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So I know I originally said I was going to do some Wrightworth but I got distracted and did a short little thing with Apollo (again). I still plan on doing something with Pheonix and Edgeworth, and I already have something started so don't panic lol. If anyone wants to make any requests for scenario's/pairings I can write with then please feel free to send them in and I will do my best to write them. Thank you :) 

Title: Spring Cleaning

Characters: Apollo and Nayuta

Pairings: None 

Game: Spirit of Justice


Apollo sighed flopping down in a chair, rolling his shoulders.

Though he wasn’t even halfway finished with cleaning out his new office in Khura’in, the burning itch in his sinuses and the wheeze of his lungs told him otherwise.

The man supposed he should of known better when he took over Dhurke’s law office, the man never seeming to have an affinity for cleanliness, so it wasn’t a surprise to find everything covered in a thick layer of dust.

Apollo coughed a little rubbing his chest, trying to assesses whether or not he need to take a hit off of his inhaler. Taking a couple deep breaths he decided that he’d be fine for the moment.

Now if only he could do something about the crawling itch, buried deep in his sinuses.

Pulling down his face mask Apollo scrubbed at his nose with the heel of his palm, he tried to rid it of the tingling sensation plaguing it but it didn’t seem to want to budge.

It didn’t help that it didn’t seem interested in manifesting into an actual sneeze, just enough to tease some hitching breaths out of him.

Apollo released a frustrated sigh when it seemed like it wasn’t going to amount to anything other than make him miserable.

He rest an arm over his eyes, wrinkling his nose whining,” This suck’s.” He breathed out stuffily, though no one was there to listen.

That was until someone cleared there throat and he realized he wasn’t as alone as he initially believed himself to be.

Apollo flushed pink when he notice Nayuta standing there scrambling to sit up straight,” I’m sorry, how long have you been there.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

Nayuta on the other hand didn’t seem to look like he minded waiting much…to be fair Apollo normally had trouble reading him on a good day,” I wasn’t waiting long, I see that you’ve been busy.” He commented.

Apollo grinned,” Yeah, Dhurke wasn’t exactly the greatest house keeper.” He said, seeming to earn a little bit of amusement from the other man.

“I can believe that, but then I suppose that was something he spent time procrastinating on.” Nayuta said, a fond look gracing his face as he enjoyed talking about his father,” Sadly I’m here on business not to reminisce about days that have long past.” Nayuta said, getting serious.

“We’ll have to make time for that later.” Apollo suggested, not getting an agreement from his adoptive brother but not getting a denial to it either,” Anyway I’m assuming this about looking over some old case files?” He asked, figuring it was the obvious choice.

With that him and Nayuta got work as the two of them were trying to rebuild a legal system together. Though Apollo was having a bit of trouble focusing, rubbing the underside of his nose with a finger ever now and again.

Apollo’s pink nose twitched every now and again his breath hitching airily, but still it resulted in nothing.

Nayuta glance up at him raising an eyebrow at this odd behavior,” Apollo is there something bothering you.” He asked.

Making Apollo groan as he was so sure that he was finally going to sneeze before the other man interrupted it,” I’m fine, just allergies.” He said, pinching his pink nose between his fingers rubbing at it,” Dust doesn’t exactly agree with me.”

Nayuta frowned,” If it affects you so badly then why are you taking care of it by yourself.” He scolded the other,” If anything I least expected Datz to be helping you.”

Apollo wasn’t expecting the prosecutor to be so concerned over this,” It’s really not that bad.” He tried waving the concern off,” Beside if I let it build up it’s much worst.” He told him not even wanting to see how Nayuta reacted when he brought up his asthma.

Nayuta got up clearly undeterred by Apollo’s words,” Nonsense, you are fortunate I am here as I know plenty of remedies for such things.” He said, taking various herbs and incense grinding them into a paste.

Apollo couldn’t help but wonder if he just always carried a random assortments of herbal remedies with him at all times.

He figured it wasn’t appropriate to question this as Apollo already felt he knew the answer,” And what exactly is this suppose to do for me?” He asked, snorting scrubbing his abused nostrils.

Nayuta wrinkled his nose in something that vaguely look like disgust, at this action crossing over his face,” If done correctly it’ll help clear out your sinuses.” He explained.

“So it’s like vic’s?” Apollo questioned peeking over at the pasty concoction the monk was blending together.

He was met with confusion,” I have never heard of this so, I don’t understand the comparison.” Nayuta handed the paste over to Apollo,” Put this under your nose breathing in vapors.” He instructed.

Apollo looked a bit skeptical but at this point he was up for anything that would give him a little relief at this point.

Breathing in he coughed, the harsh methanol scent filling his sinuses, opening them but also bringing a more...uncomfortable sensation with them.

The dull buzzing sensation that was teasing the back of his nasal passages, was now filling them causing his breath to snag in deep hitching breaths, his eyes half lidded,” Hih-ihih-ha-…” This time Apollo knew it was for real and he only wished he’d thought to grab a tissue.

Apollo cupped his hands around his nose and mouth nearly bending in half,” Hah-psshiew Hih-hah-gsshiew hur-risshiew.” He pawed at his pink nose desperately but the itch didn’t let up.

Drawing itchy desperately allergic sneezes from his pink tinged nostrils.

He was so distracted that he didn’t even notice Nayuta get up, grabbing the box of tissues from his desk before tucking a couple into Apollo’s hands.

Apollo gratefully buried his nose into the fluffy white folds, releasing a flurry of irritated sneezes,” Hah-issh Hih-gisssh psh psh Hah-AchiIew.” He absentmindedly felt someone put there hand on his shoulder supplying him with more tissues as needed, encouraging him to blow his nose.

It would be comforting if he weren’t so distracted with his own miserable state.

Eventually the fit began to taper off and he was able to catch his breath, only the occasional odd sneeze breaking through. Apollo slumped back in his chair,” Well that w-was Hah-ehshiew…ugh idtedse.”He frowned, hearing the congestion leaking into his voice.

“I apologize, it seems my remedy only made things worse.” Nayuta said, looking disappointed that he was unable to help.

Apollo flushed,” No dod’t feel bad, It actually kidd of helped.” He told him rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly,” I’ve had to sdeeze all bordigg, this is the first tibe all bordigg that I haved’t beed a hitchigg bess.”He explained.

Nayuta still looked skeptically but was satisfied with this response,” I suppose that is not it’s intended use but, if it truly helped it couldn’t be the worst thing.” He said.

“But please next time you decide to do some spring cleaning, allow me to assist you.” Nayuta told him, making Apollo chuckle.

“You’ll be the first person I call.” Apollo said, before returning to his work with the prosecutor.

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Finally after years of waiting, some WrightWorth!!! I like how this turned out, I feel like it's cute and it suits there personalities, so I hope other people enjoy it!!!

Title: Unexpected Consequences

Characters: Phoenix and Edgeworth

Pairings: WrightWorth

Game: Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice


Phoenix squinted at Edgeworth from across the courtroom.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something seemed…off about the other man. Phoenix noticed he was wearing his glasses, and if he had been a little closer he’d see that Edgeworth's eyes were red-rimmed and watery like he’d been crying.

All together Phoenix was starting to worry about the other man.

But he wasn’t sure if he wanted to pry into the Prosecutor’s business. They’d only been dating for about a week, and Phoenix was still terrified that he was going to scare him away.

He didn’t have much time to ponder these thoughts though as the Judge grew impatient, calling Phoenix out for being distracted, penalizing him for not paying attention to the trial.

Phoenix apologized fervently, eyes wandering back to the Prosecutor. He’d just have to ask Edgeworth about it later.


The courtroom kept up with it general tense atmosphere and when a recess has finally announced a sigh of relief came from the courtroom.

Edgeworth rushed out making a beeline for the restroom, going into the larger stall locking the door behind himself.

He sat on the floor, to miserable to care about the unsanitary environment that the public restroom provided. Scrubbing his face tiredly he cursed his immune system as it seemed to continually work against him.

Edgeworth also cursed himself for having such a thoughtful lover. Phoenix was sweet he really was, but sometimes he could be…dense.

When the Prosecutor had entered his office this morning, he was shocked to find a large vase filled with an assortment of colorful flowers, displayed on his desk.

The very thought of the pollen-coated petals made his eyes itch, and his nose run. 

He didn’t know if he could survive another two to three hours in a courtroom, without sneezing his head off.

It didn’t help that his handkerchief was thoroughly soiled, and he was starting to run low on tissues.

Edgeworth wrinkled his nose, rubbing the bridge of his nose exhausted, the pressure in his sinuses making his headache.

The buzzing itch sparked deep in his pink nostrils, making his breath hitch slightly,” Hih…”

But of course, now that he was in a more secluded area the itch back off leaving him feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

He rubbed his nose trying to either get rid of the irritation or get it to peak, but his efforts were futile, and there wasn’t much time left in the short recess to much about it.

So Edgeworth returned to court feeling itchy and miserable.


Of course, the stinging itch returned with vengeance during the witness testimony, making his breath snag lightly. He really hoped they could end this trial soon, but with his luck, Phoenix would find some ridiculous way to drag things on even longer

He pressed a curled fist under his flushed pink nostrils, wrinkling his nose desperately trying to stave off the inevitable a little longer, but the stinging itch wasn’t backing off. “Mr.Edgeworth is everything alright.” The Judge questioned, but Edgeworth wasn’t paying attention, his breath snagging.

“Hih’ihih’ggsh!” He sneezed harshed, his mouth hanging open slightly as more follow after, one right after the next almost on top of each other,” ‘Itkish! Hah’ish!ksh’Tcht! ‘Hah’asSheiw!”

Edgeworth blinked his eyes blearily, flushing red with shame as he realized all eyes were on him.

The Judge cleared his throat,” Perhaps we should take a ten-minute recess to allow the Prosecution to compose themselves.” He said, banging his gavel on his desk dismissing the two lawyers.


Edgeworth sat in the Prosecutions Lobby feeling miserable and sorry for himself, considering the spectacle he made of himself in the courtroom.

Phoenix rushed in blubbering apologies as he’d clearly figured out exactly what was going on,” Miles, I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed,” I completely forgot about your allergy.”

“I made a fool of myself.” Edgeworth moaned, miserable not caring about keeping up appearances at this point too exhausted.

Pheonix sat down beside him,” Awww Miles, everyone has allergies.” He said, not receiving an answer from the other man,” I brought peace offerings.” He continued, digging through about.

Edgeworth raised his head, as Phoenix pulled out a bottle of non-drowsy allergy medicine, and an ice tea,” Not anything fancy but hopefully it’ll help you get through the rest of the trial.” Phoenix said with a crooked smile.

“I accept you peace offering Phoenix.” The Prosecutor said smiling, taking the medicine with a swig of tea, giving his love a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Oh thank god, I thought I screwed up our relationship before it even had a chance.” Phoenix sighed, relieved.

The Baliff informed them when it was time for the trial to start up again,” Well we better get back in there.” Phoenix said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Edgeworth nodded, taking the stand once more, glad to have such a loving man by his side.


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Title: Lost Voice

Characters: Phoenix and Apollo

Pairings: none

Game: Dual Destinies


Might do a follow-up drabble for this drabble if people like it enough, let me know. I still take requests! :)

"I'm Apollo Justice, and I'm fine." Apollo croaked weakly to his reflection in the mirror trying to convince himself of that as he got ready for work. Though he wasn’t very convincing, the more he looked at himself.

His usually lightly tanned skin was void of color aside from two dark splotches of flush, high on his cheekbones. Not to mention his voice squeaked and cracked when he spoke, sending a hot ache down his throat. There was no way he’d be able to convince anyone that he was fine.

Apollo could feel anxiety bubble in his stomach, at the thought of calling into work. Realistically he knew Mr. Wright would have no issues with him taking a sick day, but the idea still made him nauseous, as he stared down at the contact in his phone.

Texting was off the table as his phone was old as dirt, and his text barely went through if at all. He took a deep breath pressing down onto the contact, waiting for his boss to pick up the phone,” Wright Anything Agency Phoenix speaking.” A familiar voice on the other end answered.

Apollo took a deep breath nervously,” Mr. Wr-ght, It’s Ap-llo.” He spoke his voice dropping out slightly, sounding strained, Apollo was sure that he was losing it, hopefully, he could get through this conversation before that happened.

“Apollo?” He answered, sounding a little confused,” Is everything alright, it sounds like your breaking up.” And Apollo deadpanned a little wondering if his boss was indeed that oblivious.

Actu-lly that what I w-nted to talk to you -bout.” Apollo said his voice cutting in and out as he tried to get to his point, quickly before his voice disappeared completely. Plus his throat was really starting to ache, from the attempt at speech.

“Apollo, wherever you are, the reception must be really bad.” Phoenix answered, making Apollo roll his eyes,” What do you want to tell me?”

Well, I w-nted to tell you-.” He was cut off by a coughing fit, which left him pulling away from the phone not wanting to cough directly in his bosses ear. He sighed trying to start over, but all that came out was a mangled squeak, that made him flush with shame as this was precisely what he’d been trying to avoid.

“Apollo?” Phoenix called out, but no matter how hard he tried Apollo couldn’t get a word out,” Well whatever it is you can tell me when you get to work.” He answered before hanging up with a click making Apollo groan, not looking forward to the long bike ride to work but it wasn’t like he could avoid it now, he really needed this job.


Apollo arrived at the office, taking heaving breaths as he locked up his bike, his throat burning. He stumbled into the building, feeling tears spring to his eyes when he saw the out of order sign on the elevator, really not looking forward to climbing up the stairs.

But it didn’t seem he had much of choice, as he began his long decent up to the Wright Anything Agency.


Phoenix looked at his watch feeling a little anxious that Apollo wasn’t here yet, as the man was usually here before he’d even left the house. Prompting him to give Athena and Apollo a key to the office.

Apollo prided himself on punctuality so it was odd for him to be late. Thankfully the man had called him so he knew that he was still alive. 

He heard the door for the office open shutting, as Phoenix grinned going to great Apollo and maybe tease him about his tardiness, but the words died on his tongue as he finally laid eyes on Apollo.

Apollo stumbled in breathing heavily, bundled up in clothing too warm for the weather. A red beanie hat, tucked over his unstyled hair. He just looked overall disheveled and not himself.

Phoenix by his side instantly helping Apollo sit down, not liking the heat he could feel pouring off the younger man,” I guess this was what you probably wanted to tell me.” He said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

He didn’t know someone could pull off such a perfect sarcastic eye roll, but Apollo made it work somehow. “You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this quiet.”

Apollo glared up at Phoenix, doing his best to tell Phoenix that he’d lost his voice.

Phoenix chuckled a little amused as Apollo couldn’t be his usual loud self,” Well I’m sure as hell not sending you back out if you this sick.” He said,” I’ll have Edgeworth drive you home after work, till then just relax, Trucy and Athena should be back soon.”

Apollo shuddered at the thought, knowing there wasn’t much he could too but he was already dreading their return and the teasing that would inevitably come with it.

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