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my mother ignored the birth of my daughter..


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Sadly I was not active the last few days due to a mental 'breakdown'. Unfortunately, I have not found the 'real' reasons why it can overrun you with such a force, but mentally I could give myself some answers.
The last few days I was a little sad, although it has been a time ago, it is an issue that concerns me very much and hurts.
The reason for it: my mother had very big mental health problems, living a normal life is hardly possible for her.
Also we did not always had contact in our life.
There were a few reasons why she missed the birth of my son - but I forgave her, I always respected her situation - she is my mother, of course.
But then - it has been some time now - she knew that I was pregnant a second time, she knew about the birth of my daughter, because I had written her in a letter - even then she had severe mental problems - though she ignored my daughter's birth. Completely ignored. 
Not a message, not a phone call or a response to my letter that reached me.
Subconsciously, I think she remembered the time when I was a baby and the problems which involved with it.
But it hurts me a lot inside, that the situation was repeated again, I expected from the bottom of my heart it would be different this time.
So for you, if it is possible, please spend time with your families, friends, people who are important to you - it can heat your heart and it is never a waste of time.
Why am I telling you something like this?
Perhaps there is someone among you who can give me an answer or comfort?
I can not talk about it with my other relatives, because they ignore it, do not take me seriously or insult me, and over the years I've got used to it.
Note: I hope I did not burden anyone. I just wanted to ask you for an advice, your thoughts on this story. If this topic is inappropriate, please feel free to erase it.
Thank you, thanks a lot to all who have read this post. All the best to you.
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I’m so happy you’ve felt comfortable enough talking to us about this. And maybe your sharing of this story could resonate with someone else in a similar position and that would be good too because you would be able to talk to someone that understands. It’s such a nice feeling when someone else really understands what you’re going through.

That being said, it’s terrible that your family disappointed you in this way. Whether or not their are issues outside of this incident, it still hurts the same even though you’ve tried to understand them. Creating life and giving birth is such a monumental event and it should be celebrated and talked about. Your mother should dote on her and think she’s the greatest thing in the world. That’s natural so it’s also natural for your reaction based on the exact opposite happening. 

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!!! ♥️♥️♥️ I bet she’s adorable and sweet for her Mama and I wish for you two to live a healthy and happy life together. Give her lots of kisses and raise her up with lots of love in your home!! I’m excited for you!!! Babies are hard work but they give you lots of unconditional love. And you deserve it soooooo much! 

Lastly, I think you should send another letter without expecting a reply of course. No need to set yourself up for another heart break. Include a picture of your daughter and your smiling self.  Send it off and mention that it’s her granddaughter and mention any cute stories. Hopefully that’ll change things but of course with mental illness, it’s harder to reach a person.

Im glad you’ve come out of the last few days relatively ok and still open to others. Continue to get lots of rest and lots of sunshine! Apparently it helps although I act like a vampire when I go out into the sun. Anyways sending you lots of virtual hugs! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 

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Hello reader :triggerhappysmiley: I  hope you are fine? I can't tell you how happy you made me with your post. Thank you you took your time to respond! As always- I would like to answer everything in private message  and we have to wait for validation. For now we are all fine, I hope you are too  and I send you lots of hugs too:kisscheek:

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@beijoseternura Hello hun, I am well! I realized after your reply that you were posting about something that happened years ago. Oops, my bad! Just change the tense and it’ll all still apply 🤗😊🤗

*hugs received...and continued because I decided to give you another one!*

Anyways, I’m looking forward to your validation!! I know translating your stories is hard work (I’ve done that when learning languages) but I’ll always read and give you feedback if you decide to post a coldfic....ok I’ll do it with allergies too for you. 😄 

 Has your days since Saturday been filled with lots of rest and sunshine? Or did some of the memories come back? 

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@Reader hello :hug:Don't worry :) Since then, a few years have passed.

I wrote it down, because the memories are overruning you with such a force, do you understand? She is not a baby anymore. She grows up to be a princess. And I would love to read your new fictions, or One-Shot's, hope you have fun with writing and being creative? I send you a lot of hugs and kisses.

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@beijoseternura Yes I totally understand! It’s like you can’t contain it and you need an outlet, whether that’s writing it down, running, singing, etc. :Pounce:


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