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Fetish becoming an obsession?


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Hi everyone! I think my fetish is developing in something really weird... I just keep looking for sneezes like in long vids that are   20 mins+     and there is nothing sneeze related in the title.  (and in the vid in general).  Today, after I came from the uni, I've spent like... hm.... 6 or 7 hours just looking for male sneezing. I feel like I'm asexual, but I do feel the desire to look for sneezes every day (the only thing that turns me on actually) for this long time... also I am 18, almost 19 and never been in any relationships (homoromantic in Ukraine is... like... impossible I think lol). So just wanted to share this with you guys and ask how obsessed are you  with the fetish and what do you think about my situation. Thanks for your attention  


p.s hope I've posted this in the right place, staff 

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Hello ukrsneeze,
Thank you for talking so openly with us about your thoughts.
I think a fetish may always be part of an obsession? And each one of us lives a fetish differently. I think everyone here knows situations in which he, her interacts 'more' with the fetish and also in which it does not play a 'major' role.

You study in the Ukraine - that sounds great. How are you doing there?
My thoughts on your situation are - maybe you should pay close attention to how are you right now?
Listen to your heart and wonder if you're missing something?
Maybe you have problems at the university, you are afraid of exams or something privately?
Of course you do not need to answer this in public, I'm just trying to help you....
Maybe you are trying  subconsciously through your fetish to represent a balance to your life?
Do you understand?
Perhaps you are in a personal, stressful situation and trying to calm it down through the fetish?
How much time you spend with it is up to you, maybe that's exactly what can help you in your life right now?

I do not know what I can tell you more, because I do not want to write anything wrong, as you said it would be impossible to live as homoromantic in Ukraine. I understand you but for now a good advice won't come to my mind, I am sorry. But I will think about it twice, I promise.
Did you intend to tell somebody in your life?
I hope I could help you a bit.


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This forum is the only place where I can talk to others who also have the fetish and I only enjoy the fetish ‘online’ so I guess my obsession would be coming on here way too much 😋

About your situation...the fetish wanes and waxes for ppl so this could just be the height of it right now. Or you really want a relationship so maybe to reach that ‘warm heart melting feeling’ without actually being in a relationship...you achieve it through looking up stuff? Psychologist I am not but I still have another guess...you are discovering more non-platonic feelings and curious how strong they can get. 

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- What I remembered, I was not sure if I should write it for you, maybe you are looking for a relationship? As I told you before listen to your heart and perhaps something is missing? A real relationship?
A feeling of affection and warmth and for now you experience these feelings through the videos? As I have already written to you, I do not want to write anything wrong, just help you a bit. Take care :)

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I suppose an obsession only becomes a problem when it is getting in the way of other things you want or need to do in your life. I would never be able to watch videos of 20+ minutes to look for sneezes because there are other things I value that time for more, or want to spend that time doing. If you value and enjoy that time searching for sneezes, then I would say it is more of a hobby (albeit with an erotic payoff). Obsessions can be pretty much indistinguishable from hobbies, and as long as your obsession/hobby does not harm anyone, and you're enjoying it, then I say just enjoy yourself :)  

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