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He-Man Episode?


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I wasn't sure if this belonged under the Instagram topic, but there was a great clip from the cartoon He-Man where He-Man sneezes and creates a whirlwind. (Does anyone know what episode this is from??)


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Well I did hunt this down and disappointingly enough in context, he's just blowing really hard, not sneezing. It's from Episode 210 "To Save Skeletor" apparently. Here's the link: 

The not-sneeze is about 11 minutes in. Thanks for this clip though!

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I’m not sure if He-Man ever sneezed in an episode, I remember Skeletor sneezing in a couple of episodes, one was from flowers I seem to recall.

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Given how much article of clothing he's wearing when he's in full form, I'm surprised he's not susceptible to colds as much as the other characters. :D

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