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Anyone Up For A Trade?


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Celebrating my victory over writer's block, finally!! :thankyou: friendly universe! What has also returned is my fetishy interest, which has taken the back seat for a depressingly long while. 

So. Anyone up for a fic trade? I'm in the mood to read something on either of these fandoms/characters: 

Criminal Minds - Alex Blake 
HBO Big Love - Barb Henrickson
HBO Westworld - Theresa Cullen

I prefer allergies, but I'm fine with colds in regards to the first two. :) 

My fandom writing is somewhat rusty at the moment, but I can offer something on these shows: 

Criminal Minds (up to season 11). 
HBO Big Love 
HBO Westworld 
Stranger Things (adult characters only, obviously)
The X-Files
Pretty much anything by Stephen King 

I also write original. 

Prefer to write female, but can also write male. I write both allergies and colds (and other causes if you so wish). 

I write F/F and M/F pairings. 

If you're interested, drop me a PM and we can discuss further! ^_^ 


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