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I've been thinking about doing a  multi-part original story featuring a sneezy college professor. I know several of us like that scenario and I wondering if there's anything specific people would like to see included.

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Oh jesus that is one of my faves :heart:

For me I personally like

-The professor lecturing and fighting not to sneeze.

-Sneezing while talking and trying not to break form.

-Students taking a test, professor attempting to sneeze quietly.

-Professor looking frazzled from either cold or allergies. Hair kinda messy, tie crooked, mis match socks or shoes.

Hope that helps, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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I agree with all of Kaze's suggestions. It would also be fun to see dozing off during office hours only to have a student come knocking! And the dreaded meetings with the dean/other staff after they've already spent the day teaching and just want to be home in bed. I am also never opposed to a staff room interaction where someone gently shoves a cup of coffee into their hands or passes a box of tissues with a sympathetic word. 

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OH... MY.... DEAR.... LORD









Ok.... I am only **slightly** dying even over the IDEA of this.... just..... JAFLKAHKFLVNLELRHLKHFLKAFNSDLFN!!!!


Seriously- a combination of one of my fav writers PLUS a particular story/ character type that just MAYBE, POSSIBLY might be one of my absolute FAVS.  :innocent::ninja::winkkiss:


I honestly cannot even think to give any ideas- just.... Yes!  Yes please!  *bats eyelashes* 

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Hmm, a few ideas: 

- I don’t know how into contagion you are, but an assignment getting sneezed on and then later handed in sounds like a delicious vector for infection. 

- Sneezing because of a student’s perfume/body spray. Especially if the student wore it deliberately to get out of a test or giving a presentation.

- Pitching forward from a sneeze during a lecture and accidentally sneezing directly into the microphone, rendering a normally quiet and polite sneeze deafeningly loud.

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