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Husband's amazing build-up and false start (m)


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My husband has not been very sneezy recently :( but....the other night we were walking into a movie theater (well, in the parking garage still) and we were talking, and I was walking ahead of him as usual (WHY DO I DO THAT!? I almost missed this!!!!)  I turned around to see his reaction to my point, and he saw that his mouth was open, his nostrils were flared, and he looked in distress.  Like, usually his build-ups are swift, he looks at the light, and he sneezes.  This. was. heaven.  I almost thought he was just making a face or something, because he was building up for so long!  Then he found a light and sneezed and intense, "HeeeePPIISSSHHHeeeeeewww!" towards the ground.  I said, "bless you! wow! What caused that!?"  But he wasn't done...his nostrils began flaring again, his breath hitching, I'm barely watching where we are going, and I said, "there! There's another light!" (desperate to watch this display again!) and then suddenly he sniffed, exhaled, and it was....gone. :(

Well, I still felt pretty lucky to have seen what I saw, and I really just wanted to take him back home at that point!

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Oh wow, so lovely! Isn’t watching the build up amazing? Thanks for sharing! 

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