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I make Stiles suffer from allergies because I can (Sterek)

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Do people still read Sterek? Oh well, its my favorite ship, so have more of it.


Since he had allergies for years now, it was pretty safe to say that Stiles had a solid amount of control over them. But sometimes, he just had bad days where relief was very rare.

Like right now.

Derek watched his boyfriend, conflicted between worry and annoyance at himself for not being able to help. Stiles was slumped on the couch, head hanging back. He had a tissue box on his lap and a wad of used tissues clutched in his hand. Derek would be convinced that he was asleep if Stiles didn't have tears continuously streaming from his closed eyes and his chest hitching with false starts of various intensities. Stiles sniffled and lifted his tissue wad up to his nose and blew noisily into the cluster, then dropped them into the trash bin over the arm of the couch before returning to his puddle of misery.

"Stiles, are you sure there's nothing-"

"Derek. I took my pills. I took a shower. The air purifier is on. Its just a bad day, okay? Just let it happen." Stiles' voice was rough from the harsh sneezes and coughs that plagued him for the last few hours. He wiped at his eyes before opening them to look at his brooding wolf. Before Derek could try to reason again, the itch that had been teasing Stiles finally came out.

"Hh...hih! Hh-TISHH!...Hh-KSSHUU!!Hih-TCCHHT!!" Stiles sniffled and relaxed back into the couch, throat clicking as he tried to relieve the scratchiness.

"Bless you." Derek sighed. "Do you want anything?"

"No, 'm okay, babe." Stiles croaked and scrubbed a hand down his face. "HhTISSHOO! Hh-TISHH-uh!"

Derek squirmed. He hated feeling helpless, especially when it came to Stiles' uncomfort. But sometimes, the human immune system just went rogue and they had to deal with it. Stiles used his free hand to scrub at his nose, desperately trying to get rid of the somewhat permanent irritation that danced inside his sinuses. Stiles suddenly felt a sharp pain on the rim of his nostril and hissed out a curse.

"Stiles? What is it? Are you okay?" Derek blurted, nerves and instincts going haywire. Stiles wiped away the new tears of pain and pressed a new tissue to the sore spot. When he pulled it back, sure enough, there was a tiny bit of blood. Of couse. Only Stiles would scratch himself while rubbing at his nose.

"Stiles?" Derek asked again, making Stiles flinch in irritation.

"God, Derek, calm down, would you?" He snapped. Derek looked slightly shocked, making Stiles immediately deflate. "No, I'm sorry. I know this is agony to watch and you're just worried. I'm sorry." Stiles said wearily. Derek huffed and left the room. Stiles was scared that he really hurt Derek's feelings when his boyfriend returned with a wet cloth. Derek leaned Stiles' head back and pressed the cold cloth to the still stinging cut, making Stiles melt.

"You are ridiculously clumsy." Derek teased fondly, pulling the cloth back to see the tiny cut had already stopped bleeding.

"It itches, don't make fun of me." Stiles whined, rubbing his eyes. Derek slapped his hands away.

"Stop it, before you cut yourself again." Derek chastised and chuckled at Stiles' pout. "Why don't you go lay down?"

"So I can officially stop breathing through my nose and choke on my snot? Hard pass." Stiles snarked. He raised an arm up, chest hitching wildly, but it was just another false alarm. He did however, start coughing into the same arm.

"You can sit up and lean against me. Come on, even I'm tired just by watching you." Derek said and pulled Stiles up. Stiles groaned and clutched his tissue box to his chest.

"Fine. But if I sneeze on you, you were warned." Stiles sniffled, the congestion shifting from the position change. He quickly snatched a tissue out of the box before soaking the sad squares with his 500th sneezing fit of the day.

"Bless you. I think I can handle it." Derek winded an arm around his human's waist and lead him to the bedroom. A nap sounded perfect right now.


I may or may not be projecting my current state onto Stiles. I also have a nose piercing which totally just livens up the party /s

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!!! I've just had to write three essays, so words are kind of...not happening at the moment, so I won't be able to respond to this with the emotion that it deserves, but !!!!

I'm not finding myself writing sterek much, recently, but absolutely I will read it, and especially yours! (I always will want to read your sterek tbh.) anyway, I adore this concept! I love the kind of resignation on Stiles' part, the freaking out that derek's doing, all of it! Poor stiles, though. I feel so bad for him. I especially enjoyed the tender part near the end, where derek is just...there for stiles, which is really the best kind of comfort. 

I hope your allergies become more manageable!! <3

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