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what the heck!


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all afternoon I kept getting this message when I tried to log in, saying the forum was shut down for some kind of maintenance or something. has this been happening to anyone else too? or am I the only one it's happening too? and if I'm the only one why could that be? am sure hoping it doesn't happen again.

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Yes, the forum was down on and off this weekend due to internal maintenance, which resulted in the message you got when trying to access the site.

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well at least I know now it was legitimate and not some kinda screwed up thing! am glad for that at least!

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8 hours ago, Kurn'la said:

am sure hoping it doesn't happen again.

Expect this to happen frequently over the upcoming days. 

In case you missed the annoucements, there is a huge change in forum policies happening at the minute and it is a lot of work for the staff to implement. Therefore, when necessary, the forum is shut down to stop all traffic while we are working on it. 

So no, it isn't just you, Kurn'la. It's shut down to everyone except for staff, and it will likely happen throughout the majority of this week, possibly longer. 

Thanks for bearing with us. 

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