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Owen's Beast (Torchwood one-shot, Owen)


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So I'm still working on my sequel to The Downside to Dying, but I got kind of stuck, so this happened. Owen needs a little too. (And by love I really mean torture.) I do have to give credit to my sister's boyfriend for designing the alien. I had the idea but wasn't sure what kind of alien to make, so I asked him (Obviously not telling the details of the story), (he's a huge Dr Who and Torchwood fan) and this is what he came up with! Also, I got creative in my graphics program again, so picture is included for your amusement. 


Owen turned from the samples he was processing as something heavy landed on his autopsy table. Jack and Gwen had just deposited an alien the size of a medium dog and obviously heavy judging by the looks of relief on their faces after putting it down. Jack grinned, “Present for you!”


Owen looked at the creature and then up at Jack. “What is it?”


“Don’t know. That’s what you’re going to find out. Found it rooting around a dumpster behind Castle Arcade. Have fun. Let me know what you find out.” With a swirl of his great coat Jack turned to follow Gwen up the stairs.


“Oi!” Owen called after him. “Thanks a lot. I’ll get right on that. Cause I wasn’t doing anything else important.” Jack just laughed at his typical sarcasm. So he turned back to the creature muttering to himself. “Alright you ugly bastard. Let’s get a look at you.


The creature was a dull orange color and had red eyes. It had a bony head with a sort of double jaw. The outer jaw opened up and had large outward facing teeth in four corners. The inner jaw had two large teeth on top like fangs and four teeth on the bottom. It looked quite vicious for something that had apparently been digging in the trash. The body was covered in a hard shell made up of small bony plates. It had long wiry hair covering it’s legs and belly. It had a skinny tail that appeared to be prehensile. Overall, it was a pretty strange conglomeration, albeit not the weirdest thing he’d seen, or dissected, since joining Torchwood.


He started by taking the creature’s measurements. 40.6cm tall, 55.8cm long excluding the tail which was a further 25.4cm, 86.3cm around the body. Weighing it he found that it was indeed heavy for its size, 51.71 kg. He took a swab of the inside of the mouth and a clipping of the hair to test for DNA. Surface examination done it was time to get down to actual dissection.


As he was organizing his surgical instruments he felt a prickling in his sinuses and brought an arm up to catch a pair of sneezes. “HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh!” Picking up a scalpel he turned the creature on its back and started to make an incision down its underside, only instead of cutting neatly through the scales, the blade of the scalpel broke. He looked at it in disbelief. Turning back to his tray he chose a larger scalpel only to get the same result. Thinking for a minute he picked up his bone saw. He turned it on and applied it to the scaly surface. It whirred and whined but didn’t seem to be making a dent and then it started to smoke. He quickly put down the saw as the smoke wafted up and he turned to sneeze harshly. HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh!” He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose. Glaring at the creature he pulled out a surgical drill. Once again this had no effect other than dulling the bit. Feeling the tickle come back in his nose he grabbed a tissue. This was getting annoying. HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh!” He blew his nose and sneezed again. “HatSSHCHihh!” He rubbed at his eyes which were starting to get itchy as he thought for a moment. “Let’s see you stand up to this!” He muttered darkly pulling a laser cutter out of a cabinet. Much to his chagrin the only result was singed hair.


Upstairs, Jack was attracted by the sounds of Owen sneezing interspersed with frustrated swearing. He headed down the stairs. “Having some problems?” He stopped in his tracks at the bottom of the stairs, staring at Owen. “Are you ok? Your eyes are all puffy and you have red blotches on your neck.”


“HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh! HatSSSHHCHiiiihh!” Owen sneezed wetly and walked over to a mirror. “Bloody hell. I can’t get through the thing’s shell and apparently I’m having an allergic reaction.” Looking at him sympathetically Jack asked what he’d tried so far. He listed off the steps he’d taken before his breath hitched and sneezed again. “Ha Ha Hah HatSSSHHCHiiiihh! Ugh.” He groaned and blew his nose.


“I have an idea. Why don’t you let me try it while you take an antihistamine or something,” Jack offered. He began rummaging through the cabinets until he found what he was looking for. With an exclamation of success he brought out a cryogun. He sprayed the liquid nitrogen along the creature’s underside and then positioned an autopsy chisel in the center and tapped it with a mallet. The shell instantly cracked open.


Owen glared at him. “You think you’re so smart, don’t you? Well thank you very much for the assistance. I’ll just get back to it then.” His somewhat sarcastic tone was marred by the sneezing fit that followed. “HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHCHihh! HatSSHHCHihh! Ha Ha HatSSSHHCHiiiihh! Hah HatSSSHHCHiiiihh!” When he finally regained control he realized he was feeling decidedly itchy and was beginning to get a headache. This did nothing to improve his mood which was already sour from being upstaged by Jack.


Jack felt sorry for the younger man who seemed to be feeling worse by the minute. He knew, however, that he wasn’t going to completely give up control of his duties. Maybe he could get him to compromise. “Bless you. Why don’t you let me finish the examination and you can sit over there and take the notes so you aren’t in direct contact with this thing.” Owen wanted to argue but as he still felt like he needed to sneeze he gave in and sat down across the room and picked up the medical folder for the alien. Jack made quick work of the rest of the dissection. Dictating his finds to Owen, he was interrupted by frequent sneezing and increasing sniffling. They found it had a very rudimentary digestive system, which was probably why it had been snacking on already decayed garbage. Therefore the impressive jaws and teeth were probably for defense rather than attacking, which made them wonder what kind of place it had come from. Finishing up, Jack turned to Owen. “Why don’t you let me get this thing into storage and clean up while you go get a shower. That should get rid of some of the allergens and hopefully you’ll start feeling better.”


“HatSSHCHihh! I’m all for that plan. This is bloody awful.” He got up and headed up the stairs. Turning back, he added, “We don’t necessarily have to tell the others about this though, do we?”


Jack grinned. “Hmm. What’s in it for me?” At Owen’s look of dismay he relented. “Alright, it’s our little secret.”


“Thanks Jack.” Owen said and continued upstairs, sneezing as he went.


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51 minutes ago, AngelEyes said:

Also, I got creative in my graphics program again, so picture is included for your amusement. 

... Mwahahahahahaha. Oh, you can't imagine how much I LOVE your little alien creature! It's so... so... I don't even know how to describe him.

52 minutes ago, AngelEyes said:

“Thanks a lot. I’ll get right on that. Cause I wasn’t doing anything else important.”

Is it me, or does he sound like McCoy...? ^_^

53 minutes ago, AngelEyes said:

It looked quite vicious for something that had apparently been digging in the trash.

Okay, I just laughed at that. Great description.

Poor Owen. I'm really sorry for him, but I'm glad you decided to torture him too because I'm pretty sure I'll love the character (see my previous comment about McCoy) when I finally watch the show! And Jack's reaction and attempts to help Owen and prevent him from having a complete allergy attack... Okay, okay, I love Jack anyway, but I liked the way you presented him here.

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1 hour ago, Aliena H. said:

Is it me, or does he sound like McCoy...?

OMG, that wasn't my intention, but you're totally right! LOL

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5 hours ago, AngelEyes said:

Also, I got creative in my graphics program again, so picture is included for your amusement

Adding a picture is so awesome!


also, yes, yes, a bit of "love" for Owen was needed :sneeze:

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5 hours ago, AngelEyes said:

Jack grinned, “Present for you!”

Ha!  That's just perfect!   Owen love is  awesome!!     And your alien is perfect!   LOVE the illustrations!

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You wrote Owen!!!! 😍😍😍 I was so happy when I saw this! Owen needs torture... ahem...  I mean love, too ^_^:whistle: 

It was such a great and fun read! Owen all snarky and grumpy, because he had to deal with this and couldn't find a way to open the alien and then in comes Jack, riding on a wave of his usual coolness, and opens it in less than two seconds :lmfao: That was perfect! 

And I also loved the visual you've included :) 

Thanks for sharing this! 

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I'm so glad you guys liked my illustration! I had fun with it. Thanks for sharing the Owen "love"! LOL!

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