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TWO Age fields on my profile?!


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Hello, all! 

As you are aware, per this post, the staff is making policy changes to the forum. You now have two Age Fields on your profile. This is a breakdown of them both so you understand what they are for, and what the differences are between them.

Age (Staff Only)
This is a private, mandatory age range. You are required to fill it out, and it is visible only to you and members of staff. Technically speaking, this used to be the old age field with altered options and permissions, so your old age range should still be preserved in this area. It is unlikely you will need to edit your profile to adjust. HOWEVER, if you have your age set to "Not Telling," you NEED to select your correct age range. Again, this is private. Only you and staff will see it. The only reason we need this information is so we can tell who is a minor and who is an adult, and take the appropriate action. For those who have their ages set to 13-17 and have not given staff a DOB to confirm, your account will be suspended until you do so. For those members unable to edit their profiles who want to add this field, please contact staff with your age range and we will edit it for you. You can contact us by using the 'Contact Us' feature. 

This is an optional, non-required field. You do not have to fill it out. It is public to other members, so if you want other people to know how old you are, please input it into this field. You will notice it is not an age range, but a single number. For those members unable to edit their profiles who want to add this field, please contact staff.

If the staff sees that these two age fields are different from one another (for example, you have 13-17 in your private age area, and then 21 in your public age) we will take disciplinary action. Please do not lie to other members or the staff about your age. Especially the staff. It is dangerous. If you do not want someone to know how old you are, do not fill out the public age field. Again, if you notice your ages are not correct and you cannot edit your profile, please reach out to staff.

Thank you for your attention, and please reach out to staff if you have any questions.

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26 minutes ago, SneezyEm said:

Yeah - trying to get my age added. Admins never respond to my emails - sooooo not sure what to do 

In the menu section for the Forum (on my mobile site, it appears as three bars in the top right corner), there’s an option for “Contact Us” which will take you to a form to submit questions for the staff.

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@SneezyEm We haven't received any queries I'm afraid. Could you contact the staff via the Contact Us option at the top of the forum? Looking at your profile, it does look like you've got both your age and age range already on there though. 

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