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campainha branca.. Cristiano Ronaldo fanfiction


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Dear readers,

this is my first fiction on this site.
To be honest I am scared to share it with you, I haven't written for over one year but I try to go on.
The original is not in English, I tried to translate it for you.
If it contains any mistakes, or the topic is too inept please feel free to remove my fiction.
Title: campainha branca
Fandom: football
Disclaimer: I do not earn money with this story and I do not want to harm anyone of the real existing charkters.
Notes: the story takes place at the beginning of 2009.
Important: I would recommend it to readers 16 years and older.
Pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo & own female main character
campainha branca means snowdrop.
I dedicate this story to all children, women, men who are suffering from domestic violence every day. I am a part of you..
I hope you like it and take care.
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February 2009


Through her eyes he sees the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

The depths of her vulnerability.

Agleam pigments of blue that silently ask him to stay.

When he gazes at her eyes, he knows why he returns back to her again and again.

He wants her to stay.. her to stay.


Laia smiles weakly and leans toward him to touch his clean-shaven cheek.

The sheet slips off her petite body and bares a part of her chest, which is hidden only by a rosy T-shirt.

A part of her beauty she will never be aware of.

A cold chill runs through her body.

A cold he can not relief from her.


While his fingers caress her tender skin, the first ice crystals freeze, glittering at the windows.

And their color is as pure and luminous as the white of a snowdrop.

As pure and delicate as Laias soft skin that Cristiano can feel under his fingertips.


"Meu deus," he whispers, and Laia realizes that his voice has the usual roughly undertone that usually causes a sweetish pain in her heart.

"Please, promise me you'll leave him."


Laia winces as his fingers slide over the ferruginous deposit of blood over her right eyebrow.

In the distance, far above the rooftops of Lisbon, she can witness the glaring lights of the cathedral.


"I can't.", her voice breaks as her forehead comes to rest on his shoulder.


"Let me get you out of there," he says, his words escaping his lips with a husky voice.

His heart full of exuberant euphoria, full of unlimited opportunities to offer her. Whether she had ever asked for it, he is unaware.


"I would do anything for you to be free."

His lips stroke her damaged skin.

"To make you happy."


"Cristiano", Laia closes her eyes, intestine he begs her to turn to him.

He silently begs her not to take from him what it is worth living for.


"Cristiano, he can change, I know it."


They both recognize her lie, which she tries to hide between the single, bitter sweet words.

He does not care that she is lying. Does not care that her dulcet voice sounds brittle.

The shards trenching the vestibules of his heart.


He does not care that her long blond hair is knotted and her mascara draws capillary black lines over her tanned cheeks.

He cares about that she doesn't want help and that he is forced to watch.


"I love you."


Never.. there has never been more honesty in his words.


And while their lips softly stroke each other, the bright light spectacle of the capital city disappears in the Lisbon surrounding waft of mist

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That was so delicate and soft. The atmosphere you brought me into was just all kinds of quiet desperation and soft yearning; heartfelt love. That push and pull battle in a quiet moment. It was so serenely beautiful. I love little bits of a different language in stories and I melted when he used that nickname (even though I don’t know what it means). I love how you describe how each person feels. It was soooo real and they had such depth to their characters.  You could tell that he was afraid to lose her by being too bold and you could tell she wanted to stay with him with all her heart but a little of her brain stopped her. I admire so much how you slowly feed the readers details and descriptions.  This was lovely. 

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hello Reader, thank you so much for your kind words. You made me very happy and I am glad you enjoyed the first part a bit.

I hope the next days I can write another. You melted when he used portuguese :)

In my other story, I always added the translations for foreign words , but the readers found it superfluous. I translate it for you, because he has not used a nickname for her, 'meu Deus' means 'my godness', because he was shocked about her injury. Thank you for your feedback, you gave me a smile.

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