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Hey everyone, after all that positive feedback on my last couple of pieces I thought I'd write another cold fic

Again feedback is very appreciated, installments will be released as quick as they get requested.

Hope you guys enjoy, here's part 1:

“Please ensure your seatbelts are fastened and stow your tray tables in preparation for take off”.

19 year old Emily was on her way back from a month backpacking around Europe. Considering the fast-paced lifestyle she'd been living and the not overly clean hostels she'd been staying in she had stayed in surprisingly good health. Not that many other people on the plane seemed that way. A minute barely went by that she couldn't hear any coughs or sneezes, the woman next to her was breathing through her mouth loudly and sounded very stuffed up, the man across the aisle was  constantly sniffling at a very wet nose, and even the pretty, blonde flight attendant had chapped, red nostrils that implied she'd had to spend way too much time blowing her nose recently.

I've been lucky so far but I doubt I'll be getting off this plane in such good health, thought Emily.


A couple of hours later, the flight attendant was coming around serving drinks. Emily looked up the aisle to see how far the flight attendant was, I’m pretty keen on a cup of coffee, she thought. At that moment the sniffly man turned toward the aisle to unleash an explosive “AaReSHOO!!” spraying Emily side on.

That's so rude, she thought for a second before seeing he had turned away to avoid spraying his kid. “Bless you”, was all Emily said as she wiped the side of her face with her scarf. The man replied with a gurgly sniff.

The flight attendant arrived, sniffling at a nose clearly as runny as the man's, “Would you like a dridk?”

“Can I get a coffee please?”

She started to pour the coffee before putting the cup and pot suddenly down as a look of helplessness spread across her face. The flight attendant looked around and deciding her fate, put her hands over her nose and mouth and “HETchoo! HEH- ETCHOO!!”

She lowered her hands, sniffling desperately, pulled a big wad of tissue out of her pocket, gave her nose a big snotty blow, then putting her tissue away, poured the rest of Emily's coffee.

“Sorry for the wait, there you are” she said, mustering up the best smile she could. She carried on, sniffling at her runny nose.


                     ****    *****   *****


Emily was a retail assistant in a men's and women's clothing store and worked Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday/Sunday with Mondays and Fridays off. Emily was about 5’6” and slim with a couple of curves in the right places; her light brown hair hung to shoulder length and she had hazel eyes and a duchess nose.

The plane had touched down on Thursday night which meant she had had one day to sleep before starting back at work. It was now Saturday and all that Emily had really accomplished on Friday was developing a slight tickle into a full blown sore throat.

'Oh man I'm jetlagged’ she thought as she woke up. She was way more tired than usual, had a bit of a headache and of course the sore throat which she was blaming on the dry airplane air. 'I better get some water, I'm so dehydrated’.


An hour later she was starting at work and to her surprise her throat had gotten sorer and her headache hadn't gone away.

“Em! How was your trip?” Asked Dana, her workmate.

“Good, I'm just so jetlagged today”, Emily replied, wincing at the pain in her throat.

There were four of them working on a Saturday: Emily, Dana, Jessica, and Rebecca. Dana was a 5’9”, slightly bigger than average build girl, 22 years old with long, slightly curly, medium brown hair. She was the ‘2nd in charge’ of the store but their actual boss, Kristina, only worked Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, so more often than not she was the manager.


A while later, Emily and Jessica, a 5’3” blonde girl, were folding clothes when Emily cupped her hands around her nose and mouth. “Hepchoo!”

“Bless you”, said Jessica.

“Thanks”, replied Emily, yawning. “Ugh I'm so tired”.

“Well you did just fly 20 hours across the world”.

“Hepchoo!” Sneezed Emily again. “Man my throat is sore”.

“Sounds like you're getting sick, Em”.

Emily hadn't even thought of that possibility, “snff I hope not, although it would make so much sense”.


“You know, I think that girl is catching a cold”, a older female customer said to Dana as she was ringing up her clothes. “She sneezed three times while I was looking at clothing near her”

“That’s not like her”, replied Dana. “But she has just flown halfway across the world and you know what they say about airplanes during cold season”.

“Yes, poor thing. She did look very tired as well”.

They turned to see Emily wiping her nose on the back of her hand as she talked to a customer about the pair of jeans she was trying on.

When the checkout was free of customers, Dana turned to Rebecca, “Is Em getting sick?”

“I hope not, I have exams coming up and she accidentally sneezed on me about an hour ago”. Rebecca was a part timer who only worked Wednesday afternoons and all day Saturday; she was about 5’5”, with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair with big blue eyes and a button nose.

“Well I never get sick so I’ll be fine but make sure you and the other girls take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep so that you stay healthy”.


“Jess, watch out for Emily, she’s coming down with a flu or something”, Rebecca warned her workmate.

“Yeah she’s been real sneezy today-”

“-Choo!” Almost on cue, Emily had just sneezed into her cupped hands.

“Hannah better watch out tomorrow, she comes down with every bloody thing that goes around just like me”.

“Bex, you sound like you hate Em. Keep your distance but remember the poor girl is getting sick and she looks so tired today”.


“Choo! Heh-Choo!”

Emily and Dana were closing up, Emily lowered one of her cupped hands and used the other to wipe her nose.

“Em, how are you feeling? We’re all quite worried you’re getting sick or something”.

“I’m not too bad, I mean I was pretty tired earlier, and my throat is a bit sore”.

“And the sneezing?”

“Oh yeah, that doesn’t feel like a cold, I mean, they aren’t big or wet, just frequent”.

“I’d say”, responded Dana. “There’s barely been a ten minute window in the last 3 hours where I haven’t heard an Achoo. Just make sure you get some rest tonight”.


It was 8pm, Emily and her friend Courtenay, a pretty, dark haired girl, were getting out of their taxi. Emily had a black pencil skirt and a silver tube top on and Courtenay was in a tightly fitting red dress. As they entered the bar, Emily raised her hands to her face and “HehChoo! Choo!-”



“-you, Em. You catch something exotic overseas?”

“Snff- not sure. Think I’ve just got the sniffles, I’ve been sneezing all day”

“Oooh he’s cute”, Courtenay suddenly said, changing the subject. “I bet he wants to buy you a drink”.

“I dunno, Court”

“I mean I’m sure you’ve just seen way better hotties every night for the last month but don’t judge him for not having a sexy accent”, Courtenay joked, winking.


“Do you want another?” asked James, the man who Em had been talking to, and struggling not to sneeze around, for the last hour.

“Snff yeah okay”.

Emily was about to take a sip from her Daiquiri when all of a sudden she couldn’t contain the tickle in her sinuses anymore and “HahShoo!! Etchoo!!- ASHOO!!” These sneezes had been a bit sudden in their release and Em had only managed to cover loosely with one hand and was pretty sure she had half sprayed James in the face. Snnff- Emily wiped the end of her nose on the back of her hand.

“Bless you”, James said, slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out a neatly folded black handkerchief. “You need this?”

“Snff- No no I’m fine- snff”, Emily lied. “Just having real bad allergies since I got back in, but its just a load of sneezing”.

Secretly, Emily could have done with James’ hanky but instead when his back was turned she grabbed a bar napkin off the table and held it against the end of her nose to absorb the little drips that had started to accumulate on the outside of her nostrils”.

Before she knew it, James was kissing her, it was amazing, this guy was cool, funny, smart, and pretty good looking-  if only she wasn’t getting sick. Just as they were about to kiss again she turned away and cupped her hands to her face. “HehSHOO!! ACHOO!!snff”.

“Sorry haha”, she said. “I’d better get going anyway, I have work in the morning”.

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Uuuuuh?!! Contagion!!! Love it~~~

i love how you portrayed each character personality. Like how some of it will definitely deny it if they gets cold, and some of them might be germaphobe? And how Emily deny it just to get a kiss!!  (😈😈 hope James gets her cold too!!) 

Lovely story!! Thank you for sharing it~~

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That’s awesome I loved how she was trying desperately to contain her sneezes but failed to

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Would love to hear more about the sneezy flight attendant - would make a great fic :D 

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading this!

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I'm intrigued on where this could be going. I hope you continue.

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I'd like to add myself to the list of people wanting to see a continuation of this. Personally, I could do without the male sneezes, but it's your story, so whatever floats your boat. 

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It was 10am, Emily, Dana and Hannah were just starting work for the day. God I’m tired again, thought Emily. I should not have gone out last night.

“How are you feeling today, Em?”Asked Dana, who was a little tired herself. “You look pretty tired”.

“Yeah I’m still pretty jetlagged, plus snff i think I might be getting a bit of the sniffles on top of that. You girls better snff keep your distance today”.

“Oh don’t worry I don’t get sick” Dana replied. “But Hannah you’d better try not to get sick”

“Yeah I catch every little sneeze that goes around this place”.  

Hannah was an 18 year old part timer who went to high school as well. She was a 5’2” slimly built blonde who wore thick framed black reading glasses and usually a warm-looking turtleneck sweater. She gave off a, not nerdy, but sweet, smart and pretty all-at-once vibe.


Emily sniffed. She was serving a customer at the checkout and her nose was beginning to run. She took the sleeve of her cardigan over her hand and wiped gently at her nose. She immediately realised that had not been a good idea when an explosive tickle crept up into her nose from out of nowhere. She had no options, her hands were busy bagging the customer’s new jacket, so turning away from the lady she was serving she quickly aimed over her shoulder and “HEHSHOO!! Ah-AHHSHOO!!” she sneezed wet and uncovered.

Snfff- oh my god I didd’t know you were there!!”

In her hurry to avoid sneezing on the customer, Emily had turned and sneezed directly onto Hannah.

“It’s fine”, the sweet-tempered blonde replied. “We all know I was doomed to get sick anyway”.

“I’b so so sorry though!!” the sniffly nosed Emily insisted.

“It’s fine, bless you, just try not to do it again”, Hannah laughed.


That sneeze had been messy though and Emily went straight to the bathroom to grab a handful of toilet paper and give her nose a quick blow. Wow, I didn’t realise how runny my nose was getting, she thought. It was okay when I left home but its getting a little stuffed up now as well.


Emily’s sneezing didn’t let up as the day went by, but was getting wetter, and while sniffling was fine most of the time she was having to go and blow her nose in the bathroom more and more after sneezing as that would be the clincher that would make her nose a little too runny to control. Several times she considered bringing back a scrap of tissue with her but decided her nose wasn’t runny enough to need that yet. She thought of James and his handkerchief, that would be nice right now, but cheap toilet tissue would have to do as a substitute.

As they were locking up tonight, Emily thought she daw Dana stifle a sneeze.

“Sorry if I’ve gived you by cold”.

Snff- what? I don’t get sick, remember?” Dana said, laughing a little, but looking slightly worried.

Oh well, Monday was tomorrow and that was Emily’s day off so at least she had that to look forward to as she headed out into the chilly, drizzly night with just her cardigan for warmth.


Emily boarded her train, sniffling at her rebellious nose that was trying to take control, it was getting very runny and with the congestion as well she was having trouble sniffing it enough to stop it from dripping. She put her wet cardigan sleeve to her nose and tried to give it a wipe but that only seemed to make it runnier. Snnfff snnfff, her sniffs were getting louder as her nose filled up, and she was attracting a few annoyed glances. I really hope I don’t sneeze, the thought of that suddenly crossed her mind. Emily searched her pockets frantically, nothing. I didd’t even wear a scarf today. Why hadn’t she thought to grab some toilet paper before leaving work? Why hadn’t she brought a hanky with her? They even sold little packages of hankies in the store she had just been working in. Why did she have to catch a cold in the first place? “Hehh-” Emily’s breath hitched and a terrified expression came over her face, “Hehh-”, I’m not going to sneeze, I won’t sneeze, I can’t sneeze, she said to herself. Bringing her hands up she cupped them both over her mouth and nose and “HEHHSHOOO!!”

Emily couldn’t believe the situation she was stuck in, at least she had contained the sneeze with her hands, the problem was however, that she now had no option but to keep her hands covering her face as her nose which had been full had just ejected three-quarters of its contents into her hands, was running down her lip, and was already beginning to fill up again.

“Excuse me, dear, but you look as though you could use this”, an older lady was offering her a tissue.

“Thag you so buch”, Emily almost cried as she reached out with one hand and took it, immediately applying it to her face and giving her nose the blow it deserved, finishing by wiping her hands and face, the tissue by this time thoroughly destroyed.


When Emily got home her first port of call was the bathroom to tear off a long piece of toilet paper, fold it in half and give her nose a really good blow. Man I’m tired, she thought after that as she made her way to her bedroom. What she didn’t know was that she was developing a fever on top of everything else. Snnfff- “HASHOO!! ESHOO!!” the two wet sneezes bent her double and she let them out uncovered before flopping onto her bed. I should blow by dose but I’b too exhausted to make it to the bathroom. She climbed into the covers, snorfling wetly in an attempt to clear her nose. “ASSHOO!! HEHCHOO!!” She sneezed into the blankets, before drifting off into a dizzy sleep.

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At 6am, Emily woke up. Her fever had shifted but she was covered in sweat and her nose had run all over her pillow and upper lip. Gross. She went to the bathroom and blew her nose, the toilet paper became saturated but she wasn’t nearly done, throwing the first piece in the toilet she tore off another strip and kept blowing, eventually getting her nose somewhat clear. Her sore throat felt better but it hadn’t gone completely. She grabbed a spare toilet roll and headed back to bed.

A couple hours later, Emily sat up in bed, ripped off a piece of toilet paper, folded it in half, and putting the tissue over her nose, sneezed a wet “ASHOO!!” followed by a wetter “HESHOOOF!!” which ended in a big gurgly blow. Ugh I’b so stuffed up today. Snnnnffff. Just at that moment, Emily’s phone started to ring.


“Hey it’s James”

“Jabes?” She hoped he couldn’t hear her stuffiness

“The guy from the club, have you forgotten me?”

“Do do I just wasd’t expectig a call haha, how are you?”

“Good, good”, he was clearly nervous and therefore wasn’t picking up on her nasal voice. “Hey I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner Friday night?”

Oh god, I’b goig to sdeeze. “Yeah- heh- I’d snff lo-heh- love to” She managed.

“Well, great, anyway I gotta go, I’ll text you with the details”.

The second she hung up the phone, she dropped it and sneezed “HEHSHOO!! ASHOO!!” into her cupped hands. Snff- ugh yuck, thought Emily as she pulled her hands away and saw how wet the sneeze had been. She ripped off some more tissue from the roll and gave her nose a long blow. Good thig I’b dot goig to work today. She had a date with James on Friday. I have to be better by then, she thought as she gave her nose another wipe.   


Emily went about her day off at home, getting things done around the house, remaining in a sweater, yoga pants and fluffy socks, and never letting her roll of toilet tissue be left far from her, other than at the point where she had used up the first one and had to go grab another. By dose is gettig red, she thought, as she looked in the mirror. But if I wasd’t blowig it I would have drowned long ago.


Later on, Emily's friend Courtenay came around so they could hang out, order pizzas and watch movies. She would've hung out anyway but especially wanted to try make Emily feel better since she was sick, and wasn't the kind of person who cared about the risk of hanging out with a contagious friend.

“HESHOO!!” Sneezed Emily into a piece of toilet paper she was holding, then gave her nose a wet blow. She had basically spent half the movie either sneezing or blowing her nose and had gone through most a toilet roll she had beside her.

“What's up, Courts? You've beed pretty quiet the last 20 bidutes”.

“Oh nothing, I'm all good”.

“You sure? I cad tell whed sobethig is't right with yeh-CHOO!!” Emily caught the big wet sneeze in her hands before proceeding to rip off more tissue and blow her nose.

“Well I've kind of been getting a sore throat the last half hour”.

“Oh Courts I've got you sick”, Emily look concerned.

“Don't worry I'm a big girl, I'm sure it'll just be a little cold”.

“Well- snnff- if it's adythig like bide it's dot that little”, warned Emily, before blowing her runny nose again.

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Emily woke up the following morning and immediately had to blow her nose, which had begun to run like a tap. She glanced at the toilet roll remnants beside her bed, There’s do way I cad survive at work like this. She opened the drawer of her nightstand, inside there was a small collection of handkerchiefs with striped, coloured borders that she had slowly acquired from her dad in high school, borrowing a couple every time she got sick and never getting round to returning them. She grabbed five, enough for the day at work, putting two in her jeans pockets and three in her handbag.

On Tuesdays Emily normally worked with Kristina, but today Kristina (the boss) was taking the day off and had asked Rebecca to work in place of her.

“Good to see you’re dot sick, Bex”, said Emily, sniffling at her runny nose.

“Well I’m sure my time’s coming, working with you on Saturday and today, plus apparently Kristina was polluting the whole place yesterday with her germs. And because I had to wait it’ll hit hard just in time for exams”.

“Wait, is Kristina sick?”

“Yes, she caught a cold all of her own”, replied Bex. “She spent half of yesterday with a box of tissues on the counter, ringing up sales in between big, wet noseblows, according to Jess”.


For the first half of the day, Emily’s nose was full and incessantly running and she couldn’t stop blowing her nose, blowing her way through the first two hankies, a blue bordered one and a maroney bordered one, before going to grab another from her handbag, this one with a  turquoise border. This hanky lasted her till just after lunch. Rebecca had started calling her “the snotstream” and was getting irritated because her own throat was beginning to get sore and no amount of throat lozenges would make it better.

Courtenay wasn’t having much fun at her own job today. The pretty, dark-haired girl worked as a barista in a busy cafe and being cursed with a sore throat and the sniffles around food and drinks was not an easy burden to manage. She dabbed at her runny nose with a serviette she’d taken hostage, snnff snnff.

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15 hours ago, M214186 said:

You are just teasing me with these little chapters......

Don't worry, more is coming soon :P

Any suggestions you have for things you'd like to see included?

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I like all the contagion and seems ngmthe cold spreading from person to person is great. 

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41 minutes ago, M214186 said:

I like all the contagion and seems ngmthe cold spreading from person to person is great. 

As the afternoon progressed, Emily’s sneezing started back up much to her dismay. Her nose had stopped running and gotten a lot thicker, stuffy, and tickly, was not blowing so easily but was very full of unpleasant things. It was very important that Emily covered each of these massive sneezes with her hanky. She was onto her fourth for the day, a browny-gray one.

“RETCHOOP!! HITCHOOP!!” sneezed Emily into the waiting folds of her handkerchief, before going back to breathing through her mouth.

“Gross, the snot stream has turned into the volcanic eruption sneezer”, moaned Bex, who had gotten a sore throat. “I  can’t believe you got me sick, my throat hasn’t hurt so much in forever”.

“Well I’b sorry, do you wadt be to buy you a pack of hadkies to apologise?”

Bex just grunted, and continued with the clothes she was folding.


Courtenay grabbed a serviette and snuck into the back kitchen now that she was between coffees. She unfolded it, put the brown paper to her nose and gave it a snuffly blow.

“How you feeling, Courts?” asked her boss.

“Well I haven’t been sneezing yet”, she wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of covering up sneezing all day long, “but my nose is just getting runnier”.

“Why don’t you finish up early and get some rest then, we’ll be fine here”.

“Thank you”, said Courtenay, pocketing a few more napkins before she headed off.


Emily grabbed her final handkerchief for the day about an hour before finishing, it was white with a blue border and red trim. This had better last, she thought. Or I’ll be buyig sobe bore hadkies frob here.

Rebecca left work in a hurry that night and made her way to the grocery store. Snff, she had developed a slight drip in her left nostril and her throat was killing her. She went to the cold medicines and loaded up with cough syrup, throat lozenges, decongestant spray, night & day cold tablets, and half a dozen pocket packs of tissues.

“Sick, dear?” the checkout lady asked her.

“Yup, the damn girls at work have infected me just in time for exams”.

“I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose”, the woman said. “Looks like you have just about everything you could need; definitely didn’t want a big box of tissues? They’re selling like hotcakes this week”.

“No, snnff- we have a couple big ones at home”, replied Bex, sniffling at her nose again.

Later on, Emily lay in bed, a greeny grey bordered handkerchief in her hands. SNNNFFF, “HURESHOO!!” She sneezed into the hanky. “HETCHOO!!” Ugh I’b so tired, but I cad’t stop sdeezig lodg edough to get to sleep. She put the hanky to her nose and gave a big, stuffy blow into the cloth. “HUH-SHOO!! SHOO!!”

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So wonderful, can’t wait to see how exams go for Becky and if Courtnay fairs better. Will,Emily’s male friend get sick too?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Please continue. I'm probably the only one here who is not looking forward to male contagion, but I would love to read about all the girls that caught Emily's cold, how would they sneeze and what symptoms would they present.

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Dana was back at work Wednesday morning, but her days off had not been particularly enjoyable. It was fairly tiring constantly having to create mental loopholes to convince yourself that you were not actually getting sicker and sicker with the cold that you’d caught. Monday had been a day of her pretending not to notice that her throat felt a bit strange, which slowly morphed into Tuesday during which she had deliberately smoked a few cigarettes and walked around singing to have something to blame for how sore her throat felt.

This morning however, she was sneezing, and with every sneeze her nose began to run a little more: not fantastic symptoms to exhibit the day you had to convince the world that you were in fact very healthy.

“Hhp-toom!” Dana stifled into her fingers.

“You getting sick now, Dana?” Emily asked. Her own cold was now getting better, her congestion had mostly cleared, and she’d only needed to bring two hankies to work today. She could now last for about half an hour before she would need to blow her nose.

“No- snff- no, of course ndot. I ndever get sick”.

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised, Bex has started catching it, and I’m sure Hannah will”.

“Well I’mb ndot- snff”. Dana was trying to hide her sniffling and keep it on the downlow, but that was hard when she’d just sneezed.


“ASHOO!!” Courtenay sneezed into her elbow. Today was going to be the hard day, working around food and coffee, trying not to spread germs, now with explosive, wet sneezes to top off her kingsize runny nose. She grabbed a couple of paper napkins and unfolded one, giving her nose a good blow. Oh man I needed that, she thought. They’d been busy for about 45 minutes and she’d been having to cope just sniffling at her runny nose between sneezes as she didn’t have time between coffees to take care of her cold. Courtenay was tired, her cold had turned bad overnight and, waking up at about 2am to find her nose blocked up, had spent the rest of the night sneezing and had blown her way through an entire box of Kleenex and half a toilet roll in the last twelve hours, leaving her with very red nostrils today.


As the day went on, Dana’s sneezes started coming every 10-15 minutes or so, could no longer be stifled, and had made her nose, which of course she was refusing to blow as she wasn’t sick, go from a sniffle to a drip, to full-on runny and she was losing control of it, she had had to start audibly sniffing it right back and wiping it with her hand or sleeve.

She could feel a sneeze coming on, oh not again, thought Dana. She turned and aimed it away from the table of clothes she was standing at, “AESHIOO!!” snff snorf snorrf, she sniffed to clear her nose. I almost need a hanky like Em’s, she thought as she saw Emily pull out her blue and white men’s handkerchief and give her nose a snotty blow. But only sick people carry hankies and I’m not sick. Her argument still repeated itself in her head but she believed it less and less with every passing sneeze.

“EhShoo!” Bex sneezed, making no attempt to cover it. “Snnfff, guess whose sick now?” she asked Dana, clearly rhetorically.

“Everyode soon if you do’t cover your face”, Dana replied.

“Thought you didn’t get colds?” teased Bex sarcastically.

“Well ndever’s a strog word but I’b worried about other people ndot be”.

Sounds like you’ve damn well caught it already, Rebecca thought to herself, wiping her sniffly nose on a crumpled tissue she pulled from her jeans pocket. “I never cover my sneezes because if I’m sick, I’m not really in a mood to worry about other people getting sick. And on top of that I’ve got a six hour exam to sit through on Friday with all this sneezing and nose blowing to cope with”.

It’s because of selfish people like you that I’m… not sick, Dana finished her thought, still not giving into the fact that everyone within a ten foot radius of her could tell. Dana had caught a cold; a sneezy, snotty head cold.

Dana went on with her sneezing, sniffling, snorting and general struggle for nasal control the rest of the day, she may or may not be sick, but she certainly wasn’t the sort of person who blows their nose. Still as she snuffled through her afternoon, she seriously contemplated a trip to the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom, and kept walking by both handkerchief shelves in the store, the mens and the womens, eyeing up the snotrags before deciding that  someone who was not sick certainly had no need for anything like that.


Since Dana ‘wasn’t sick’ there was no reason she was going to miss her kickboxing practise tonight. She noticed how quickly she got tired though as they did the warm ups, I’b off by gabe today. Snnnff, Dana’s nose was already running worryingly only 15 minutes into the hour long session. The class paired off for some sparring.

“Oh great, you better not get me sick!” her partner said as soon as she noticed Dana’s snotty condition.

“I’b snff dot sick- SNNFFF”, Dana retorted.

“Oh yeah likely”.

Five minutes in, Dana stopped mid punch and sneezed completely uncovered on her sparring partner, “HEHSHOO!!”

“What the hell, can’t you cover?”

“Sorry, SNNFFF, took be by surprise, do’t worry though SNNFFF I’b dot sick”.

“Whatever, just get a tissue or something before your nose runs everywhere”.

“I’b fide”.

Two minutes later and Dana stopped again, “HEHSHOO!! ESHOO!! HUHSHOO!!”

This time the instructor came over, “Dana, go home and take care of your cold”.


“Yes, you are sick, and now probably half the class are too. Go.”

SNNNFFF, Dana walked dejectedly to get changed, knowing deep down that she was sick.

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Oh my god!!!!!!! This is so damn awsome!!!!!! Love the contagion so so so much!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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I agree, fantastic writing! I love the description of how each girl feels about getting sick too! 

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