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Site being taken down for maintenance - PLEASE READ


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Some of you may have noticed that the forum keeps going offline. This is so that the staff can work as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that the new policy change is completed sooner rather than later. 

As you can probably imagine, there is an awful lot of work involved with making this change. We have thousands of members that need to be checked and contacted and moved into different groups, some that need contacting, some that need pruning. Not to mention there are over half a million posts on the forum. We need to check the majority of these posts and move them appropriate. It's really going to take a long time for this to all happen, especially as all the staff are volunteere with jobs and families and children, so all this work needs to be done in our own time. 

It means that over the coming days, you will notice that the forum will be taken down intermittently. This will usually be in the evenings UK time. Generally between around 7-12PM. For those trying to log in, you will see this message: 

The site will be offline while the staff make the appropriate changes and updates.
We'll be back as soon as possible, please check later.
Thank you for your patience!

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we will endeavour to minimise the offline time and get our tasks completed as soon as we can. 

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation :)

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