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A Sneeze of Honor: Heard from the Apartment Over


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I'M SO SORRY!! I've been gone for EONS doing other stuff, I almost forgot about this entire place! As a sort of a sorry gift, here is the start of a new, hopefully continuing series! It is about a collage student, who just moved into the area, but was famous at her old place for her sensitive nose. A ton of sneezing in it, hope you guys enjoy!

*Honor - A 19-year-old female, curly black hair and mocha brown skin. hazel brown eyes, and a slightly small, curved, rounded nose. Relatively short and shy.

*Nixon - A 19-year-old male, brown-red curly hair and grassy-green eyes. He has a medium-large, nicely angled nose, tear-shaped nostrils, and square glasses. Very tall and quirky, freckles scattered all over his creamy-pale skin.




Honor POV



Growing up, if there was one thing I was notorious for…

“hig…h-hit-tthh! rAAAASHU!sdf…”

It was my sneezing; I guess I was even famous for it. I was practically rolling a dice every time it happened. Was it going to be quiet, or enormous? A single, double, triple, or fit? Weird, or at least somewhat normal? I’m allergic to a lot of things, dust, pollen, feathers, cats especially; of course, this doesn’t compare to how plain sensitive my nose is in general. I was constantly teased, all the way through high school, but luckily, I found this apartment complex, quite a ways away from where I grew up—maybe this is a chance to start fresh.

A curly, black lock of hair bounces in front of my face, pulling me from my past thoughts. It just barely brushes against the tip of my strawberry-mocha nose, but with all of the dust in this place, it’s more than enough to send a wave of itchiness through my entire face. I stagger back from being bent over my boxes. Swiping the strand of hair away, I immediately press my fingertips to the bridge of my itchy appendage, rubbing it back and fourth to try and tame the tickle.

h…..hh-hhuh…..hignn….ghhHH’ItchXXT! hhhHH-GHSHHHHOOOO!!” The sneezes send shivers through my skin, enough to make me flop backward onto the chair. After all the unpacking and transferring boxes from the truck to the apartment room through the night, I can’t lie when I say I’m exhausted. I only had roughly an hour of sleep, and I still have the entire bathroom and bedroom to set up. It’s been a little dusty, but even then, I don’t sneeze with dust as much as I usually do around most other things. Maybe it could be light from the window, I’m not sure. 

My head throbs, causing me to rub it with a slight groan. I ran out of tissues hours ago, so I pull out a small, tattered cloth and blow my nose. The action alone is enough to aggravate my ticklish nose. I can feel my chest tighten I try and clutch my teeth to prepare for it, but it only results in me biting my tongue.

“gGHXX’T! Oww….” I groan, wincing as I sniffle. This made no sense—how come I am so sensitive all of a sudden?

Shaking my head, I stood back up, walking to the sofa and preparing myself to angle it to the place I would desire. It’s a lot of work, to say the least, but I don’t want to be a minimalist going into college for my second year.

gh…….cobe od….h-hh!” I was halted in my tracks by a hitch in my breath. I could feel my own nose crinkle and twitch in destress, gearing up for a sneeze. Taking both hands off of the couch, I began to slowly massage my flaring nostrils, but something chimed in my head, telling me it was all too late.

heghh-hhh……d-d-doe…..d-dod’t……s-s-sdeeze!” This was going to be strong, already past the point of trying to hold it back. Immediately, my first thought is if I can manage to stifle—

ht’gnxxt! Gnxt’shh!Gnxt’chhm! hit-AASHEWW! ATXXCHEWW! ASHHUU! EEEISHEW! huh-HUH—HURRESHEW!”

Well of course, that didn’t work.

“…Kssshew!…Eeeesssshew!…Ksssschtmph! Jesus…h-hh! Isssshew!

Just as I recovered my fit, my heart double in speed to a knock on the door. It brought to realization how loud I was likely sneezing here and before. Great; already only two days since I’ve moved here and I’m getting complaints from neighbors! I immediately feel my shy and fearful side start to boil in; I wiped my nose, hiding as much evidence that I was sneezing as possible, before my hand gripped the nob. I sucked in a huge breath, before opening it.

A man stands behind it, he cant be any older than my age. He has deep, grassy-olive eyes, redish-brown curly hair, and quite the structured frame. His nose was placed squarely on his face, a nice size and angle to complement the freckles that dance over it, and his wide, square glasses that balanced nicely. He has his arms half-crossed, as if deciding weather to have them crossed or at his sides. As our eyes meet, I can see his face relax, as if his stress was clearing.

“Uh…erm…hi there! Good morning!” He chuckles, finding his confidence as he spoke. My first response was a light sniffle, as quiet as I could possibly handle. I can only pray that my nose didn’t take the time to stuff up my voice.

“O-oh…hello there. Good morning to you too.”

The man, being taller than me, slightly glanced over my shoulder at the non-decorated living room, boxes everywhere.

“My name’s Nixon. You’re new, I’m assuming?”

I bite my lip gently, feeling tingles of itchiness fire off in my sinuses like static; it’s enough to cause my eyes to well up with tears.


“It’s an honor to meet you too!” A smile widened on his face, which blurred through my vision. I don’t think he quite grasped the fact that Honor was my actual name. My nose tickled all too much to respond, I knew a sneeze was nestling itself, ready to release.

h-hhhh-hh! O-Oh…phh….pardon me…Kssssshrew! Excuse me…” I could immediately feel my cheeks burn with a blush as I sniffle.

“Woah, bless you.” He said kindly, but his tone grew slightly concerned.

“Thanks…Honor is my name.”

“Oh! I thought you were saying it’s an honor to meet me!” He chuckles to himself, face changing along with mine. I felt my nose crumple and quiver, feeling a sudden burst of tickles scattering along my nasal walls. With not enough time to suppress the oncoming sneeze, I turn sharply on my heel until my back faces him, eyelashes fluttering and yanking my elbow up to my brightening appendage.


“Bless you, and again; you must’ve been the one I heard.” He tilted his head, face comforting. My head immediately snaps back up, before barreling forward again.

EEEESHUUUU! H-heard?” I cast a glance over to Nixon, who slowly grew a blush on his cheeks.

“N-not in a weird way, of course,” he scratched his head. “I’m your next-door neighbor.”

Everything pieces together for me now. I had been so loud with my fit, Nixon could hear it from the next apartment room over. “O-Oh geez…I’m so sorry! My um…sneezing can be out of control sometimes. I’m so sorry you had to go through—”

“It’s okay! Really! There’s no need to apologize.” He put his hands out, cutting me off. “Uh-erm…do you need anything for it?” I figure he’s hinting that if I have medicine, I should take it.

“Right, I should probably pick up stuff from the store. I’m so sorry…”

“No no! I swear, nothing is wrong with you! I wanted to know if I could get you something.” His blush slightly deepens, his lips quiver in his smile.

“Get…m-me?” I can’t help pointing to myself in confusion.

“Of course!”

“O-oh…you really don’t n-need to get me anything…I don’t want you wasting any money…”

“Honor, it’ll be fine. Consider it a welcome gift.”

Not only Nixon, but my nose went against my words as it twitched. “h-hh! Heehhh….dod’t….deed….scuse be—!!” I could only cover a sharp gasp with a cupped hand, the only barrier protecting the sneeze from spraying him. I pitched forward, causing him to stagger back and away from my zipping head. “Igtt’chmpht!!” Oh no…I felt my cupped hand grow warm from the harsh stifle, which could only mean one thing; I snotted into my hand—god knows what would happen if that were to go uncovered. My hand still plastered to my face, my eyes flicker up to Nixon, watching as he digs in his pocket to pull out a full pack of Kleenex. He stretches his arm out.

“Erm…here. Do you need?”

“T-thank you greatly…I’m all out of tissues here.” I turn, face red, opening the packet and taking one out. I blow my nose as lightly as I can, though my congestion still leaves a gurgling sound. Wiping my nose, I turn back around with a blush. “So sorry…Nixon?”

“Nixon,” He confirms. “So you’re out of tissues? I could get you a few boxes.”

“N-no, It’s fine,”

“You sure? You looked like you worked yourself into a slight cold these past days.”

This statement hit me harder than it should have. Maybe I was catching something; it would explain why my sneezing has left me a bit worse for wear, and why I’ve had this throbbing headache.

“O-Oh, you really don’t…”

“I wish to, may I?” He gives a warm smile that I simply can’t object to.

“A-alright. Please don’t spend too much on me.”

“I won’t promise anything, ma’am.” He chuckles, backing up to signify he was leaving. “I’ll see you in a few minutes with some stuff, ok?” With this, he walks down the stairs of the apartment complex, slipping out of my view.

“Alright.” I feel weird inside, mainly because he didn’t specify that he was only getting tissues; just stuff. I can only hope he wasn’t going to spend his wallet on me on the first day we just met. I sigh, closing the door before coughing sharply. “Maybe I am coming down with something…” This was not my main concern; I needed to get back to work.


*There's part 1! hope yu guys liked it! I have a TON of ideas for this one, let me know how you liked it!

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On 4/22/2018 at 7:13 PM, Queen of Spaids (or Kita) said:

I was practically rolling a dice every time it happened. Was it going to be quiet, or enormous? A single, double, triple, or fit? Weird, or at least somewhat normal?

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this concept done before? Protagonists with unusually loud sneezes yes, all the time, but not with random unpredictable ones. Should be an interesting way to add drama.

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Ooh. Yes! Caretaking from the guy next door... Mmm, perfect.

I can't wait to see what happens.

I'm turned on by guys who are sick, but having a guy take care of a girl? I'm all over that.

I look forward to your posts. If you want to run ideas by me, feel free.



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Thank you ALL so much for your support!! The next part will be from Nixon’s Perspective, and I’ll be sure to post it soon!

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OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you ALL for so much support! I had been thinking about this collage-style write, and it sparked an idea to do a roleplay on Discord! I got together a few of my friends (who are also fetishists) and now we have an ongoing roleplay called StarSpill University - BETTER NEWS, I am writing along side it, so all of the adventures our characters face will be posted HERE, as writes! Anyway, enough rambling here's part 2!!



*Honor - A 19-year-old female, curly black hair and mocha brown skin. hazel brown eyes, and a slightly small, curved, rounded nose. Relatively short and shy.

*Nixon - A 19-year-old male, brown-red curly hair and grassy-green eyes. He has a medium-large, nicely angled nose, tear-shaped nostrils, and square glasses. Very tall and quirky, freckles scattered all over his creamy-pale skin.

Nixon POV

The second I close the door to my car, I can’t contain a little squeal of delight. This girl was honestly cute, and I can’t believe I actually mustered up the courage to talk to her! Not to mention her adorable sneezes—I can’t get the sound of them out of my head! Alright, alright, now it’s time for me to actually control these shaking hands and get going to the nearest convenience store. I can’t lie when I say it was a struggle to even stay focused on the road.

I enter the store, and immediately search for the sickness supplies. I know she said not to spend too much on her, but how could I not?

As I pass through the isles, there is a particularly strong scent of detergent that wafts past my nostrils. Immediately, my eyes water and my nostrils grow pink as they flare in irritation—I was no where NEAR a trooper for strong scents. Already, I can’t do anything to subdue the oncoming sneeze, so I shoot forward into my arm, trying my best to muffle the sound.

“Eggh’chxt!” It was quite harsh and loud, my normal sneezes always were. Not anything special, of course, and not my main concern; I began my miniature journey, also known as shopping.

The trip only took thirty minutes, it would’ve been five if I had only bought one box of tissues. I decided to grab seven more, a few handkerchiefs, some cough drops, canned soup, and a few things here and there. I also needed a new toy for Albert, my cat, as well as some other nicks and gadgets. I separated Honor’s items and mine into different bags, and soon I was on my way.

My hand hovered over her apartment door, face as red as a cherry. I had been anticipating the whole way up the stairs, and now that I’ve actually arrived, I can’t seem to even knock on the door. A sound from inside catches me off guard.

“ESSHUU! HEIHSHUUUU!” It was Honor. Now I can really tell just how loud she could get at times. Swallowing in an attempt to stuff down my embarrassment, I give quick knock on the door. A few seconds later, the door swings open slightly, revealing part of Honor’s cute little face. “O-Oh…hello again…”

“Why hello ma’am!” I beamed, still trying to guzzle down my blushing. “I’m back with a few things for you.

Honor arced an eyebrow. “A-A few?” I could only nod in silence, opening the bags. There were so many, I dropped one on the ground as I tried to search through. Honor stepped back, eyes casting inside her apartment. “Y-you…um…you can come in if you want…”

I think I nodded at this a little too fast. Stepping inside, I really could see how she had designed her area; It had only been two or three days and most-everything was unpacked. She clearly enjoyed the mix of blue and yellow, dark rich-brown as a good furniture accent. She had done more in two days than I could’ve managed in two weeks. I could see the heavy working speed had definitely left her worse for wear, her cute little nostrils were twitching here and there, and her entire nose was tinted pink. She looked a bit flustered, but managed to stand straight and pull off a healthy look.

In my attempt to pull out one box of tissues, four more spilled out of the bag. Honor’s eyes immediately widened, she placed her hands over her mouth in shock. “H-how many did you buy?” She looked…well, honored, but moreover embarrassed.

“Not much, just eight boxes.” I responded with a smile. “And a few things to help you out, since I figured you might’ve been catching something.”

“N-Nixon you’re too kind…” she murmured, eyes thanking him. “But I doubt I’m coming down with something…”

I glanced up at her face, which seemed to be fighting a silent battle. I could see her clench her jaw. “You sure?”

hhh-hhhehhhh…I-ihhhh…hahhh! Ksssshew! Eeeeissshew! P-positive..?” 

I laughed at her response, making sure it didn’t catch her off guard. “Bless you—I think your nose disagrees…”

“My nose always disagrees” She muttered, causing me to smirk. I open up one of the boxes of tissues, placing it on the armrest. I place the seven others on the kitchen island, turning to see her suddenly hitch again. I couldn’t help but stop and stare.

“h-hhHH HESSHEW! ISSHEW! Gaeeetch’eww!”

“Bless you again…” I could barely even finish before she went into a coughing fit, eyes welling with tears. It sounded painful, I couldn’t help going over to my bags to grab a few cough drops for her. “a-ah…here you go…”

She cleared her throat, looking at what I had placed in her hand. “O-oh…thank you…”

“You seem like you’ve been working a lot…maybe you should at least take a small break…I bought soup and—“

“You bought soup for me?” She tilted her head, eyes wide with ‘wow, he had everything thought out.’ I blushed hard, it bleaching my pale skin a deep red. I heard her laugh for the first time at this, a sweet giggle that only complimented all of her features.

“I-I…” she cut me off with a sigh.

“Fine; since you’ve had everything planned for me, I guess I’ll leave the stage for you, Nixon.” She smiled weakly. I have never been so honored in my life.

“Oh-OH! A-A thank you, Um…” I took all of the stuff out of the bags, Honor contained a laugh.

“I t-take it you like taking care of people?” She asked.

“I’m studying to become a doctor, or some type of caretaker.” I admitted. I handed her the pack of handkerchiefs. 

“Oh- wow…thank you…” Her nostril twitched, causing her eyes to half-lid. She reached for the box of tissues, ad he brought the box closer with a small nudge, blushing. Upon ripping two tissues out of the box, she held them to her face, eyes watering. She pitched forward slightly as the sneezes followed.

“hh-hhh…Hig’shoo…Ikxt’shew…Aptch’uu! ‘Scuse me…” It for one shocked me that she could be just as quiet as she was loud. She also looked a million times cuter with tissues pressed up against her desperate face, I had to avert my eyes to subdue my face reddening any more. I was so flustered, that I handed her the can of soup. It wasn’t even opened, let alone heated. She snuffled, looking at the can blankly. “Erm…Nixon? It’s a can…”

My eyes casted over to what I was holding, my face immediately burned with a red blush. Was I honestly falling for her? “O-oh! My goodness. Silly me, l-let me go warm it up for you.” I had never scrambled to the kitchen so fast.


Honor POV

Ever since I saw him blush the first time, I felt he was almost tripping over himself for me. Let alone holding a random soup can in front of my face? I just HAD to go with it; it’s all too cute. He was preparing the soup in the kitchen, so I decided to open my laptop, searching up the collage I would be going into in a few days. The ratings looked amazing, surely I’ll find my acting career here.

I blew my nose into a tissue, the vibration causing my nose to only tickle more. I felt my eyelids flutter shut, and I raised my chin to try and tame it. I rubbed my nose under the tissue, but it was no use. “ESSSHUU! ASSSSHEW! HESSSHOO! GISSHEW!” I was not expecting loud sneezes, whatsoever—Nixon likely wasn’t expecting it either, because he jolted from all the way in the kitchen.

“Sorry Nixon…”

“T-that’s alright…Bless you.”

He came into the living room with the soup, blushing. I took it out of his hands, nodding a thanks. “Maybe I am coming down with something…I was working my butt off yesterday and the day before…I kinda needed this, I guess…”

“N-no problem Honnor…” he murmured with a smile.

“So I guess we’re friends now?” She giggled.

“Absolutely.” He nodded. Though, in my head, I couldn’t help but almost wish for more.

…More than friends…maybe…


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I didn't squeal a little what no your being silly...ok maybe a little I can't help that this is so damn cute

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