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April Fools (SPN Cast Collection; Misha)


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I’m starting a collection of fics about the SPN cast. It’s called the SPN Cast Collection, and if you ever wanted a specific person/plot feel free to request it!


(If you care...)

Ok, so I’m perfectly aware that today is April 16, but I just got this idea today so we’re improvising here. I’ve never done a cast fic before, but it just seemed like a good idea. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (I’m not really sure where I should include a bit of a plot summary, but hence the title that’s what this is going to be about) ^_^ I made up a few names for a few crew members so it would make a bit more sense—


Misha slowly blinked awake as his vision cleared around the edges. The fresh April rain pounded against the window pane and echoed the aching pulse running through his head. Though not fully awake, it took him about 2 seconds to realize something was off. Besides the aching feeling throughout his body his throat felt scratchy and soar, and his stuffed up nose made breathing quite an impossible task. His instincts told him that laying back down and snuggling in the blankets was the best option, but he couldn’t risk missing a day of filming. The last thing he wanted was to set the crew back a day. Especially since his coworkers worked so hard. “You got to be kidding me, this is a joke right?” Misha said out loud to himself, and ran a heavy hand through his hair. He winced at the sound of his voice. Not angelic sounding at all. Misha pulled himself up from the bed and glanced once more at the comforter longingly. It wasn’t before he got a glance at the clock that he broke out of his hazy trance. “Crap, crap, crap,” he muttered, pouring himself a to-go cup of tea.

Just as he starting swirling the tea bag he felt a tickle building throughout his nose. His breath hitched and he turned to the side and caught each sneeze into cupped hands. h’itschoo! h’tschoo! h—huh’etschoo! He sniffled and continued with his tea making. In a grand total of five minutes Misha had gotten dressed, attempted to fix his hair, washed up, and headed out the door. The wind whipped his jacket and sent an icy chill throughout his body. He sniffed and wrapped the thin jacket tighter around him. There was no time to go back for an umbrella. He was already late as it is.

By the time he reached his car he was practically shivering. He set his drink down in the cup holder and turned on the ignition. The blasting heat felt nice but caused his nose to run. His sniffling persisted and soon turned his head to the side to relieve his nose of the impending itch. huh’itschoo! huh’itcheww! h’tschoo! A car honked at him from behind and Misha gave a nervous wave and drove down the street as of his life depended on it. He let out a cough before stepping out of the car. The cold air caused him to quickly turn to the side. h’tscheww! He quickly glanced around to make sure no one had heard him. Leave it to him to get stuck with the worst joke of it all. Hopefully his coworkers wouldn’t notice anything. The last thing he wanted was to be the reason to hold up filming. “Hey Misha! A PA named Rachel said. Misha just waved and smiled not trusting his voice. “Vanessa is waiting for you in the makeup trailer,” she said shyly, a rose blush rising on her cheeks. “Thanks,” Misha said quickly.

When he walked inside the trailer Jared and Jensen were already there, goofing off with some brushes they stole off the table. Jared looked up noticing a Misha. “Heya Mish!” Jared said with 10x more enthusiasm than Misha felt. “Hey Jared,” he said in response, sitting down into his chair. He didn’t think it was physically possible to feel any worse than he did. To Misha’s relief Jared turned back to Jensen who was busy using the brush in his hand as a microphone. “Hey Jared, did you know Genevieve found out you’ve been stealing her hair products?” Jensen asked with a grin. “Wait Wha?” Jared’s eyes went wide and Jensen broke out laughing. “April Fools, J Pad,” Jensen said with a smile. “Whatever you say Jackles.” Jared said. Misha laughed at them, but it quickly turned into a cough. “You alright over there?” Jensen asked, still holding the brush up to his face as if he was being interviewed. “Fine,” Misha said rolling his eyes playfully.  

Just then Vanessa came back with makeup supplies. “Ready Misha?” She asked while preparing the station. “Mm-hmm,” was his reply. He closed his eyes and lie his head back as a Vanessa worked her magic. It was no joke that he’d be neededing a lot of extra makeup today. Everything was going well until Vanessa brought out the powder foundation. The puffy brush caused his already irritated nose to go crazy. He pushed her and away as his breath hitched. He turned his head off to the side away from everyone. h’itschoo! h’eshieww! huh’ish! “Ugh sorry,” he said with a sigh. “Wow, uh bless you Misha,” she said as a pink hue spread across her cheeks. She made an excuse to go get more towels from the supply area. Once they all heard the door shut with a click Jensen turned to Misha. “Dude, she definitely has a big crush on you,” he said with a smile. “Haha April fools,” Misha said with an eye roll. “No literally,” he said throwing a sponge at a Misha. Misha was just about to throw it back at Jensen when a sneeze caught him off guard. huh’nxshoo! He was able to half stifle it, but he was still embarrassed none the less. “Bless you,” Jared offered from his chair. He was busy on his phone, most likely bugging Genevieve about the kids. That man knew no bounds. “Uh thanks,” Misha sniffled. Vanessa returned with fresh towels and got back to work fixing Misha’s hair. “All done,” She said after a short while. “Thanks,” Misha said, getting up. He rubbed his aching head and sighed. It was going to be a long day.

The three men walked on set. The rain hadn’t let up so for now they were doing the inside shots. The walk over had been freezing cold so the inside warmth felt nice. Misha took a long sip of tea and let out a small cough before heading over to start the scene. Of course he was left with the perfect angelic character, so any sniffling or nose wiping was out of the question. “And Action!” The director Bob Singer called. Misha felt that awfully familiar tinge return to his nose, but he ignored it. “Dean, Sam,” Misha said in his deep Castiel voice. The only problem was that it came out sounding more like a “Deand, Samb.” “Really Cas? You show up now?” Jensen asked in his Dean impression. “I’m sorry Dean. The Angels were—“ at that moment his breath caught and he twisted to the side. huh’itsh! h’tschoo! “Cut!” Bob yelled. “Sorry!” Misha said. “It’s fine, Misha.” Bob said. Misha sniffed and got into place for the shot. Jared glanced over at Misha with a concerned look on his face.

“Supernatural take 2!” Bob called. This time Misha stumbled over his enochian lines and broke off coughing. “Cut! Misha, what’s the matter with you?” Bob asked. “I don’t know, I’m good now,” Misha said with a fake smile. Jared looked skeptically at him. Bob sighed. “Take 20 everybody,” he said. Misha sighed and headed back to his trailer. It was his fault that they were getting nothing done today! h’itsh! h’tschh! huh’eshieww! Misha wiped his nose on his sleeve and sat down with his head in his hands. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when he heard someone sit down next to him. “Hey MishMish,” Jensen said, putting an arm around him. Misha looked up surprised. “Oh, hey Jensen,” he said tiredly. “Dude what’s wrong with you?” Jensen asked. Misha stopped to let out a few coughs before continuing. “To be honest I don’t feel very good,” Misha said.

He didn’t think he’d ever find himself admitting to illness, but he just felt awful with a capital A. To his surprise Jensen just laughed. “Dang Mish! You got me! This has been one of your best jokes yet-great acting skills by the way,” he said patting Misha on the back. “Wait wha—huh’ish! h’tschieww!” “Like that! I’ve never heard anyone be able to fake like that!” Jensen said with a genuine smile. “See ‘ya on set!” He said walking off. Misha couldn’t believe it. Jensen had thought it was a joke this whole time. As far as he knew a Misha was just an incredibly talented actor. As Misha headed back to set he just shrugged. Yeah he felt crappy, but his coworkers didn’t need to know that. 


~fin~(haha April Fools!) feel free to make suggestions!:razz:


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With all the pranks they do pull on each other on set, one is bound to be misunderstood sooner or later. The ending of this was really funny. Poor Misha feeling so ill and they think he's just acting it! He should take it as a compliment to his skills though. Maybe he will when he's feeling better :P

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2 hours ago, helyzelle said:

With all the pranks they do pull on each other on set, one is bound to be misunderstood sooner or later. The ending of this was really funny. Poor Misha feeling so ill and they think he's just acting it! He should take it as a compliment to his skills though. Maybe he will when he's feeling better :P

Yes, they pull so many pranks so I just figured this would fit in somewhere. When MishMish feels better maybe he will, who knows?! More to come shortly!

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