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Totally Romantic


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Is that clover??  Σ(っ°Д °; )っ oh wooooooow!!! I love her expression!!! And their pose too!! I like how you add feathers in the background XD thats really brings up the romantic vibe (and alergen) 

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful pic~~~

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Wow I’m a details girl and your accuracy is on point!!! Case in point: the ribs under the boobs that artists forget sometimes when portraying skinny people, her knees, and his Adam’s apple! Super accurate!

I love the pose and the intimacy. The beautiful feathers in the background are an amazing touch to the piece as a whole. 

Seems like she has a stuck sneeze and he, being the gentleman that he is, is coaxing it out of her. Lovely! Great job! 


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The way you drew these characters is really nice to see! I enjoy your drawings =) The hairstyles and eyes are my favorite things you draw and I like how the noses look. Great feathers too ^^ 

Thank you for taking time drawing!

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