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So, I don't know what happened today, but my nose has just plain lost its mind. I felt great for most of today, but then I worked out and things just started going south. 

I lifted weights for the first part of the session and then I ran a few miles to get my cardio in. This is where it gets interesting for my nose. I finish the cool down session after my run, hop off the treadmill, and almost immediately my nose starts to tickle like crazy, especially in the left nostril. Next thing I know, I'm sneezing my head off! I know I sneezed a good half dozen or more times in the first few minutes, and I've been a sniffling, tickly, sneezing mess ever since. 

Its possible the run exacerbated my allergies. That sort of thing has happened before, and I haven't gotten onto a medication regimen for this spring yet. But, my sister has also been sick, so I suppose it's possible I caught what she has (although I kinda doubt it as I don't really feel bad other than my nose). Anyway, here's hoping I feel better in the morning

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Oh man I'm sure it was the workout itself that triggered your nose to itch and make you sneeze.. too bad I wasn't around or near your treadmill haha would have been great to see the fit. 

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Indeed! Bless you anyway, whatever the cause!

How did the matter evolve (if at all?)

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