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Who wants to be incorporated into the story?


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Guess who’s back for Dawn of the Dead Accounts 2, rated PG 13 in theaters now.

This time, the idea is that I’ll start something, and as the story goes along, people can insert their characters (or themselves) into the story. Just describe them for me and I’ll find a way to work them in. It’s an interactive type thing.


“101.8” Kacey read out loud as he pulled the thermometer out of his mouth. He’d been like this for the past three days, but nothing seemed to be clearing up. It didn’t help that he lived in a dingy old apartment in the middle of the city, or that the past week it’s been mostly rainy, which is what got him sick in the first place. Being the scrawny thing he is, he can’t even handle damp air at times.


Kacey flopped down onto the bed and groaned. “Another lonely week I guess...” he murmured to himself. Most people get along fine by themselves, but Kacey doesn’t like being alone, especially when he’s sick. He seemed like everyone else on the outside, but he doesn’t want to get up every day and have to go to work, and while other men find pride in being able to care for or dominate women, Kacey just wants to be like a pet. Of course, he’s too embarrassed to admit this, so he doesn’t bother looking for anybody in fear that his peers and family will ostracize him.


He rolled on his side and curled into ball, but he’s no less cold than he was before. He took a sharp breath, and released two of the cutest sneezes one could ever hear, “hih- hitchu! hutchu!!” With luck like his, it’s no wonder that his little double triggered a headache. Still, he started drifting off to sleep. Before he could, he said, almost as a plea to some god or other-worldly force above, “I just want someone to cuddle...” and like that, he slept as peacefully as a baby.


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How can I not comment! This is soooooooo adorable! I really gotta come to this section more often. This is so precious and melty and I definitely want more! 

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On 5/10/2018 at 3:20 AM, Reader said:

How can I not comment! This is soooooooo adorable! I really gotta come to this section more often. This is so precious and melty and I definitely want more! 

This is for you, Reader. I liked writing this one in particular :)


“hitchu!! hitchuh!! hishuuh!!!

“Wow, I didn’t think he’d make to a hundred.”

While Kacey was sniffling and sneezing non stop, his upstairs neighbor, Reina, had been listening all day. The young woman, who had an attraction for sneezes, was enchanted by Kacey ever since they’ve met. They’ve known each other since he moved in to the apartment building two years ago, and they frequently visited each other’s rooms. Sometimes she invited him out, but of course, he got sick often. Even though his presence was like a dream at times, it’s also torture because she couldn’t muster up the courage to ask if he needed a snuggle buddy to help him feel better. Besides, he’s always told her to stay away from him because he doesn’t want her getting sick.

“Hmm... maybe it’s about time I go up there. He wouldn’t mind me that much, would he? Then again...”

Suddenly, from upstairs, “HUHSHUU!!! Ugghhh... wdy cadn’d I fbeel bedder alreaddy?”

Without thinking, she ran to the upper floor and bursted through Kacey’s door. At the edge of the bed, in a thick wool sweater, he was hunched over pawing at his sore, red nose while trying to open a bottle of NyQuil. He jolted up in shock,

“R-R-Reida!?!? W-whad happeded??”

Her face went beat red. “Well, uh, I-I-uh, y’know, I...” 

She kept scolding herself for making such a quick and stupid decision, just because of a sneeze and some stuffy talking. She KNOWS that he doesn’t like when someone barges in. She was there anyway, so she collected herself and closed the door behind her before she decided to turn around and bolt away. She looked upon the pitiful state of her friend- baggy eyes, pale skin, flushed cheeks, chaffed and runny nose- a living trash heap.

“Whad are ydou doig hdere? Ydou scgared mbe...” And he sounded even worst.

“Well, I couldn’t help but hear how miserable you sound, so I figured that I’d help you.”

The boy blushed a bit, “Butd ydou migdt ged sigk! I don’d wadda... wa.. hah-“

Once again, he was about to burst, so Reina quickly grabbed the tissue box from the night stand and sat next to him. She plucked a few from the box and tenderly held them to his nose, and also slightly caressing his twitching nostrils. Kacey thought it felt so good on his poor nose, but he didn’t want to risk sneezing on his friend and getting her upset.

“R-Reida, huh- huh! I-I’m f-f-fide! I- hiiiihhh~!!!

Softly, she said, “Shhhh, it’s okay, we’ll talk about it later. Here, let me just...” She laid his head on her shoulder, “There. Now, just relax.”

Her embrace was warm and welcoming, and he couldn’t help but rub his pounding head into her neck. He relaxed a little, and that was enough for him to allow the sneeze to escape.

hih!- hihh!!- HIIIHHHSHOOO!!!!” He released a big messy sneeze into the tissues and blew softly to release the rest of the mucus. Having someone by him to help to comfort him felt much better than when he was alone.

Reina threw the snotty wad into the metal bin and looked down at her little snuggle buddy. “Did that feel good?”

“Mhm.” Kacey mumbled as he cuddled closer to her.

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Ooomph! So many weaknesses of mine in this chapter! I am so ready for this caretaking fic! Now I remember why I don’t come to this section much...I want so much more than Drabble length! I will wait patiently though 😊  I love when one of the characters has an attraction for sneezes. Congested talking? CHECK! cuddles....YES! Dependent and seeking comfort...UM literally what my profile says! 

Although I usually like a strong dominant man that becomes sick,  I’m really liking this male character and how he just wants to be submissive and taken care of. Also I love that he resisted her at first because he didn’t want her to get sick. But it’s always great when they finally relent 😊 




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