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sneezes from a hug (M)


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I was hanging out with my friend-with-benefits in his college dorm room right at the beginning of allergy season. He's of Mexican descent, short facial hair all around, shiny dark eyes, and about 5'10". Oh, and he has allergies. He's definitely one of the sneeziest people I know. The first time we hung out, he brought up his allergies as a topic of conversation and was telling me all about his sneezes!! 

So anyway, we are in his room and he is packing because he's going away for the weekend with his fraternity. I had to go soon, and I wanted to say goodbye, so we said our goodbyes and I gave him a big hug. After hugging for a few seconds (I love his cuddly hugs), he starts to pull away from me, but I wanted to hold him close for another second. Getting more desperate, he pushes himself away from me just in time to let out a desperate sneeze off to the side. Huutt-tshaa!!

"Bless you," I said. "Thanks," he says, grinning, and then we continue our hug where it left off.... But only for another second because then he pushes himself away from me again, turns into the corner of the room, and practically doubles over with two rapid-fire sneezes. htchaa- HUUTSHAAA!! The last one comes out with so much force that he stomps his foot along with it. 

Then he said "well that reminded me I definitely need to bring my allergy meds this weekend," and he opened his drawer to get it out and threw the bottle into his suitcase. Needless to say, I missed him a lot that weekend...

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