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Song by 1st, rating by 2nd plus new song~~~


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First person posts a song and artist. Next person listens to song, gives a rating of 1-10 and any explanation they want, and then posts a new song and artist for review. So on and so forth. Of course, if someone knows the song previously mentioned then they won’t have to look it up. The poster can say whether viewing the official video is advised or not. I have no idea if songs in a different language are allowed (Looking at you Kpop fans). 

Who wants to be brave and go first?


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Mariza - Rosa Branca

Hello - so this is a song of which I think perhaps no one heard before, it is not very familiar. It is a portugues song by the singer Mariza and I really love it. Translated rosa branca means white rose. First the lyrics were a poem and she interpreted it her own way in this song. She sings about a disappointed love. But there are many ways to understand and interprete the lyrics. I really hope you like it? 

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I really love this idea! I have a really wide and varied music library and I am always super excited to add to it! So I will probably be the only person spamming this thread xD. 

As for Rosa Branca -

Puddin's verdict:

Well, I don't speak a word of Portuguese, so I can't comment on the lyrics or the meaning :lol: but she has a really nice voice and it's really easy to listen to. It isn't really my personal taste when it comes to music, and I wouldn't be rushing out to buy her album, but it was quirky and smooth and I did enjoy it! Overall, out of 10, I would give it a 6 :zippy:


And now for mine! It was hard for me to pick just one, but I have to share a song from this band. They're my absolute favourite band of all time (so please be nice :P ) and even though this is one of their newer ones, I really love it. And I love the video too. 

So here it is! 

Dark and Lonely Night by Tiger Army


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I will also be spamming this PuddinPop so no worries!

I had to listen twice to get the full effect and the song came alive in the second round. It was full-bodied and had notes of emotion mixed in with the song which is something I love. The way he finished the ends of lines distracted me a little bit but I love that warbly voice in the background so I give a 7.

Now for my song. I haven't heard this song in maybe years so this is definitely not my favorite, but I doubt many people have heard it so~


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Well this is not the music that i am use to listen to, but i quite like the music and rhythm. I also like the lyrics, though it made me sad that he said that the other person didnt need to love the singer.

Im not quite sure with the ending?  Where he repeats the word, i dunno, it just... Didnt click with me. I mean i like the rest of the song, its just the ending seems a bit... Unfinished?? Like he disnt know what else he should add, so he just repeat the word, the melody it self just doesnt work for me. But thats just my personal opinion.

Overall i give this so an 8 XD

This is my song that i like~ i'm a bit of disney fan X'D i hope whoever listen to this can enjoy it~~


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So, I’ve listened to the Disney music and well what can I say. These youngsters can sing really good and they can dance/act really good. It is really not my type of music but I guess that’s because I’m an old grumpy woman and I’m sure I would have appreciated this song as a teen too ☺️ Thanks for sharing! 

This is my proposal, I live near Italy so I listen to lots of Italian songs too. 

I’m sorry cause many of you won’t  understand the lyrics but I love this song pretty much atm, especially the melody and the fact that it talks about the modern war in the world. Hope you enjoy 😊 


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It was great that the video included the English translation of the lyrics, because they had some strong messages and added so much to the overall feel of the song. I liked it, but I had to listen to it twice until I got into it, it did not immediately capture my attention. I'd say I give it 7 out of 10 points :)

Even though it was several posts ago, I also wanted to say a few words about the song @PuddinPop posted, because I reacted unexpectedly strong to that song (in a good way, fear not! :D) and I definitely will look into the other works of the band. For me, this song would be the perfect soundtrack for a movie involving a tragic love-triangle murder mystery case and it actually made an entire scene play out in my brain even when I first listened to it. It has been some time since a song did that to me and I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the experience.

PuddinPop's song also inspired my choice of song, because it reminded me of it. It is somewhat old-ish (2008 :lol: ), so maybe old enough to be new to some people ^^ No real video to go with it, though.


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On 19/04/2018 at 9:37 PM, Selene said:

For me, this song would be the perfect soundtrack for a movie involving a tragic love-triangle murder mystery case and it actually made an entire scene play out in my brain even when I first listened to it. It has been some time since a song did that to me and I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the experience.

THIS MAKES ME SO INEXPLICABLY HAPPY QwQ I love it when people love the same things that I do, especially music, and I am so pleased that you liked it! The murder mystery case is such a cool idea too, and has the potential to become a fic of some kind >w> 

Selene's song reminded me of so many different things! At first, I thought it sounded like elevator music :rofl: Then the singing started, and it definitely has some notes of The Cure in there, which I love. And then some parts reminded me of 'Teenager In Love' :lol: It has a sort of melancholic, haunting feel to it, which I really like. I also really like songs that have that echo on the vocals. It's a really easy song to listen to, and I found myself just sort of zoning and chilling out while listening to it~ I would give it a solid 7 out of 10, for sure. 


My next song is sort of ridiculous, but I can't stop listening to it lately xD. It's daft, it's funky, and the video is incredible. The school uniforms, the terrible backing dancers, everything makes no sense, but I've had it stuck in my head for days and I seriously love it SO MUCH :yay: I have to learn these dance moves, damn.. 

Chocolate by Soul Control


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I could see this song becoming viral like the tall skinny alien frog that people try to copy in that spanish song. Hahahaha.  I give this a 4.

This next song is good to write to just because of the emotions it invokes. I love experiencing emotions through a medium and with this song, your reaction to the song doesn’t depend on if you’ve been in the singer’s exact situation. I also love clever wordplay.

He knows I’ve hardly slept
Since the night he left
His body always kept 
Mine inside of it
Keep the nightmares out
Give me mouth to mouth~~



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3 hours ago, PuddinPop said:

elevator music

Oh yeah, that's my jam :2cool: This description cracked me up! :laugh: I've never thought about it that way, but I can definitely hear it now!  I've also since looked into Tiger Army a little more and found more songs I liked, so thank you again for posting their video.

And OMG, Soul Control?! :lmfao: This brought back SO many memories! @Reader These are the kind of quality songs/ summer hits you got in Germany in the early 2000s :lol:. But it was great fun to listen to it again and it actually made my afternoon (and reminded me of this: Caramelldansen misheard lyrics - Doctor Who edition.)

I was actually just in the middle of replying when Reader posted her song, so sorry if my post is referring back so much to PuddinPop's last post.

Reader's song had a great flow, with a kind of urgency which I feel is able to bring you "into the zone" when it's listened to on repeat. I see why you said you use it as a song for writing :) It has exactly the right amount of wanting and yearning and at the same time, carries a lot of strenght and power. I'd give it 8 points and bookmarked it for later use ^_^

The song I'd like to post also has this kind of "flow" to it and I've used it for writing before.

Pull Me Up by KYKO


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You know, I saw the words 'new indie' on the thumbnail and went in there thinking that I wouldn't like this song at all, because indie really isn't my jam at all xD. There's only a couple of genres that I dislike most of the music from, and indie is one of them. But I gave this song a chance, and whoa. I LOVE IT. This is definitely my jam, 100%. I love the vocals, the music, the acoustic vibes it throws off, the emotion. I could honestly listen to this style of music all day. I am definitely going to check out more from this artist, because I have a feeling they're someone who I can totally get into. I do not give this lightly or liberally, but I have to give this song a 9. Thank you for sharing this, @Selene~


And I feel it is only appropriate to have this in here, based on recent news. I was never a superfan, and I say this because I never listened to anything other than what he released. But every song I ever heard of his I really liked. He was such a talented man, and it is such a shame and a tragedy that what has happened has happened. I also picked this song because I feel it carries a lot of sentiment, meaning and emotion to what happened. Especially the first few seconds of the video. So, here it is. 

The Nights by Avicii


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@Selene hahahaha the song was like some version of Japanese pop and of course I was reading the lyrics thinking for half a second that they were speaking English until I read the comments. And please post to whoever you want. I love interaction. I loved your description of my song sooooo much!! You really get the song and the emotions it brings out of someone. That was very beautiful to read. I love that guy’s deep voice and his range. My heart literally stopped for a bit. I have a thing for voices 😍

@PuddinPop The video was beautiful and heartbreaking and so surreal with what happened to him. I can only give him a ten. I usually don’t listen to lyrics and sing whatever made up words I come up with but I looked his name up and made sure I listened to them. It was really hard to listen to but I just want to say I believe he did live by his father’s words and even by his own words. Rest In Peace.


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@Reader, I was never really a huge Sufjan Stevens song, even though I feel like I should be, because I really like chilled out acoustic music xD. But I listened to this song in its entirety and I actually really enjoyed it! Some parts were a little distracting, like when his voice went super high, but it has a smooth feel to it. I can imagine it playing in the background when me and my friends are sitting around in the garden in the evening, talking into the night about everything and nothing, and that thought makes me so happy ^_^ so overall, not completely my style, but I would give it a good 7 out of 10~


For my song, I picked this one because of its sentiment to me. I had a really long RP with @BlackScatter (it lasted about 18 months!) and this song reminds me of a crucial moment within that RP. It was pretty late into the story, our characters had fallen in love, and one of them got taken by vigilantes, and it was the first time they were separated since they met months prior. The emotions were running super high, lemme tell ya, and my character was the one who was taken. It was incredibly emotional to write, and there were several songs that remind me of moments within the RP, and this one will always be one of the most powerful for me. I can still remember how emotional I got when I was writing those scenes xD. This song reminds me of my character's POV when he was gone, away from everyone he loved, but mostly being away from Scatter's character. It was a very defining moment in our writing together, and even though we're not continuing that particular RP right now (we moved on to another one :zippy: ) this song - and many others - still holds great sentiment and memories for me of those moments :heart:

Stargazing by Kygo


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@Reader, I LOVE that Sufjan song. He's awesome.

As for the one posted by @PuddinPop, I like the piano starting softly and getting louder with the percussion. I was expecting it to go into a more electronica beat drop early so I was pleased when it stayed more traditional for a bit before going into the more computer-effect heavy part. When it finally dropped, it made me think of dancing at the club with friends so that was a nice feeling. It's not a song I'd put on my playlist for myself but it's one I'd jam to at work and I did like the lyrics. 6 out of 10 because I'm more of a folk/rock person. 

Here's mine. Also pretty old but it's one of the songs I put on when I'm stressed and dance like a maniac until I feel better. Also, the video is bananas.


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@Dusty15 thanks!! Do you like mystery of love by him? 

The video for the song above is hilarious. Like these “tough guys” with their crazy hair...doing a line dance similar to the electric side. It’s definitely bananas. I really like this song. His voice is kinda nitty gritty and the dance I associated with it was just a bunch of body rolls and head bobs and fists in the air until you grab a partner and then it’s fast dancing seen in slow mo with sweating and facial expressions. I give it a 8

This next song is very auto-tuned so I definitely understand if someone doesn’t like it but I LOVE IT! I just heard it recently and it’s been on repeat since then. It’s just that quality of music I vibe with. It’s sexy and relaxing all at the same time~


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On 4/22/2018 at 4:22 PM, PuddinPop said:

I had a really long RP with @BlackScatter (it lasted about 18 months!) and this song reminds me of a crucial moment within that RP.


Okay, but Reader, this is a really cool thread! I like this idea >w< It's a nice way to spread cool music and get to know people to boot. This song you posted, Yours, is definitely not the sort of music I listen to regularly. But wow, it's neat. The slow start with the rain was really peaceful to me, with the faint thunder, before the song really starts in earnest. It feels like the sort of song that plays when you're walking through a damp city on a sunny day. I agree with you. It's really relaxing~ Super chill. Dreamy, sort of. Sometimes the voice sounded a little sinister with the autotune, which was a neat effect for such a calm song. It feels so disconnected from reality. I close my eyes and listened for a while. Really nice >w<. Especially when it really kicks in at the end. Just kind of engulfs you. Thanks for sharing this! 7/10

Like @PuddinPop, music has also really inspired me when I write. Especially with her. Out of the two of us, she's way more music savvy than me though. She's collected entire soundtracks for our stories together, and made awesome covers of her characters singing our favorites. Honestly I depend on Puds for all my favorite music :P It's really enriched our stories together. I remember the part she's talking about her in post, and that song only heightens the emotions in it. I think all music has the power to do that, which is why I love it so much, especially as a supplement to stories and characters and an RP partner that means so much to me. In that story Puds is talking about, it took a long time for our characters to fall in love. We didn't even know they were going to do that until it was happening LOL. Such is the joy of unplanned writing, haha >w< Anyway, it was a seriously amazing journey, watching these two people grow into themselves and into one another. By the time we hit a year of writing, it felt like our characters were alive, making their own choices. While we definitely had some powerful angst, we had some serious fluff too. This song always comes into my head when I think of it >w< So many times I'd be writing to this song, grinning, fawning over this silly ship me and Puds have made. Heck, I still listen to it now, for our current story. Feels like my personal anthem for our characters :lol: 

It reminds me of really happy, warm feelings. Even if you've never had a crush on someone before, I feel like this song conveys all those sweet, soft sensations of falling for someone~ It's not exactly an obscure song, and my music taste isn't awesome, but it's given me a lot of really cute montages in my head tumblr_m9gcqw9Amo1qzckow.gif

Sorry for rambling so much~ Thanks for listening!

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hello @BlackScatter, I liked listening to your song, it gives me a good feeling and in a certain way energy and motivation. I will give it 6/10, okay? And you are right - music and emotions / lyrics can always help you in writing your stories. Songs can inspire you, help you to see your protagonists through different eyes, or bring you new ideas. Are you writing your story with another author?

I chose an older song.
Many people listened to The Kelly Family when I was a child.
My favourite was always Barby and till this day I can identify myself with the songs she performed.
But I chose this video because it was translated into sign language.
I think in today's world where many people are communicating via social media, watching and liking videos, sharing photos, waiting impatiently for the next 'like' and 'thumbs up' ... at such a time, maybe several people are aware of how grateful they can be to be healthy?
I find it a priceless gesture that the artists have translated this song for people we should all admire - so I wanted to share this video with you.
Thank you for listening and I hope you like it.
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Puddin, I loved that song sooo much!!!! It literally pulled emotions out of me. It wasn’t being gentle and slowly coaxing them out! No it pulled! I lovvvvvveeeeee falsetto!!!!! 

BlackScatter, that description was so perfect!!! You don’t even know 😭 It’s like when you have to pitch an idea in a sentence or two to executives! Next time I’m def leading into that instead of ‘Listen to this!’ with my family. My dad said ‘They don’t make music like they used to!’ 😂 So now I’ll say, “close your eyes and put yourself in a..... It might go over better 😄 Dreamy...disconnected from reality....engulfing....💯% accurate. Where’s another crying emoji when I need it. Thankyou!!! That made me feel good 🤗 I really like dream-like autotuned music. 

 Hey, Beijoseternura! I took some semesters of ASL (American sign language) and it’s a really beautiful and expressive language. This looks like SEE (signed exact English) which is easier for me to do as a hearing person but harder for deaf people to understand. Have you seen Portuguese signing before? In class one time, we had to sign ‘eye of the tiger’ and it was traumatic hahahaha but I was thankful for the rule of dropping one quiz or test you don’t want to use! 6

When you first hear this next song, it kinda gets into the cracks and crevices of your mind. Her voice just has that crackly quality to it that I really like. Also a repeat song for me at one point and it conveys almost a lazy-slightly apathetic or maybe drained attitude. I don’t know. I’m not great at explaining. Lol


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Hi @Reader the description you gave of Doja Cat’s song suits it perfectly. If you listen to it just once maybe it’s not that appealing but not for me. This is a kind of song I would put on repeat in one of those lazy, a bit depressed days, and I understand how quickly you get addicted to it. Her voice is the kind that I really love, raspy and ... careless? Sorry my English ehm. Anyway great song choice! 😊

So, I just (my bad I know!) discovered this Aussie artist, Tash Sultana. My father has lived years in Australia and was at my place for a couple of weeks, so he said listen to this girl, she’s amazing, she plays EVERY instrument her self. So we all sat in front of the tv and listened in silence. I was completely mesmerized. Beautiful song and amazing artist. 

Im posting the shorter version but I truly recommend to look up at her Live Bedroom version on YT you can see her playing all the instruments and the passion she has... gives me goosebumps! Hope you enjoy 😊 


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Hello, guys! It's great to catch up on this wonderful thread! I really love it and agree with what @BlackScatter has said: it is such a great opportunity to get to know people and discover new music! :heart:

@PuddinPop and @Reader I am so glad that you liked the song by Kyko! I love his music and think he is quite underrated. And I felt especially honoured that PuddinPop liked it, even though Indie isn't really her thing (also: I apologise in advance, because I love Indie and chances are pretty high that I'll be posting Indie stuff in the future :blush: ). Thanks for clicking on the video, despite the "Indie" in the title! :) 

The Carly Rae Jepsen song was haunting me for WEEKS after I'd first heard it on the radio! So catchy... :inlove: I still love listening to it, especially in the car (where I can sing along really, really, really badly without other people having to suffer :D )

@Coffee Mug, I hadn't heard of Tash Sultana before and I have to admit that I got a little impatient at first, wondering whether there would be ANY lyrics at all. However, once I overcame a certain point of frustration with the long opening sequence and stopped waiting for vocals, the constant repetitions in the background together with the various intruments joining in was an almost hypnotic experience and I found myself drifting off into a feeling of timelessness. Right then, the voice set in - beautiful timing :heart:

My next song was used in the final scene of a cheesy romance movie and I am glad that I remembered to look up the song after the movie (I often make a mental note of looking up songs from movies, but then forget to actually go and look up those songs :lol: ). I especially like the first minute of the song and how it slowly builds up to the first chors.

All We Ever Knew by The Head and the Heart


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 @Coffee Mug It was glorious!!! I watched the live bedroom version and there’s no contest. It was as you said....just mesmerizing. That change in guitar sound was gorgeous! I was bobbin to it! You should have seen my face when I realized she wasn’t dancing but was playing like two instruments with her feet hahahaha. Her voice is liquid silk and when she pushed that button and harmonized with that guy…. :wub:  just seeing her at home raw and unfiltered, dancing and creating...I was awestruck. The breathy quality in some spots with her voice was amazing and the part where she’s dancing to her own music while killin it in that guitar solo was fantastic!! There’s just something about seeing the process that makes it come alive. I know one example but it’s slightly different. Basically two guys were in a studio. One played a few chords and the other said “stop, press record”. The next eight minutes was what they put out to the world. The lyrics were made up on the spot and as you’ll watch (if you want) they silently work together to make a great song. Tadow by Masego. https://youtu.be/hC8CH0Z3L54 Anyways Thankyou for your suggestion! Definitely revisiting! Your first language is not English? Could have fooled me. 

@Selene I really like this thread too! I already feel like I know you as an intellectually smart, thoughtful and thinking, super nice person just from your comments. On to the review. 

This song is nice and easy to listen to. I really like his voice because it has extra notes and layers to it. Like it’s not clear if that makes sense? Some parts really click with me! Love the shouty parts and love when he says high and his voice goes high. It literally scrapes against my heart from some quality of it I can’t explain but it’s a good scraping feeling. Favorite parts are “she’s only in dreams...she’s only in dreams”, “all we ever do is all we ever knew” and  “time to wake up from it, time to make up for it”. I would definitely sing along to this. Curious about the movie too. I love the violin so much and how they combine electric guitar with classical violin is really amazing and pretty!! I plan to find the karaoke version and listen on repeat! 

This next song is from the play/movie ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. It’s about a man with a disfigured face that lives and hides in an opera house so ppl nicknamed him the phantom. He more or less teaches the main character girl how to sing from the shadows and in this song, she meets him. Both of their voices are out of this world! 



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On 24/04/2018 at 3:43 AM, BlackScatter said:

Out of the two of us, she's way more music savvy than me though. She's collected entire soundtracks for our stories together, and made awesome covers of her characters singing our favorites. Honestly I depend on Puds for all my favorite music :P

Scatter, my love, you spoil me :heart: This song always reminds me of happy times when writing with you. Our characters are always falling in love with each other beyond our control, so this song basically summarises all of them together :rofl: It makes me so happy and always gives me all the feels QwQ I am so lucky to have you as a writing partner, and as a best friend in general. Fuck it, let's just elope xD 

Okay, enough sentimentality.. 

@Reader, I just listened to the song and I have heard many versions of this one (Nightwish being the most memorable) but I do adore this version. It's chilling, haunting, and sets the scene so wonderfully. I have never been a huge fan of opera (unless operatic metal counts :P ) but I have always enjoyed this one! Her voice and breathing control is just sublime. I would give it an 8 out of 10 >w< 


My song I chose because it holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I have always liked it, but whenever I listen to it now, it always reminds me of when me and @Joal 555 went on a roadtrip to London together, and I convinced him to turn off his Coldplay CD :lol: I stuck this on, and Joal loved it! I just have such happy memories of that day, of us being dorks in the car and singing along to this. 

I have always been a big fan of Irish punk - Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Rumjacks etc. But this song is probably my favourite of this genre. I feel like it gives it a whole new look. Usually, Irish punk is about getting drunk and losing your girl xD but this is just so meaningful, so powerful, and so touching. The music is incredible, the lyrics are touching, and I just adore every single thing about it. 

Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphys


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Ohhh, I LIKE this!! It gives me an image of a comfy Irish pub, good mood and good drinks. :lol: I like Irish music all in all, and this one has a particularly pleasant, happy melody that sounds like it's made for singing along to. Put me in a really good mood, so thank you! :cheers:  ( <---- got a bit carried away there. :rofl: )


So this is an instrumental cover, but the special thing about this one is that they play with their instruments tuned to 432 hz instead of the regular tune. It's such a tiny change and while I'm not sure I can HEAR the difference, I can FEEL it. It resonates throughout me in a completely different way, somehow. Can't explain it. It's pleasant, though.  


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I saw the post and clicked on the video, before I even started reading the text, because I was curious about the song. Just as I was thinking that the sound had some odd underlying feel to it, I've read the last part about chaging the instruments to 432 hz and I went like "Aaaah, so THAT'S what's different" :D So yeah, it did have an effect on me, too. It is an interesting take on the song and I liked listening to it. It gave me some kind of "internal goosebumps", because I felt like goosebumps would happen any minute now, but they never came, even though the feeling prevailed throughout the song :)

The next song was more or less found by chane on youtube while I was looking for songs that would get me into a certain mood for writing and that song was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. It has a certain heavyness, a certain longing and a lingering sadness, but I still wouldn't call it a sad or depressed song. The "uhhhh uh uhhh uhhh"-parts are my favourites, because they express so much love and a certain brand of hopeful longing. Additionally, I love the way the beats from the background fall like heavy steps or heartbeats in between the vocals.


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This isn't really my genre of music at all and it has a lot of those... things typical to songs like this the appeal of which I just don't understand. That said I like the weird bg sound that comes closer to the end of the song at one point right before the chorus, and I like the melody in some places. I can definitely see how someone who likes music like this might like this, it's not bad just not the kind of song I'd listen to. It would fit as bg music for rainy day bus trips though.
//I forgot the actual rating :' ) Uhm... 6/10 because it's a little generic but otherwise all right

I chose this song because it's also in a genre I rarely listen to and without the chorus' melody and the way the lyrics sound I would find this song rather boring... :' )

click here for an english translation of the lyrics

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