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sneezing in audiobooks..?


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I wanted to ask you if you know, or listened to some Audiobooks in which sneezing occurs?
I heard an audiobook by Stephen King a few weeks ago.
It is called 'Harvey's Dream' and the author mentioned sneezing caused my pollen / hayfever twice.
I am really sorry for it, but I could not find it again, so if I do, I can forward you the link.
It was a bit surprising for me - because I never read or heard anything about sneezing or allergy symtomps in a Stephen King novel before.
The situation in which he described, the female main charakter thoughts of her spring allergies and that her husband (the male main charakter) talked rather to her nose and not directly to her - it was very good implemented.
For you: I found the short film 'Harveys Dream' - in english.
The leading actress is Dayna Del Val as Janet, she has to sneeze at 1:21 three times.
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Clearly acting classes do not teach the benefits of being able to perform a believable fake sneeze.


One of the all time best I ever saw was Meryl Streep in "Silkwood". That was so believable it could have been the real thing.

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