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third party sneezes during sexual encounters


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I just told my (first ever) boyfriend about the fetish 2 weeks ago, and he's the only person I've ever told. He could not have taken it better, which was a huge relief for me. He has been really cool about it and supportive, and has tried to induce for me sometimes. In public if somebody else sneezes (or even if he sneezes), he knows I get embarrassed so he will react completely normally to spare me. 

But his roommate has these sneeze fits...and their bedrooms are right next to each other with pretty thin walls... 

So the other night, I was in my boyfriend's room and we were messing around, about to have sex, when his roommate started sneezing -- his fits are a few minutes long and intermittent. I was so flustered and embarrassed, because at this point my bf knew about the fetish and could obviously hear his roommate sneezing. I tried to keep kissing him like normal, but I was also shell-shocked and while I do like his roommate's sneezes, I hate the idea that his roommate could turn me on while I'm with him, so instead it kind of had the opposite effect on me and ruined the mood. My boyfriend also kind of giggled for a minute, and I can only assume it's because of the awkwardness. After his roommate's sneezing stopped, we continued and it was fine, and we never spoke of this moment afterwards, even though we have talked pretty openly about the fetish since I told him. 

I was just wondering if anybody had any similar/related stories, or advice on how to handle it. I'm sure something like this will happen again soon, and I don't know what I should do! 

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