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DISCLAIMER: This is my first SNEEZE fic, I have written other stories before.


He cringed as she brought the flowers closer.

"...and the most GORGEOUS array of colors, i mean, for a florist that's easy enough, but James is just the BEST..."

He rubbed a  hand under his nose, attempting to stave off the burning itch. His face must have betrayed his feelings, because she stopped talking.

"Darling? are you all right?"

He nodded, feeling the itch build.

"Perfectly ah...all right, honestly, darling. I'm fah...fine."

The pollen continued to work its way through his nose, building the itch tortuously. His breath hitched, and he paused for a moment, but he wasn't going to have satisfaction just yet.


Leaving the flowers, she took him for a walk, down the streets and towards the park. The freshly cut grass and pollen assaulted his nose, and as he walked, he tried to keep the itch back.

"lovely day, isn't it?"

"Yes, wonderful..hah.."

"ooh, a hawk!"


"Ooh look at this!"

Without warning, a flower was thrust under his nose and the itch became stuck.


"Isn't it beautiful?"

She had already turned away, dropping the flower back to the ground, but the damage had been done.


"another one!"

The assault of a second flower was far too much for his sensitive, already teased nose.

"hehh...heshoo! heshaoo! heh..ih...hehh...hahh...hehh.."

It stuck.

By now she was looking at him with a mixture of concern and amusement.

"Oh dear. you're allergic?"

He nodded.

"What's wrong?"



He nodded again, this time with more urgency. She smiled, picked up her flower, and twirled it under his nose.

"Ohh...haahh...heh...hetchoo! hatchoo! isthoo! heh..ih...heshoo!"

She giggled.

"It's not...hehh...funny..ih"

She raised the flower again.


The petals brushed his twitching red nose.


He turned away, rubbing his nose vigorously, but the damage was far past done. 


She noticed his discomfort.

"stuck again?"


He rubbed a finger under his nose, hoping to avail the itch, but it was no use.


She picked up a handful of grass clipping from the ground. He could practically see the pollen clinging to them.

His nose twitched. "Hehhh..."

She thrust the clipping under his nose, and the effect was immediate.

"Hahh..hehh..hatchoo! HATCHOO! hishoo! ha...hahh..HATCHOO!



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