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Super Messy Cold (self, m)


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I’m coming down with what’s looking to be a sneezy, horribly messy head cold. Of course I would have to get sick right as I started getting some allergy relief!

Earlier I was sitting on the couch watching TV when my head snapped down with a violent wet triple. I couldn’t reach my handkerchief in time and while I knew it’d be wet, I didn’t realize how wet. I could feel the sneeze mist all over myself and some of the coffee table in front of me. Mess exploded from my nose, down my face and onto my lap. Without thinking, I tried to sniff some of the mess back in but that made me sneeze twice more. Still couldn’t get my handkerchief but this time I got my hands up over my nose, soaking them with two even messier sneezes. I carefully pulled one hand away to reach for my handkerchief. I wiped down my hands, face and lap before giving a couple strong blows, amazed at how much was still in my nose even after those sneezes. I soaked the handkerchief through and had to get another one to finish clearing my nose. I washed my hands, changed out of my sneeze covered clothes, cleaned off the table and kept a fresh handkerchief closer at hand after that. I better be careful with this cold.

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Wow, sounds like this allergy/cold has really gotten the best sneezes out of you. I can only imagine the beautiful mist spraying everywhere and the sound your sneezes make. You'd def be my favorite type of sneezer. Thank you for sharing. Ps. Would love to see in person hehe

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