). It took me a while to find her, but finally I spotted her in the crowd and made my way towards her. She was looking at the other direction as I walked towards her, but when I almost reached her she turned to me and made me stop dead in my tracks.

"Hep Chi, Hiep Chi!" Melody let out a strong double into her hand.

I just stood there, completely shocked. Not only was it the first time I saw Melody sneeze, and not only was I amazed by how powerful her sneezes were, when she looked up after her sneezes I could see that her nose had a bright shade of pink. She was definitely getting sick. It only took Melody a split second to recover from her sneezes before she noticed me standing there, practically staring at her.

"Harbody! Hi! Ap Chi!" she raised her hand to her face and sneezed again. I still couldn't bring myself to say a word.

"Ubbb..... should't you, like, bless be, or sobethig?" asked Melody, giving me a quizzical look.

"Uhhhh..... Right, bless you. I'm sorry" I said, finally starting to come to my senses.

"What's the batter, dever seed adyode sdeeze before?" I was relieved to hear the humor in Melody's voice, although I could mostly hear the congestion in it.

"I'b kiddig! But seriously- what's goig od with you today?" asked Melody.

"Sorry, I don't know, it's like my head is somewhere else" I replied. That was true, I just didn't tell Melody where my mind was going, and what was making it go there.

"I'll say. Is that why you did't text be to let be kdow you're here?" asked Melody.

"Ummmm...... yeah, sure" I lied bluntly. "Speaking of texts- why didn't you text me to let me know you're sick"?

"What? This?" asked Melody, pointing at her face "It's dothig, just a Up Chi! little cold I thidk I'b cobig dowd with".

"Melody, have you looked at yourself lately? I hate to say it, but it sure doesn't look like you have just a 'little' cold" I said.

"*sniff* Look, I dod't kdow what happeded- I woke up this bordig a little sdeezy add sdiflly, but I did't thidk this should be a resod for us to cadcel our trip to the zoo" Melody concluded her sentence with a series of wet sniffles, which led to her pulling a tissue from her purse and blowing her nose wetly.

"Well, surely you realized we won't be going to the zoo today" I said.

"What do you bead? We're already here Hap Chi!" sneezed Melody into her used tissue.

"Bless you. We're not staying here" I said.

"Thed where will we go? Hup Chi, Ha Ap Chi!" those two wet sneezes completely destroyed what was left of Melody's tissue, so she took out a fresh one from her purse and blew her noticeably runny nose with it.

"The only place you're going with a cold like yours is home to bed" I stated.

"But what about our plads?" asked Melody, still holding the tissue to her face.

"New plan- I'm going to take you back to your home, where I'll take care of you". I almost couldn't believe what I had just said. Melody and I had never been to each other's house before, and I had practically just invited myself to visit Melody's house, not knowing if she even wanted that. On top of that, I have never been much of the care- taking type. I know it's a whole category inside the sneezing- fetish, but it was never something I cared about, until that moment. Somehow, seeing Melody sick like that made some dormant care- taking instincts in me suddenly come to life.

"Hep Chiii! *sniff* O.K."  Melody's reaction took me by surprise, but I quickly regained my senses and got Melody to take me to her house.

"Huyap Chi, Heip Choo!" sneezed Melody as we walked into her house. Realizing I had no time to waste, since Melody's cold appeared to be getting worse by the minute, I led her to her living room, and left her sitting on a chair as I went to the kitchen to make her some tea. When I returned to the living room I found Melody vigorously blowing her cute nose, which was becoming more red than pink, into a tissue. For some reason, the word "adorable" came to my mind.

"Thadk you so buch, Harbody" said Melody as I brought her the tea.

"I'm only getting started. Next- we're going to have soup. You need to eat something if you're going to beat this cold" I said.

"You're godda bake be soup? I did't kdow you cad cook" said Melody.

"God no! I couldn't cook to save my life, but I do know of a place that makes great soups. I'll go call them right now" I said.

I ordered soup for the both of us, and it seemed to make Melody feel better, mostly because it was warm and comforting, because she couldn't taste much through her stuffed up nose. Next, I got Melody to take a long, warm shower. While she did that, I made her another cup of tea, when suddenly I had an idea. I found a warm blanket and put it on the living room couch. Then, I turned on the T.V. and within a couple of minutes found what I was looking for- "The Princess Bride", which, Melody told me, was her favorite movie. When Melody came back to the living room, wearing a pink pajama under a white, fluffy robe, she looked surprised.

"Don't worry- I'll pay you back for the movie I ordered, but I just thought it might make you feel better to sit and watch it with me" I said, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden. There was a long moment of silence, which felt like forever to me, and then Melody smiled.

"You kdow what? I thidk that's a great idea" said Melody. I sat on the couch and Melody came and sat by me. She leaned back and rested her head on my stomach. I covered us both in the blanked and pressed "play".

During the movie, Melody would occasionally sniffle wetly, but it seemed that the shower she took made her feel much better. However, less than a second after the movie was over she sneezed twice, causing her to sit up and double over- "Haip Choo, Huyep Chiiii"!

"Bless you. Looks like your cold is back with a vengeance" I said.

"Yeah *sniff* I albost forgot that I'b sick. Good thig I have by dose to rebidd be" Melody joked before blowing her nose.

"I should go check what I can do to get us some dinner" I said, but as I was about to get up from the couch, Melody grabbed my hand and pulled me back down.

"Wait" she said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I wadt to tell you sobethig" said Melody.

"I'm listening" I said, not sure how I should feel.

"What you did for be today, do ode ever did it. I dod't get sick very ofted, especially dot this sick, but I dever had adyode takig care of be like that" said Melody.

"I...... just wanted to help" I said, blushing.

"Add you did, you really did, add it bade be realize sobethig" said Melody.

"Oh?" I couldn't see myself, but I had a strong feeling that my face might've been matching Melody's nose in redness at that moment.

"What I'b tryig to say is- I like you" said Melody, blushing herself.

"Cool, I like you to, you know" I said, instantly feeling like a complete idiot.

"I bead- I like you like you" said Melody.

"Oh..........." was all I could say. It was as if time stood still. The silence between us might have lasted only a few seconds, or minutes, or years, I couldn't tell, and it felt like Melody couldn't tell either. Then, finally, I did the only thing that felt right at that moment- I leaned towards Melody and kissed her on the lips.

"What are you doig?! Are you crazy?!" Melody called as she pulled back. Still, I noticed it took her a few seconds to do so.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry Melody! I thought....... I thought you meant.........." I was so embarrassed.

"I did, but that doesndt bead I wadt you to get sick" said Melody, and all of a sudden I was no longer embarrassed.

"So....... you liked it?" I asked.

"Of course I liked it silly, but I have a cold. You should't kiss be whed I have a cold or you bight catch it Hep Chi!" Melody turned her head away from me and sneezed into her shoulder, as if to remind me that she was sick. I could still feel some of the spray from her sneeze hitting my face, but it didn't bother me at all.

"You know what? I so don't care" I said before I leaned towards her and kissed her again. This time, she didn't pull back.


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On 9/12/2018 at 1:02 AM, elizachoo said:

gaaaaahh! So cute!

So the next entry *will* involve Harmony catching this beautiful cold, right?

God, please, yes!

These are all wonderful, really very well written. Thank you!!

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On 9/12/2018 at 8:02 AM, elizachoo said:

gaaaaahh! So cute!

So the next entry *will* involve Harmony catching this beautiful cold, right?

I don't know, will it? ;)

That Time We Made Our Own Song


"This was so totally worth it" I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror two days later.

But wait, I'm getting way ahead of myself, leaving a really big hole in the plot. So, after Melody and I stopped kissing to catch our breaths (Melody used hers to sneeze and cough), I ordered dinner for the both of us, and shortly afterwards tucked Melody in her bed. The poor girl was so tired she fell asleep before I even managed to leave her bedroom (but not before we had one last quick goodnight kiss). Now that Melody was sleeping safely in her bed, I finally had time to process the events of that day. The two of us were supposed to simply spend a few hours at the city zoo, maybe eat something afterwards, but Melody's cold, and a series of very uncharacteristic actions on my part, took us on a very different direction. I never knew I had this side, or maybe I knew but forgot. Anyway, I was left with the question of what I should do next. Although I've spent most of that day at Melody's house, I really didn't feel comfortable spending the night there, not to mention I was missing things like a toothbrush and spare clothes, and I didn't want to wake Melody up to ask her to borrow stuff from her. The only reasonable option for me seemed to be going back to my own house. I knew Melody might be confused if she wakes up the next morning and don't find me there, but as I heard her snoring lightly from her bedroom, I decided she would need all the sleep she could get. Thus, I scribbled a note saying:

"Gone back home for the night. Come check on you tomorrow morning


went back into Melody's bedroom as quietly as I could, and placed the note by her bed. After taking one last look at that adorable and oh so sick girl, I quietly left her house and went back to my own. Melody might have had no problem falling asleep that night, but I was so full of excitement and all sorts of emotions that I couldn't even imagine going to sleep, although the hour was getting pretty late. Instead, I opened up my diary and wrote the latest installment, describing my encounter with the cold- ridden Melody. After I was done, it was really late, so I went to bed, where I tossed and turned until I finally managed to fall asleep. The next morning, I woke up to a very strange sensation. It took me a few moments to realize what was the matter- I couldn't breath through my nose.

"Well, you can't say you didn't have it coming" I thought to myself. Still, it has been ages since I last had even a little cold, so I really wasn't used to it. Acting on pure instinct, I went to the bathroom, grabbed a piece of toilet paper and gave my nose a long blow, in an attempt to clear some of the congestion out of it. Blowing my nose didn't do much to help with the congestion, but it did cause a sudden, sharp tickle in my nose and- "Hit Shoo!" I sprayed the bathroom mirror with an uncovered sneeze, my first cold sneeze in a very long time. Before I could savor the moment, two more wet sneezes followed- "I Shoo, Ha Ishoo!" which I directed towards my feet.

"Bless be" I said to myself, immediately noticing my voice was full of congestion. This cold was certainly wasting no time.

"Hat Shoo, Ha I Shoo!" I sneezed twice more, into a tissue this time, as I was making tea for myself in the kitchen. I usually prefer to drink coffee in the morning, but I decided tea would be better for my throat, which was getting sore. There was certainly no doubt that I had caught Melody's cold, not that it was in any way surprising. Just as that last thought crossed my mind, I got a text message from Melody:

"Read you're note. It would've been totally fine if you stayed the night, but whatever makes you feel better. Speaking of feeling better- I can't say that I do. My cold is still going strong, and I miss my nurse with unexpected benefits. I'll be home, if my sickness hasn't scared you away and you still want to come over".

I texted her back, saying I will be there soon, and was replied by a heart emoji, which made my own heart melt. It's been a long time since I felt like that about a girl.

"Heit Shoo!" it has also been a long time since I had a cold, and this cold was starting to look like it might be the worst cold I ever had. I blew my nose wetly, thinking about Melody's reaction when she finds out that I caught her cold. She certainly won't be happy about it, and would probably feel bad for giving me her cold, but I had a pretty good idea what I was going to say to her. I started stuffing tissues into my pockets, then, thinking I'm probably way past that stage, grabbed a whole package, put it in my purse and left.

"Huyep Choo!" I heard Melody exploding inside her house after I knocked on her door. A couple of moments later, she opened the door, using her other hand to hold a tissue to her red, overflowing nose.

"How's by patiedt with udexpected bedefits doig this bordig?" I asked as I walked in.

"Harbody! You're coibg dowd with by cold already, ared't you? I kdew this would happed" Melody's reaction was pretty much how I thought it would be.

"Ha Ishoo! I thidk it would be bore accurate to say that I already caught your cold, Belody. Yes, you kdew this would happed, add so did I. I told you yesterday that I did't care add I still dod't Hi I Shoo! *sniff* I took by risk add I dod't regret it eved for a secodd Hai Shoo!" I grabbed a tissue from my purse and blew my nose.

"Really? Eved though you're a sdeezy bess dow? Hup Chi!" asked Melody, sneezing herself.

"You bead- a sdeezy bess like you"?

"Yes *sniff* a sdeezy bess like be Phu Chiiii!" sneezed Melody into a tissue.

"He Ishoo!" I echoed her.

"What a biserable pair we are" said Melody before giving her nose a gurgling blow.

"You kdow *sniff* I cad thidk of sobethig that would bake us buch less biserable" I said, after blowing my nose myself.

"Yeah? *sniff* What's that"?

"Well, sidce we're both sick dow, we cad kiss all we wadt add dot be afraid of idfectig each other" I said.

"I like the way you thidk, Harbody" said Melody. She leaned towards me, intending to kiss me, but then- "Heip Choo"!

"Ha Ashoo!" I answered with a sneeze of my own.

"Hayup Chi!" Melody sneezed again.

"Ha Ishoo!" so did I.

"Are we goig to kiss today or what?" asked Melody jokingly.

"Of course, if our doses would give us a break frob sdeezig" I replied.

"I kdow you've odly beed gode for a few hours, but I bissed you" said Melody.

"So you said- you bissed by dursig add kissig" I said with a smile.

"Dot just that, I bissed you, everythig about you. I kdow I'b still sick, but baybe it's tibe you let be durse you for a chadge?" Melody suggested.

"Why dod't we durse each other? Oh, add by the way- I bissed you too" I said. Then, we finally managed to stop sneezing long enough to kiss.

So here I am now, one day after Melody and I spent an entire day being sick together. I'm now back home (obviously, how else would I be writing this?) and when I look in my bedroom mirror a girl with a red nose, indicating a bad cold, looks back. Being sick sucks, but it was a price very much worth paying for having Melody as my girlfriend. Yes, I think it's safe to say we are now officially girlfriends, and I couldn't be happier about it. As I was writing this installment, having to constantly stop to either sneeze, cough, or blow my nose, I decided this would be my last. I wrote this diary during a very exciting time in my life. For the most part, it was exciting because I got to witness many girls sick and sneezing. Now, I have a different reason for being excited. I'm looking forward to experiencing my relationship with Melody, and I'm going to focus on this relationship, which means my days of chasing sick girls sneezing are over, at least for now. The days of me writing this diary are over, that's pretty much for sure, but my fetish isn't going anywhere. Maybe in the future, if things go well enough between me and Melody, I would tell her about my fetish. If I do, I honestly can't imagine how she would react. The thought of showing Melody this diary, maybe as a way to explain my fetish to her, comes to mind, but that's not something I should worry about at this early stage of our relationship. For now, Melody and I should both concentrate on getting over this cold. It's time for me to go visit her and see how she's doing. I hope I can get to Melody's house without making too much of a mess on my way, but if I accidentally happen to give this cold to another girl, someone my get an experience worth documenting on another diary.


elizachoo- like you even had to ask :)

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I'm intrigued by the sequel hook you snuck in there.  Same to see this particular fic (probably) end, though.

I liked the concept, the character, everything.  And you always do the best congested voices.  Good work, Likesn.

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